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What are the top businesses that thrive during Christmas?

December 23, 2021by ServoNG0

What are the top businesses that thrive during Christmas?

People are singing Jingle bells everywhere as it is a few days to Christmas. Yes, the season to be merry and jolly has come again. However, you cannot enjoy Christmas to the fullest if you do not have money for it.

Therefore, it is not out of place to see people asking for businesses that can thrive during the Christmas season. And, we often see people who only engage in businesses during the Christmas season. They know what sells in that period, and they want to profit from it before the buzz is over.

So, you may be wondering about the businesses that thrive more during Christmas, and we will talk about them in the article. The goal is to ensure that everyone has a happy Christmas. Thus, you can engage in any of these businesses to get money so that you can also have an enjoyable Christmas.

After all, it would not make sense if you are a part of a family that gifts and you cannot get gifts for others. And, we know that it would feel weird collecting gifts from people if you cannot return the gesture. Hence, you will be down and sour, leading to a sad Christmas.

No one deserves to be sad during Christmas, and we are here to help in any way that we can. Although we are not giving monetary funds to people, we will be dropping business ideas. With these ideas, you can make money that will sustain you for the Christmas season.

Before going further, allow us to state that you can also engage in any of these businesses at any time of the year. However, you will get more sales from them during the Christmas season. Interestingly, we also see that most of these businesses do not need huge capital. So, you can engage in them almost immediately and start making sales.

Below are some of these businesses:


Do you own a camera? If yes, you already have a thriving Christmas business at the tip of your fingers. We see that photographers make a lot of money during Christmas as people always take pictures.

It could be family pictures, personal pictures, or group pictures. What matters is that almost everyone would need a photographer. Thus, you know that photography is one of the most thriving businesses during Christmas.

The goal of Christmas is to bond and make memories. What better way to preserve these memories than by taking pictures? People will always want to have pictures to look back at it and smile at the memories.

So if you have a camera and know how to take excellent pictures, you can start advertising yourself to people as a photographer. We are sure that you will get people who need your services.

Asides from people, businesses would also need photographers this season. Now, these businesses are trying to advertise their products to people, and it would come in handy to use neat and clean pictures. Therefore, they will be engaging the services of photographers. Thus, you will make a lot of money if you do photography during Christmas.

Event planning

We see that the Christmas season is when people usually indulge in lots of events. So, if you are an event planner, you will have lots of jobs on your hands.

There is no limit to the type of events during Christmas, especially concerts. The entertainment industry brings a lot of buzz, and people usually organize carol events or concerts during Christmas.

For example, a church or organization may want to have a carol service, and they will need the services of an event planner. If you are an event planner, this is where you come in and play your role.

It is possible to be constantly booked as an event planner throughout the Christmas season.

Sometimes, people may want to have picnics or small get-together events for friends and family, and they will also need the services of an event planner. Event planning jobs are numerous during Christmas, and all you need is the right positioning. Once you begin to market yourself to people as an event planner, the jobs will keep pouting in since it is Christmas.

However, you must be efficient at your job as that is the only way to get referrals and good reviews.

Gift curators

Many people say that gift is part of the Christmas season, and we agree with their claims. You will always see people exchanging gifts during Christmas, which makes it possible that the business of gift curation will thrive during Christmas.

Almost anyone would agree that the process of gifting is hard. Sometimes, you may want to get gifts for your family and friends, but you have no idea what to give them. Sadly, it leaves you stuck, and you may end up not giving them anything for Christmas, making people sad.

However, if you are a gift curator, you can help people solve such a problem. Typically, a person can discuss what should be in the gift bag or basket with a gift curator. As a gift curator, you should be creative and innovative. We see that once you describe a person’s personality to gift curators, they usually know the best item you can give such a person.

Therefore, gift curators make a lot of money during Christmas since it is a gifting season. And, you will realize that when you are creative with gift ideas as a gift curator, it brings in more customers.

Travel planners

Did you know that people are always traveling during the Christmas season? Christmas is one of the periods when people get breaks from work, so they use the opportunity to travel. It could be that they are going on a tourist trip or want to visit their families. What matters is that they are traveling.

Some people also travel during Christmas because they want to experience something new. For example, they have been in the same region all year and want to try out a new environment for Christmas. So, they are bound to travel and will need the services of a travel planner.

As a travel planner, you get to help them with ticket reservations, hotel bookings, and more. The travel planner is also the unofficial tour guide as the travel planners suggest places where the person can visit. The job of a travel planner is to ensure that their client feels at ease when traveling.

Travel planning is one of the top businesses that thrive during Christmas since people always travel. We see it happening year in, year out, so we had to add this profession to our list of top businesses that thrive during Christmas. You should consider this business idea if you love to help people.

Tour guides

Understandably, you may want to argue that there are close similarities between being a tour guide and a travel planner. Of course, these two professions and businesses are alike. However, they also differ, and we would explain how it works.

A tour guide is usually available to take tourists around. However, you do not need to be physically available at the location to be a travel planner.

For example, if a person is traveling to a new city, the tour guide has to be physically present in that new city. But the travel planner helps in ensuring that the person reaches that new city in comfort and style. So, you can see how they differ.

If you have extensive knowledge about your city and you are open to meeting new people, you should consider the option of being a tour guide during Christmas. Every city will always have tourists during Christmas since people always like to travel this season. So, you will always have jobs if you are a tour guide.

Allow us to tell you that you need to be well-knowledgeable if you are a tour guide as people will always have questions. And it would not make sense if you do not have answers to their questions.


If you love to cook, you can start a catering business during the Christmas season, and it will thrive for many reasons.

When you have a large family gathering, you may feel lazy about cooking for everyone, especially if you have the money to outsource this job. Some persons say they would rather stay talking and bonding with their families than cooking during the Christmas seasons.

However, it is also understandable that food is important and everyone has to eat. It is where caterers come in as people pay them to cook. Therefore, the caterer makes money, and the people get food to eat. It is a win-win situation as everyone is satisfied.

Recall how we earlier mentioned that there are many events and celebrations during Christmas. Of course, it is common knowledge that food has to be available in such occasions. Thus, a caterer can never run out of jobs during Christmas.

We have seen caterers who get fully booked in many cases and tell people to stop giving them jobs as all their slots are food. And, you can also be in such a position if you can make tasty and enjoyable food.

The food business is something people should not ignore.

Personal shoppers

It should not be surprising that some people have not completed their Christmas shopping even now. It is a few days to Christmas, and one would expect that people will be done with anything shopping. However, we know that we will also still find people buying things on Christmas day.

Humans are generally lazy as they do not like stress. And, many people say that shopping is stressful, especially during Christmas. Also in many cases, we see that one person has to handle the Christmas shopping list of the whole house, and it is never easy. So, it sometimes makes them omit some things while shopping.

So, if you are a person shopping, you can always help those who do not like to shop personally. As a personal shopper, you should be attentive and pay attention to details as that is the only way to succeed.

Also, we recommend that personal shoppers use to make their work easier. Once you are a personal shopper, you dialogue with your customer and get their shopping list. Then you buy these things, and they will pay you for your time and labor. Yes, the work can get stressful, but it is one of the thriving businesses during Christmas.

Makeup artists

Again, we would like to state that there would be many events and occasions to attend during Christmas. And, it is only proper that you slay when you are going for any of these events. Therefore, you will need to engage the services of a professional makeup artist to ensure that you look good and yummy for the occasion.

Any gender can be a makeup artist if they have proper training and are passionate about the job. So, this business is not gendered. However, the pace at which you work as a makeup artist will determine how much you can earn during the season.

For example, a makeup artist who can work for 10 clients in a day will earn higher than one who attends to only 3 clients daily.

There is no timetable to how being a makeup artist should work, so we advise running the business to your comfort. What matters is that it stays thriving, and you make money from it.

Another wonderful thing about being a makeup artist is that your work will speak for you. For example, if your client gets to an occasion and people feel that you did excellent work, they will always ask for the contact of her makeup artist, and you will get referrals.

Personal trainers

The Christmas season gives many people the pass to be lazy, and they ensure to utilize it to the fullest. And, interestingly, we see that people sleep in during Christmas. It is expected since they are on holiday, and are not hurrying to anywhere.

We also see that people eat a lot during the Christmas season. It is almost like they cannot pass up the opportunity to eat any meal that comes their way. Again, it is not surprising as food is one of the major components of the Christmas season.

For people who fall under any of the above scenarios, you can tell that they will be lazy to go to the gym during this period. Therefore, they will appreciate having a personal trainer.

As a personal trainer, you can either have physical or virtual classes. The physical class means that you have to go to your client’s home. We trust that you would use your discretion to choose the right option, whatever the case might be.

However, this article wants you to know that being a personal trainer is a thriving business during the Christmas season. So, you should try getting into this business if you are a fitness enthusiast.

Clothes and accessories vendors

Some people wait until Christmas before they buy new clothes and accessories. So, you can be sure that your business will thrive if you decide to start selling clothes and accessories during Christmas.

We are sure that your mind is already calculative and running wild as read this article. It is trying to piece the clothes and accessories you should be selling this season. In addition, let us add there is always a customer base for whatever clothes or accessories you decide to sell. So, you do not need to bother about getting customers as there will always be a target audience for these clothes.

Of course, you may want to argue that the clothing business is a lucrative area irrespective of the season. But, it always thrives better during Christmas.

We can also say that you will be happy indulging in this business, especially as you interact with your customers and make them happy. As a clothes or accessory vendor, your customer service can attract and keep customers. It is also what makes people refer you to others.

The tip is to remember that the customer is king and should be treated like royalty. You are bound to make more sales this way.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get.

What businesses are most in demand?

Before answering this question, allow us to state that not all businesses in demand will thrive in Christmas. There is always a season for different business types. In the article, we have talked about businesses that thrive during the Christmas season.

However, here are some general businesses that are mostly in demand:

  • Social media management
  • Web developer
  • Food business
  • Product management
  • Consulting

How can I promote my business for Christmas?

You can promote your business for Christmas by:

  • Giving discounts
  • Giving out free products or services to select customers
  • Advertising your business on social media platforms
  • Offer free delivery, etc.


Only the strong-willed survive when running a business. So, if you want to engage in any business during the Christmas season, you need to be strong-willed.

Pick any of the businesses we have above and start making money this season!

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