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Kusnap has established itself as one of the credible and top e-commerce platforms which entrepreneurs  bank on in terms of running a business on the digital space. The acute penetration of the internet over the last few years has brought with it endless opportunities which most entrepreneurs wish to seize as an advantage for any form of business they run. Without a doubt, running a business on the Digital space has never been more exciting in our ever—growing technology world. The changes brought by advancing technology has resulted in a ripple effect which has changed the whole landscape of business and trading.

Kusnap, through its team of high level innovators, skilled technical staff, and creative professionals; has made a dedication to provide all businesses on its e-commerce platform the chance to seize the many opportunities which digital technology may offer to businesses. This gives a competitive edge over many other identical businesses which are either offline or on similar ecommerce platforms.

In the last few years of operation in Nigeria, entrepreneurs have provided countless positive reviews about the boundless advantages and benefits they enjoy while serving their business through the platform. This resulted in a huge influx of entrepreneurs (including buyers and sellers) into the platform. Today, Kusnap is the fastest growing e-commerce platform in Nigeria as a result. This is credit to the quality of service and delivery we offer to all parties involved in business transactions on our platform.

Bringing your business to the online space is one of the best moves you can make for your business; all the more with Kusnap. Bringing your business into Kusnap guarantees a lot of benefits which you would most likely not enjoy through the traditional means of running a business. Through Kusnap, your business is assured more exposure to your target market, Faster buying process, Store and product listing creation, Cost reduction, Affordable advertising and marketing, Flexibility for customers, No reach limitations, Product and price comparison, Faster response to buyer/market demands, Several payment modes and many others. These advantages help many businesses to grow exponentially in a shorter period of time, which we believe is what entrepreneurs desire.

In a bid to allow businesses run in the best possible way, we at Kusnap are introducing feature updates on our platform. This is great news for entrepreneurs, as many of the feature updates are to the satisfaction of both sellers and buyers on the platform. Updates are expected as technology keeps evolving to make life much easier and processes faster. This outlines the dedication at Kusnap to provide entrepreneurs with the best service which is unmatched by any other platform across Nigeria.

A redesigned user interface is the first apparent feature update available on the platform. The platform is redesigned to allow for faster loading of pages and ease of surfing through the platform. This makes the buying experience more exciting for buyers, as well as entrepreneurs who own a business on the platform. Increased customer engagement and retention, as well as Increased productivity are also enjoyed through this update.

A more enhanced group feature has also been integrated on the platform. This allows customers to easily run a transaction while on the platform. Sellers can create any type of group they like, add items to it, and display it on the ecommerce website so that each item appears where shoppers are most likely to find it.

Buyers on the platform can now set alert notification for when a particular product is available. This is great news to many buyers whose favorite products run out of stock, as they will easily notified when such products are restocked and available. That’s a great way to run a business if you ask us. For ease of shopping, you can also easily view your recently viewed items. This comes in handy especially in a scenario where you find yourself on another unfamiliar page. You can easily tap on the recently viewed items and return to products you wish to purchase.

Finally, entrepreneurs have the option to select multiple images at a time during the product upload. This will give your potential buyers more insight into the products you sell, as well as details which may seem interesting to your buyers. The ability to upload more images of your products offer additional credibility to the Quality of products you have put up for sale. Also, a text editor has been integrated for an enhanced product description. This additionally provide greater details of the products or services your business intends to offer buyers.

All in all, these feature updates is an absolute win-win situation for both buyers and sellers on Kusnap, as it all makes the shopping experience easier, comfortable, faster. These helps both entrepreneurs and consumers on consumers get what we all want; top quality service and delivery. Are you an entrepreneur intending to take your business digital? Or you are a buyer interested in getting products and services through e-commerce platforms? Join Kusnap today and enjoy a never-ending experience of top notch e-commerce like you have never experienced before.

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