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October 22, 2022by Michael Ezeadichie0


Have you ever wondered why it seems like some businesses get more traction on their social media posts over other brands? If yes, you are like Jess, and this article is for you.

Jess is a budding business owner who has spent time reading all she needed to know about managing a business. She felt confident enough that she had hacked everything she needed to know about running a business. So, her energy was over the roof, and nothing seemed to be stopping her.

However, she noticed that her social media pages were not encouraging as she was not getting the desired engagement. It felt like her competitors were doing better than her in terms of posts, and she wondered what she was doing wrong.

So, Jess decided to research and compare what her competitors were doing to what she was doing. But unfortunately, she could not pinpoint it as it seemed she was even doing more than them.

As she shared her worries with her friends, they noted that her pictures were not appealing, and she needed an outlay for her product pictures. Jess initially argued with them as none of her marketing resources insisted that she needed an outlay for her product pictures. But she decided try it, and she noticed that her engagements began to skyrocket.


If you have been like Jess, continue reading through this article to understand why you need an outlay for your product pictures.

Importance of using an outlay for product pictures

Every business owner needs to ensure that their product pictures are appealing, and you can do it by using an outlay. Some importance of using an outlay include:

It attracts customers

One of the reasons Jess did not get enough traction and engagements on her posts was that people did not find them appealing. So, instead of liking or commenting on her product pictures, they tend to scroll past them.

On the other hand, people would also comment and engage on the product pictures of her customers, and they would even go further and buy. Thus, they take action and make a buying decision through what they have seen and become customers of the competitors.

How do you want to convince people to buy your products if they are not appealing? But, of course, everyone would agree that the customers are the essence of any business. And, people usually say that a business cannot exist without its customers. Thus, if a business does not have customers, it will crash.

Using an outlay on any product pictures comes as that extra push to get customers. The goal is to have them hooked on your page instead of scrolling past. Once they become hooked on your page, they will want to follow the page because of what they see. They will eventually become customers as they are pleased with what you present.

It gains more traction

So, you have had an Instagram page for more than five years, but the growth of the page seems stagnant and redundant. For years, you’ve been trying to grow the page, but it’s been stagnant, and it seems like you’ve tried every method, but they are not working.

For the longest time, your follower count has been shifting between 198- 200, and it seems like you cannot get past the 200 followers’ mark. Understandably, such a case can be daunting, tiring, and frustrating. For someone like Jess, it even got to the point where she thought about quitting social media even though she knew that she needed to utilize social media for her business.

However, the story changed when she began using an outlay for all her product pictures. She noticed that it gave her pictures a different feel and look and her social media page became more attractive.

Now, people are curious about her products, increasing her follower count. In addition, she also has many likes and comments on her posts, and it has added to her bragging rights.

Typically, some people judge a business by its follower count and engagement. And, you can get such traction when you begin to use an outlay for your product pictures.

It helps to establish brand identity

Do you have a brand identity? Sadly, some businesses or brands do not realize or understand the need for a brand identity. However, allow us to tell you that having a brand identity can set your business apart from competitors.

The idea of a brand identity centres on having elements unique to your brand and makes it top-of-mind for customers of your industry and niche. For example, MTN has owned the yellow colour in the telecommunications industry. So, once anything relating to telecommunications pops up, and there is a yellow colour, people immediately assume it relates to MTN.

Jess understood the need for a brand identity, so she worked with graphic designers to get a brand logo. However, having a brand identity goes beyond having a brand logo, as it could include brand fonts and more.

So, if your business uses a specific outlay for product pictures, it would be an excellent form of brand identity. Now, people can easily distinguish your brand, and they even use it to describe your brand to people.

It may seem like a little or small factor, but it usually goes a long way. And, we usually encourage people to have unique brand identities.

It helps in the customer’s decision-making process

Interestingly, we see that the quality of your product pictures could make or mar your business. Some people might want to argue that it isn’t a huge factor. However, we want to state that it is a huge factor as it plays a role in a customer’s decision-making process.

We often see that people do not pay attention to product pictures that are not appealing. Instead, they tag such pictures as boring and might even assume that they are low quality. For example, you sell amazing and high-quality products, but the pictures you upload of these products are not of high standards, and you do not need an outlay. Therefore, it is easy for people to assume that your products are low quality because of the quality of the pictures.

It is best to understand that visuals are an important aspect to any human, affecting how they make decisions. Therefore, every business owner must strive to appeal to their customers visually to give them the needed push to purchase.

Appealing to a customer goes beyond having a strong call to action or emotional appeal. It is also important to have an excellent visual appeal, or you can lose the customer to your competitors.

It gives you an edge over competitors

Every business owner needs to have a winning and fighting mindset. Of course, we are not saying that you need to physically fight others for your business to succeed. However, you must ensure that you are smart while running a business, as you may need to engage in strategic mental battles to ensure that you have the edge over competitors.

In addition, it is also important for every business owner to remember that they are not the only business operating in that niche. And since you have competitors, you must not be sluggish about your business strategies. For example, MTN is not the only one operating in the telecommunications industry. Therefore, they have to be proactive in all their strategies.

So, one always has to think of ways to have the edge over their competitors when running a business. And one of such ways would be by using an outlay for your product pictures. You will have people talking about your brand if you are the only business that uses an outlay for all your product pictures.

And, you are such that having such an edge over others will bring in more customers for you and increase awareness for the brand.

It gives a better understanding of your products

It may seem stressful when you need to use an outlay for all your product pictures. And, we see that is one of the reasons people do not use this method. In some cases, we even see that people start, and they do not stay committed to the journey. However, using an outlay cannot be overemphasized as it gives people a better understanding of your products.

We have earlier mentioned this factor to some business owners, but they never seem to get it at first. So, we had to explain that they could play around with their outlay. From the outlay, one can determine your brand’s personality. It is often said that most business owners are creatives. And, even if you do not feel creative enough, you can outsource the job and involve experts.

However, using an outlay for your products can let people know more them and even how they work. So, what matters is how you implement the usage of the outlay. And we see that customers appreciate when they have a better understanding of a brand’s products, and competitors may even begin to use your brand as a reference point when building strategies.



Some of the frequently asked questions about product pictures are:

What do you need for product photos?

It would be best to have many things for product photos, such as excellent camera quality, an expert photographer, and an outlay. These are important elements that should be in place when trying to take product photos.

What is product photography called?

For experts such as photographers, the product photography is also called commercial photography. It is because it involves taking pictures that business owners would use for commercial activities.

Why is it important to photograph a product?

It is one thing to take a picture of a product randomly, and it is another thing to do it right. So we have talked about why you need to use an outlay during product photography. And some of the reasons include traction and customer gaining.



Running a business becomes easier when you have some hacks, and product photography is one of the hacks. Of course, as a business owner, you would always need to showcase your products online, and one of the best sites for such showcase is Kusnap.

So, ensure that you always use an outlay during product photography to have the edge over your competitors.

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