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January 23, 2023by Michael Ezeadichie0


When last did you improve yourself as a business owner?

A business can only be as great as its owner. Often, people wonder why a business is stagnant. But, it is only ideal that the business growth remains stunted when the business owner pauses on self improvement.

Sadly, many business owners get carried away with the running of a business and neglect themselves. They fail to realize that business growth also depends on them. When you keep improving as an entrepreneur, it has a ripple positive effect on your brand.


So, we decided to compile this article to serve as a reminder to all business owners that they need to keep improving themselves.

We had a mentorship class with some entrepreneurs some time ago and shared some ways they can keep improving themselves.

Simple ways to improve yourself as a business owner include:

1. Always be open to learning

Business owners are some of the most difficult people you would encounter. These entrepreneurs never fail to remind people of how hard it was for them to raise the capital for a business and have the business still running. So, they tend to be close-minded when you want to share information with them.

As an entrepreneur, you always need to work with an open mindset. Of course, no one is undermining the role that you play as the business owner. However, it is best to keep in mind that you are not an island. Therefore, you cannot know everything. So, you should always be opening to learning.

When you are open to learning, you would constantly learn something new almost every day. You would also realize that you can learn things from almost anyone.

A business owner once shared how he learned the concept of understanding different points of views by observing an interaction between a child and a mother. The way the child conveyed his message to his mother was enough to quench her anger.

The interaction left an imprint in the mind of this business owner and he ensured to incorporate it into the way he communicates with angry customers.

There is always something to learn from anyone and any situation when you are open to learning.

2. Surround yourself with people who would give you honest reviews

What sort of company do you keep? Are you surrounded by people who always agree with whatever you say? The sort of company you keep can either make or mar you as a business owner and can also affect your business.

The people around you should be able to give you honest reviews. They should be able to checkmate the things you do and let you know if the strategies are right or wrong. These people could also include your employees.

From our interaction with employees of certain organizations they confess that they cannot give honest reviews to their CEO because CEOs are usually not approachable. There is the perception that most CEOs have a huge ego and find it hard to listen to others.

Having this sort of personality would not be helpful to you or your brand. As a business owner, you should have a friendly aura and personality. It makes it easier for people to talk to you and they can say their honest reviews with you.

It would be best for you not to view these reviews as an attack. Instead, take the criticisms and find ways you can work on them to become better. This way, you are improving yourself as a business owner.

3. Keep up with trends

Running a business can be draining and tasking. So, we understand when business owners complain that they do not have time for themselves and even their families sometimes. Often, these business owners are out on the field chasing things that would help to boost their burand visibility and increase sales.

So, it is sometimes laughable when we tell business owners that they need to keep up with trends. These entrepreneurs laugh and look at us with a confused face. They further explain that their phones or social media platforms are the least of their worries. Thus, telling them to keep up with trends is an almost impossible task.

However, keeping up with trends is one way you can improve yourself as a business owner. When you keep up with trends, you get to see what other businesses and business owners are doing.

If people are doing it and it becomes trending, don’t you think you should also do it? If it has been working for their brand, don’t you think it would also work for yours?

As much as you are busy, you should also create time to keep up with trends. It is where time management comes to play. We assure you that you’d be grateful to follow these trends.

4. Build your network

We know that you may be tired of people always telling you that your network is your net worth. You might not want to hear it, but we are here to repeat and reinstate that this statement is true. As a business owner, you cannot live life as an island as there is a deep need for collaboration.

One of the first things you need to be intentional about as a business owner is building your network. You need to consciously put in an effort in ensuring that you are at the right place at the right time. This way, you can meet and connect with people who would help to boost your business.

It is a fact that you cannot be everywhere at the same time. However, it is your network that will speak for you in your absence.

You will realize that you have lesser worries when you have a solid network. For example, you have a need and it seems like you do not have a solution for it. Interestingly, someone within your network would have a solution for that need.

Therefore, we encourage all business owners to join communities that would help to boost and increase their network. It is one of the best ways to improve yourself as a business owner.

5. Set goals

We cannot talk about self-improvement without mentioning goals. What are those things that you hope to achieve as an individual or brand?

Sadly, we’ve seen many business owners who live their lives without setting goals. Year in, year out, these people move about as if they do not have a care in the world. When there is an evaluation in some years, you would see that such people have not grown from where they were some years ago.

The issue here is that they did not set goals. And there is usually no plan when there are no goals. How do you expect to grow?

Thus, you need to set goals for yourself if you want to improve as a business owners. In addition, these goals must also be feasible or you wouldn’t be able to achieve them.

There is nothing wrong in setting goals in bits. We encourage people to have smaller goals as it is one of the best ways to ensure that you complete them. As you hit your goal target in bits, it encourages you to do more.

If you have not started setting goals for yourself as a business owner, the best time to start is now! You can also employ the use of project management tools to assist in completing these goals.

6. Invest in yourself

Most business owners believe that they should put all their resources into their business. We are not saying that is a wrong thing to do. However, you need to understand that you cannot separate the business from the business owner. So, if you are not growing as a business owner, it would also affect your business.

Therefore, you need to invest in yourself the same way you are investing in your business.

How can I invest in myself as a business owner? It is one of the top questions we get from entrepreneurs when they say that they have to invest in themselves. One of the best ways for such to happen is by taking courses.

These courses are essential in self-development for all individuals as it isn’t limited to business owners alone. With these courses, you are pushing your mind to do more and learning new things.

You can never tell the situation you would find yourself where knowledge from any of the courses you took would come in handy. Therefore, it is important to keep investing in yourself if you want to do better as a business owner.

In addition, you can also attend interactive seminars and events.

7. Be adaptable

One of the issues that many business owners face is the fact that they are not adaptable. These people are usually fixateted on how things were initially, and they are not ready to transition and do things differently.

It is important to understand that growth is essential in life. And the concept of growth entails being dynamic. You cannot say that you are growing when things are static or stagnant. Therefore, you must set your mindset to be adaptable.

For example, social media was not a thing when you started the journey of being an entrepreneur. Any business owner who wanted to do advertisements had to rely on traditional media like radio and newspapers.

However, the only has transitioned and people are now running social media ads for their businesses. As a progressive and adaptable business owner, you’d need to start by setting up a social media profile for your business, follow up with trends, and more.

Sadly, some business owners would not want to jump on this moving train. Instead, they’d want to stick with how things were years ago. Thus, limiting what they can do.

If you want to improve and be better, you must have an adaptive mindset. You will be shocked at the wonders of having such a mindset.

Business owners are an integral part of any business. The same way you want your business to grow should also be the same way you put in an effort to improve yourself. Use the tips we have mentioned in this article to improve yourself as a business owner.

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