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Fashion has become one of the fastest-selling niches for entrepreneurs, and we are not shocked to see that we have lots of fashion vendors on Kusnap. We also love the diversity we see and get amongst these vendors, as some have their special focus areas. For example, a vendor might cater to only females, another may focus on males only, and another may decide to be a unisex vendor.

It’s always interesting to interact with our vendors as we learn something new already. For example, we discovered off-shoulder clothing is a trend amongst women in one of such interactions.

Going down memory lane, we can tell that this trend has been in existence for a long time. With such a mindset, one would think that off-shoulder would have fallen off the fashion trends. Instead, however, we see that it is still trendy.

The off-shoulder clothing has become one of the ‘must-have’ clothing essential for every lady, joining the likes of the little black dress. So we see that people agree that there should be off-shoulder clothing in the every lady’s wardrobe. And if a lady does not have one, it would be that she isn’t trendy enough.

Since the off-shoulder clothing has been in place for a long time, one may wonder how to make it unique, which is the essence of this article. We shall talk about how to style off-shoulder clothing in 7 ways. Interestingly, we see that the off-shoulder concept is one concept that is very easy to fall in love with as it screams simplicity and elegance at the same time.

Ways to uniquely style your off-shoulder clothing

As an off-shoulder loose top

Typically, one would assume that off-should clothing has to be fitted, and we agree that it may be amongst the commonest off-should clothing available. However, you can also style your off-shoulder clothing uniquely if you choose a loose option.

Of course, the idea of a fitted off-shoulder top is appealing as it hugs your body and brings out all the upper curves. However, one would also agree that it isn’t every time that one would be in the mood to wear a fitted clothing option. Therefore, it would not be bad to go for a loose off-shoulder top.

Some people think that you cannot achieve a classy look with a loosely fitted top, but that is wrong. Yes, allow us to tell you that wearing a tight fitted top does not always give the assurance that you would appear classy.

Wearing a loose off-shoulder top will prove that you can wear a loose outfit and still look classy. And, not only would you be classy, but you would also appear breathing and amazing. It would be impossible for heads not to turn when you pass by them.

We also see that people enjoy more comfort when they wear a loose off-shoulder top, and it goes well with any bottom you decide to pair it with. So, you may choose a skirt, trousers, or shorts. And, we would advise that you go for a tightly fitted skirt when you wear a loose off-shoulder top.      

 You will pull off a chic and elegant look anytime with a loose off-shoulder top.

As an off-shoulder gown

While talking with some of our vendors, we realized that some of their customers are biased towards off-shoulder gowns as it is one of their top picks. So, we decided to do some digging, and we realized that people loved the ease of wearing an off-shoulder gown.

Some people say that a certain beauty and appeal comes with wearing an off-shoulder gown, and we agree. This style is beautiful either in a loose or fitted form. What matters is that you choose what would work with your body shape and that you are comfortable in it.

In addition, we also love that there is almost no look that you cannot achieve with an off-shoulder gown. You can get various types of off-shoulder gowns that let you achieve different looks ranging from classy to casual, to chic, to corporate, and you can also pull off a sexy look.

It would be safe for us to say that one cannot go wrong with wearing an off-shoulder gown, and we love that it fits with almost any occasion.  An off-shoulder gown has its unique way of commanding attention and luring attraction. And its multi-purpose use assures you of rocking this style without getting tired.

 Source: Pexels

As an off-shoulder top with trousers

Some people say that it is easy to throw on a pair of jeans trousers and go around your activities for the day. And, we often see that people pair their jean trousers with a casual round neck, and they are set for the day. Of course, there is nothing wrong with such styling. However, it becomes boring when it is the same thing you do every day, and there is no room for versatility.

In addition, we see that wearing trousers and a round neck gives a rather casual look, and it becomes difficult when you are trying to strike a balance between comfort and looking smart. And, we often see people trying to get the ‘smart-casual’ look, and you can achieve much when you rock an off-shoulder top with trousers.

In such a case, you would be comfortable with your pair of jeans, and you would also look stunning as you have paired it with an off-shoulder top. It leaves you not overly dressed for the occasion, and you would also still be the centre of attention.

Now, you do not have to overthink about the top to pair with your jeans to look smart casual if you are the type who loves wearing pants. Besides jean trousers, you can also rock your off-shoulder top with any pair of trousers.

 Source: Pexels

As an off-shoulder top with a skirt

Understandably, some people have other bottoms preference like they would choose to wear a skirt over trousers. And, we often get questions asking if one can wear an off-shoulder top on a skirt. Some people might say that it is not fashionable to pair an off-shoulder top with a skirt. However, allow us to tell you that it isn’t a fashion blunder, and you can pair them together.

For example, you can wear either a loose or fitted off-shoulder top with a short skirt. But if you are going for a longer skirt option, it would be best to pair it with a fitted off-shoulder top.

If you want to aim the boss lady or chic mood, it would be an excellent choice to rock your off-shoulder top with a skirt. And it also comes in handy for various occasions.

We assure you that you will be bolder when you rock an off-shoulder top with a skirt, as your confidence level would be out of the roof. Everyone would agree that people are more confident when they look good, and you can achieve such by rocking your off-shoulder top with a skirt.

So, if you have been in doubts about rocking your off-shoulder top with a skirt, you should clear those doubts away.

 SOURCE: Pexels

Native Styling

Have you noticed that the off-shoulder trend/concept is already finding its way into our cultural attires? That’s one amazing unique feature of the off-shoulder concept! The diversity of off-shoulder clothing leaves many people in awe. You can rock and slay that desired native styling with an off-shoulder and look unique.

Typically, our cultural heritage is something that every individual takes pride in, which reflects in individual’s clothing. And we know that many people are open to the idea of infusing the off-shoulder styling into native wear.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of traditional attire as there is almost no one who does not own at least one traditional attire. No matter the number of trousers, jeans, skirts, shorts, and the likes that a person may have, they cannot fill up the void where cultural attires are needed. Yes, some special occasions call for traditional attires, and you need to dress the part.  

So, there would be no harm in giving you ‘Iro’ an off-shoulder styling if you have an Aso Ebi that involves ‘Oleku’ or ‘Iro and Buba.’ It will add more spice to your dressing and make you stand out. But, of course, you can also use a normal off-shoulder top in place of your Iro on your Buba.

In addition, your traditional gowns are also no exception to the off-shoulder styling! Yes, the off-shoulder concept would go very well on the ‘Onyonyo’ for the Efiks. With the off-shoulder concept, one can say that the traditional/cultural attires just got more fashionable. Therefore, your Ankara gowns, skirts and tops could also go with the off-shoulder styling.

As an off-shoulder jumpsuit

Did you think we would have a list of different stylings without mentioning a jumpsuit? But, of course, we have seen that the off-shoulder styling and concept can be diverse. Therefore, one can also infuse it into a jumpsuit and have unique styling.

Many people say that they cannot help but admire a woman in a jumpsuit as it is a gorgeous piece of clothing that compliments women. However, it is one thing for a woman to be in a jumpsuit, and it is another thing for a woman to rock an off-shoulder jumpsuit. Yes, off-shoulder jumpsuits are amazing, and every woman should desire to get one.

If a woman looks beautiful on a normal jumpsuit, the level at which her beauty radiates will drastically increase when she rocks an off-shoulder jumpsuit! And, you could wear an off-shoulder jumpsuit to any occasion. People say that fashion keeps getting better when you go off-shoulder, and we agree with the claim.

So, if you do not have an off-shoulder jumpsuit in your wardrobe, we would say that your wardrobe is incomplete. Thus, you need to spice it up by adding off-shoulder jumpsuits, even if you have regular jumpsuits.

SOURCE: Pexels

As an off-shoulder top with shorts

The most casual way of rocking an off-shoulder style is when you rock an off-shoulder top with shorts. You would commonly see people with this style when going to the beach. However, it isn’t only limited to the beach as you can also use it when to the cinema or to picnics.

The idea is that you are comfortable with what you wear and look elegant in it. Sometimes, people mistake the idea of being comfortable with looking shabby. However, we always advocate that one can look good even when dressed comfortably. And this is one way you can achieve such a look.

We have seen many people try this style, and they do not miss their fashion sense. Once you adopt such a way of dressing, you would not want to dress in any other way. One cannot help but admire ladies in off-shoulder tops and shorts.

If you love to make heads turn even when you look simple, you should opt for this look. And we can assure you that you will not regret it. This styling and look prove that one does not have to go overboard before one can look good. In addition, it also comes at a cost-effective price.

SOURCE: istock


Fashion evolves always, but the off-shoulder trend has stayed over the years. So, you need to always rock this style effectively and utilize it.

In addition, you can always get your off-shoulder styles from the fashion vendors on Kusnap. Kusnap is the best platform to use in shopping for unique styles.

Keep rocking and shopping!

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