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December 21, 2022by Michael Ezeadichie0



Are you looking for ways to make your workspace more interesting?

Working can be tedious, whether you’re working from home or a physical office location. Another thing they share in common is the fact that you would have an allocated working space whether you are working on-site or virtually. 

With your tedious work, it wouldn’t make sense not to have an exciting workspace. And, irrespective of your job role, we can say there is no ‘easy’ job. Therefore, we urge people to do things within their power to spice up their office space. 

It’s normal for us to have people giggling when we tell them that they can spice up their office space. But, then, they ask us how it is possible. 

This article focuses on things you can get or do that would bring life to your working space. Life is too short to have a dull workspace, and we are here to help you spice it up. When you do this, you’ll see that you look forward to being in your office space more, making you more productive. 

Not to worry, the things we would highlight are easy things you can do or get, as we are not out to wreck your pockets or bank accounts.  


How To Spice Up Your Workspace 


Most times, the issue isn’t that it’s hard to spice up your office space, but people never find the zeal to make this happen. So, there is that narrative that it can be expensive to set up your workspace to make it more interesting. However, allow us to tell you that it is false, as we will highlight some things needed to make this happen. 


Some things you can do to spice up your workspace include: 


  • Go green: You often hear people talking about having a green environment and the need to go green. Even the government encourages the need for a green environment. Now, do you think they are saying this for only talking sake? Of course not! There is the understanding that you get a particular form of energy from going green as it makes the environment more vibrant. 

As it concerns your office space, you can spice it up by getting miniature plants and using them as decorations on your work table and other openings within your work area. These plants have a way of spreading positive energy that keeps you going as you work. They also help to ensure that your workspace isn’t bland. 

You can also get flowers to make it more interesting. Do you have a favorite flower? You can get them within your confines instead of only fantasizing about them. These flowers will uplift your spirit when you behold them, and work becomes more fun for you. After all, they are your favorite flowers, and there is a reason why you love them. The goal is to be happy while doing your job, and having a personalized workspace can make it possible. 

  • Paint your space: Everyone would agree that life is too short to deal with boring walls. Imagine your office space painted white or a dull yellow. These are the typical colors you would see in a work area. Why not spice things up by painting your room with your favorite colors?

Everyone has a favorite color, right? So therefore, you would identify these colors, get the corresponding paint, and use them for your work area. It may seem like a minor or insignificant action, but it goes a long way in spicing up your office space and making you livelier. 

Some people may even go the extra mile and want to do a color splash on the wall. There is nothing wrong with letting out the inner child in you. Once you do this, you will see the instant transformation in your work area as everywhere becomes more vibrant, which also plays out in your work. 

However, if you decide to stick with dull colors, you will see that you will lose any enthusiasm to do any work. Instead of working, you would always want to doze off in that space. So colors play a huge role in boosting work enthusiasm. 

  • Have a snacks corner: What do you think about snacking while working? Some people say it’s one of their favorite ways to work. Thus, having a snack corner in your office isn’t out of place. Whether you work from home or the office, you can always create a small area that would serve as your snack corner. Here, you get to arrange all your favorite snacks and munch on them whenever you feel peckish while working. 

It’s normal to initially feel doubtful about having a snacks corner in your working space. Some people would even argue and ask if it’s ethical to be snacking while working or if it wouldn’t make them unproductive. 

We’ve also encountered people who say that snacking while working helps them avoid dozing off. After all, you need food to refuel your energy while working, and your snacks corner does the work for you. If you have to work from a physical location, you will see that your snack corner will always attract your colleagues to your corner as they would also want to feast on your snacks. We haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t love having snacks. Thus, it is best to have a snack corner as it can also improve productivity. 


  • Get a cozy couch: Typically, you would have a work table in your office. But where do you get to relax when it’s your break time? We often see people working from the start of business to the close of work without taking a break. We can see you dipping your head while reading this; as you know, it isn’t a healthy practice. So, why are you doing it? 

It’s one thing to want to remain in your office space during work hours, but it’s another to stay there without taking a break. Even companies ensure their employees have between 30 minutes and one-hour breaks daily. So, why should you not take a break? When it’s time to have your break, it is wrong to have it by remaining on your work table. Instead, it would be best to have a relaxing couch where you can stay for this break. You can stay on the couch and scroll through your phone, watch TV, eat, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do on the sofa as you can even sleep. What matters is that you are relaxed and more comfortable than you would have been if you had remained at your work table.  

  • Invest in artwork: One of the best and most popular ways to spice up your office space is by investing in paintings. It should be a no-brainer as it is one of the ways that individuals and organizations have incorporated for a long time. You will see varieties of artworks when you step into any company if you are observant. 

However, the idea isn’t to buy generic artwork because you want to spice up your work area. Getting paintings should be intentional, as it is best to get relatable artworks that can help personalize your space. 

Understandably, some people are not fans of artworks. If you are under this category, it is okay if you do not want to get any artwork for your office area. But if you are a fan of artworks, you should invest in getting some of the paintings you enjoy seeing every day. Yes, it is best to remember that this artwork would constantly be in your space. Therefore, you shouldn’t get something you’d get bored of in no time. 

The whole idea is for your working space to be more vibrant and inspire you as you do your work. 

  • Get creative with affirmation notes: Some people often have them around their office space. Yes, we agree that it is one of the ways to spice up your office area. These people say that looking at these affirmation notes helps them forge ahead with the work and keeps them focused. 

However, we’ve seen that most people go about getting affirmation notes the wrong way. One would typically go and download some inspirational phrases from the internet, print them out, and have them around their workspace. If you do this, you are killing the aim of spicing up the space, as you would get bored in no time. The idea here is that you are getting something generic that you’ve always known. So, you wouldn’t be interested in always looking at these notes. 

Therefore, we advise people to always be creative with their affirmation notes. The first step could be to print these notes on fine paper appealing to the eyes. Then, you could get colorful cards and print them on them. 

The messaging on these cards should also be unique, something you would always want to read for inspiration. Once you’ve hacked this, you will be happy to always look at your affirmation notes while you work. 


  • Have a speaker: Nothing is more fun than having a speaker while working. This way, you can have some of your favorite tunes blaring from the speakers and keep yourself going. 

It is one thing to have a speaker, but another to have a unique work playlist. Some people think having a playlist isn’t necessary, but we disagree with this claim. You should have a work playlist if you’re looking for how to get yourself into the work spirit daily. 

Your work playlist is sure to keep you going anytime you feel down or lazy about work, and your speaker helps to make it possible. If you’re in doubt, compare your work productivity on days you work with music and when you work without music. Then, you will see that our view about working with music is correct. 

In addition, we also urge that you do not get speakers and leave them as decorative materials. Instead, your speaker should be used when you get them, or else the aim of having it is defeated. 

The goal is to spice up your office space, which should translate into being more productive, and having a speaker makes that possible. 

  • Get fancy picture frames: Do you like to have pictures of yourself or your family and friends while working? If yes, you would need to have picture frames that help keep these pictures in place. 

It could be small frames that can stay on your table or be hung on the wall. It depends on your preference and the size of the pictures. However, irrespective of your choice, you must ensure that these frames are fancy. 

It wouldn’t make sense to have amazing pictures placed on ugly frames. It wouldn’t be less appealing to look at the pictures, and you would begin to wonder why you have them in your space. The picture frame used for a picture goes a long way in enhancing that picture. 

Therefore, you need to get fancy picture frames that will leave a smile on your face whenever you look at them. One of the key things to having a productive workday is being happy and having a smile on as you work. Looking at amazing photos that are on fancy picture frames does this magic. So, get one of those fancy frames today!


  • Have a whiteboard: It wouldn’t be surprising that you are wondering about the essence of having a whiteboard in a work environment. We often had the same thoughts until we interacted with those who had whiteboards in their office space. These people told us that they are times when they encounter brain blocks while working. And the whiteboard helped them to scribble random things that came to mind and would later be helpful when the brain block goes away. They added that when they get bored while working, they can also use the whiteboard as a distraction to draw or do anything on it. 

After getting this clarity, we began to see the whiteboard from another perspective, and we agree that having a whiteboard can spice up your office space. Aside from how it helps to boost work productivity, it also serves as a great aesthetic and adds to the work environment. There could be times when you have to take a picture and look for an excellent outlay. Believe it or not, your whiteboard would come in handy at that moment to serve as your desired outlay. 

One cannot emphasize the essence of having a whiteboard in your workspace. 


  • Have games: Gaming is one of the ways to spice up any environment, and your workspace is not an exception. So, you should not be surprised to see a PS5 in someone’s office space. After all, one has to get busy during break time, and they need to do something that wouldn’t be work-related. 

They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You always need to do things that help you relax, and you can relax by playing games. It could be board games or a Rubix cube on your table. Not only do these games help you relax, but they also help improve mental wellness. People would appreciate your workspace better when they see that you have games that can keep you occupied during your free time. Understandably, getting games for your office space may have skipped your mind. However, this should be your cue to stock up your office space with enjoyable games like you would stock up your snack corner. 

Now, you would look forward to being in your office space the most and enjoy every moment you spend in that space. 


It’s never a bad idea to think about pimping up your office space and making it look vibrant. After all, you spend hours in that space, and it helps to boost your productivity. 

You can purchase some of the things we mentioned on Kusnap, one of the leading e-commerce stores in Nigeria. 

Spice up your office space today for more productive work hours!

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