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January 17, 2023

How to Create a Group on Kusnap

Groups are essential for socialising on Kusnap, they help users to have a better experience of the kusnap platform and a better community feeling. With Kusnap groups you can make the most of your Kusnap usage by learning and improving on your buying and selling from the experiences that may be shared by other users of the platform in the group.

If you do not find a group that fits your preferences, do not worry because kusnap has got you covered as you have the option to create your own group and add the rules to .Ake it according to your preferences. Note that creating and running of groups on Kusnap is to be done in accordance to the terms and conditions of your membership on Kusnap.

How to Create a Group on Kusnap

How to Create a Group on

Creating and running of a group on Kusnap is a very enjoyable and easy task to do if you apply the best strategy. To create a group on Kusnap takes less than 3 minutes to achieve, so note that before you can create a grout on Kusnap you need to have an active account on the Kusnap website. To create a group on Kusnap follow these steps:

  • Visit the com website amd Login to your account
  • Click on the drop down menu of your user profile
  • Select and click on “Groups” from the drop down menu of your user profile
  • On clicking on the “Groups” the next page brings you to a page where you have to now click on the blue create groups button
  • On clicking the create groups button the pop up page form for entering the required information for creating a group will show on your screen
  • Fill in your group name which is compulsory
  • Then enter your group description, here you tell potential users who may want to join your group what the group is about
  • Them insert your group image, only images of the formats JPEG, JPG, and PNG are accepted
  • Insert your group cover image, the image has to be in either of the following formats: JPEG, JPG, and PNG
  • Then click the create button after providing the required information and your group will be created instantly

After you have created your group you can go ahead to begin to upload group posts, and items and have people to interact on the group.


Groups are essential for socialising and social interactions among users on the kusnap platform. Kusnap allows you to create more than one group as the need for more groups arise on your end, as a user of the platform.



January 17, 2023

How to Contact

Kusnap is a very easy to use platform that provides the best of online buying and selling experience for users on the platform. With Kusnap you do not have to worry about your products a d services across the range of products and services available for sale by different users on the platform. When buying on Kusnap and you experience any issues then do well to relate your issues to the admin using any of the customer support channels available on the kusnap website. Getting in touch with kusnap admin is very important if you want to have a good experience of buying and selling on the website.

Kusnap Support Channels

The kusnap support channels are available to users on a 24/7 basis making it very easy for users to always have the kusnap support  at your beck and call. There are several customer support channels available on Kusnap including:

  • Instant Message Button
  • Email Support
  • FAQs

Instant Message Button

The instant messaging Button for contacting and getting support on Kusnap is very easy to use and works all day round the clock. The instant messaging button is available to users for use whenever they have need for it. To use the instant messaging chat button, click on the chat button on the bottom right corner of the Kusnap website. When you click on the instant message chat button, you will need to provide your email address and full name to start a chat to relate your issues.

Email Support

Email support is another of the very efficient kusnap support channels, available to all users of the kusnap website. To use the email supply you’ll need to send a mail with your issues to either of these emails [email protected] or [email protected] When sending a mail to either of these email addresses, you need to be straight to the point, include your full name, and other necessary information to help the admin team resolve your issues.


The FAQ section of the kusnap website provides a self support in the sense that this support tool helps to give users answers to the frequently asked questions they may also have. The FAQ section of the kusnap website provides several answer support to users of the kusnap website. Regardless of the type of user be it a buyer or a seller.  it’s that before you go for a y other support channels available on Kusnap do well to check for an answer or solution to your issue on the FAQ support channel.


Contacting the kusnap admin is an easy and seamless procedure with many of support channels available to users of the kusnap website. You can make use of the various Kusnap support channels at any time of the day this alone makes kusnap a desirable place to do your buying and selling with full assurance that you can get solutions to your problems in a short time.


January 16, 2023

Why You Should Sell On kusnap in 2023 and beyond?

Kusnap provides an easy-to-use platform for buying and selling online in Nigeria. Kusnap is one of the largest and fastest-growing online retail platforms. With kusnap, you have access to buyers and sellers of different categories of goods and services across Nigeria. Kusnap is efficient given its approach of simply snapping to sell and chatting to buy. With the approach deployed by kusnap users are guaranteed of fantastic user experience, which transcends trade borders.

Kusnap provides individuals and business owners with an integrated marketplace for easy interaction without any hassles from middlemen, that often have the tendency to bring friction in trade. Kusnap allows retailers and whole sellers to list multiple items in various categories and market sections on the kusnap platform. Given the growth kusnap has had in its short history you have a plethora of reasons, to sell on kusnap in 2023.

Why You Should Sell On Kusnap

Kusnap even a renowned e-commerce platform for trade in Nigeria offers you several benefits when you sell on kusnap. Some of the major benefits of selling on Kusnap include:

  • Free Listing: On kusnap, you have access to list several of your products and services absolutely free of charge, unlike some other platforms.
  • Protected Transaction: With Kusnap you are sure you’re transacting with authentic buyers or sellers and vice versa
  • More Exposure: If you register as a seller on Kusnap, you have exposure to our very large pool of serious potential buyers
  • More Sales: Selling on kusnap means you get more sales potentially, giving you an edge over people who just depend on their friends, close contacts, or even word-of-mouth advertising to make sales online.
  • Multiple Listing: Kusnap allows you to list an unlimited number of products or services all at once or simultaneously. When you list multiple products and services on Kusnap, your chances of making sales both online and offline increases exponentially.
  • You can sell any type of product or service on Kusnap provided such products or services are legally allowed to be sold.
  • Posting of products or services on Kusnap takes the snap of a finger provided you have met the listing requirements.
  • Kusnap does not collect funds from buyers for you as a seller, this means that your buyers make payments directly to you. This is made possible because Kusnap allows transacting parties to interact directly with each other.
  • Kusnap allows you as a seller to share your products and services from kusnap after you have logged into your kusnap account.

January 16, 2023

Kusnap The free Online marketplace in Nigeria


Kusnap is an online marketplace that provides a very large platform to buyers and sellers of all classes of goods and services. Kusnap creates a meeting point between sellers of goods, services and other wares and potential customers who want to buy these goods, services and wares.  Kusnap as an online marketplace is an easy-to-use platform, which serves millions of buyers and sellers all over Nigeria. Kusnap is very much used by buyers and sellers because of the plethora of benefits kusnap offers.

Why You Should Sell On kusnap in 2023 and beyond

Benefits of Kusnap Marketplace

Kusnap as an online marketplace in Nigeria provides a plethora of benefits to users including:

  • Posting of items for sale is done free of charge
  • Kusnap provides buying and selling opportunities to users using a simple approach of snap-to-sell and chat-to-buy which provides a fantastic user experience
  • Kusnap breaks the trading barriers created by borders
  • Kusnap brings together retailers, wholesalers, and buyers providing a level playing ground in terms of potential buyers for commerce to retailers and wholesalers alike
  • Kusnap allows sellers to create and join groups which can become clusters for buying and selling products and services that are of interest to group members
  • Users on Kusnap can join multiple groups of interest for buying and selling opportunities
  • Kusnap provides one of the largest and best online marketplaces in Nigeria
  • Kusnap gives users the power to exclusively handle transactions directly without any interference.
  • With kusnap, you will be exposed and nothing card easier by potential buyers from across the country
  • Kusnap gives users the ability to do a customised selection of products and services based on users’ unique preferences. This is made possible with the incorporation of artificial intelligence in the product selection system
  • Kusnap removes the need for physical stores from sellers
  • Kusnap saves buyers travel time of having to go to physical stores, especially if the product or service the buyer wants is not sold in the buyer’s locality
  • Kusnap provides sellers and buyers with more trading options
  • Kusnap enables sellers to have a higher conversion rate, customer reach and awareness of the sellers brand
  • With kusnap, you have access to virtual customer support services 24/7 a d via the email address of kusnap








December 29, 2022

How to Invest in Stocks | Best Guide for Beginners 


Welcome to our guide on how to invest in stocks! If you’re new to the world of investing, the stock market can seem intimidating and overwhelming. But with a little knowledge and understanding, you can confidently invest in stocks and potentially earn significant returns on your investment. 

In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of stock investing, including what stocks are, how to buy and sell them, and key strategies for maximizing your investment. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or an experienced investor looking to expand your portfolio, this guide will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your investments.

How to Invest in Stocks Best Guide for Beginners

How to Start Investing in Stocks

Investing can help you grow your wealth over time. One way to do this is through the stock market, which offers the opportunity to buy shares in companies and potentially earn returns through dividends and capital appreciation. If you’re new to investing, here are some steps you can take to get started:

  • Define your risk tolerance 

Consider how much risk you are willing to take on in your investments. Different types of stocks come with different levels of risk, so you should choose the ones that match your risk tolerance. Determine how much money you can comfortably invest in stocks. Keep in mind that investing in stocks carries inherent risks, so it’s important to only invest money that you can afford to lose.

  • Decide on your investment goals

Think about what you want to achieve with your investments. Are you saving for retirement, a down payment on a house, or something else? Make sure your investment strategy aligns with your goals.

  • Determine your investing style

Consider whether you want to be actively involved in managing your investments or if you prefer a hands-off approach. You can manage your portfolio yourself, work with a financial advisor or broker, or use a robo-advisor to automatically invest for you.

  • Choose your investment account

There are several types of accounts you can use to invest in stocks, including 401(k)s, IRAs, taxable brokerage accounts, and robo-advisor accounts. To buy and sell stocks, you’ll need to open an account with a brokerage firm. There are many different online brokers to choose from, each with its own fees, commissions, and investment options. Do your research and compare several different firms to find the one that best meets your needs.

  • Learn to diversify and reduce risk 

Diversification means investing in a range of assets to reduce the risk that one investment can have a severe impact on your portfolio. Mutual funds and ETFs are a good way to diversify, as they allow you to invest in a large number of stocks at once.

  • Start investing

Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to start investing. Research different stocks and consider consulting with a financial advisor or broker if you need guidance. Monitor your investments regularly and make adjustments as needed to stay on track towards your goals.

  • Educate yourself

Before you start investing, it’s important to understand how the stock market works and the different types of stocks available. Research different investment strategies and consider taking a course or reading books on the subject to gain a deeper understanding.

  • Consider using a financial advisor

If you’re new to investing or don’t feel comfortable making investment decisions on your own, you may want to consider working with a financial advisor. They can help you create a personalized investment plan and guide you through the process of buying and selling stocks.

  • Keep an eye on fees

Brokerage firms and financial advisors charge certain fees for their services. These fees can sometimes eat into your returns, so it’s important to carefully consider how much you’re paying and whether it’s worth it.


What is the Minimum to Open a Brokerage Account? 

To open a brokerage account, you may need to meet a minimum deposit requirement set by the financial institution. This means that you will need to deposit a certain amount of money in order to have your account application accepted. Different financial institutions may have different minimum deposit requirements, so it is a good idea to compare options and find one that meets your needs. 

Some firms do not have minimum deposit requirements, while others may offer incentives such as reduced fees or a certain number of commission-free trades if you have a higher balance. It is important to thoroughly research and compare your options to find the best brokerage account for you.


What are the Costs & Fees Associated with Stocks Investment?

Here are some of the fees and charges you should know about when investing in stocks:

  • Commissions and Fees

Economists often state that there is no such thing as a free lunch, and this is also true in the world of stock trading. Brokers need to make a profit and they typically do this by charging a commission for each trade, whether it is a buy or sell. 

These fees can range from a few dollars to as much as $10 per trade, and they can have a significant impact on your portfolio’s return and the amount of money you have available for investing, especially if you trade frequently. Some brokers may offer commission-free trading, but they may compensate for this by charging other fees.

  • Mutual Fund Loads

One important thing to consider when investing in mutual funds is the fees associated with them. One such fee is the management expense ratio (MER), which is a percentage of a fund’s assets that goes towards covering the costs of managing and running the fund. The MER can range from a low of 0.05% to a high of 2% per year, depending on the fund. It’s important to keep in mind that a higher MER can eat into the fund’s overall return.

In addition to the MER, mutual funds may also have sales charges, also known as loads. These can include front-end loads, which are fees that are charged when you buy into the fund, and back-end loads, which are fees that are charged when you sell your shares. It’s important to check whether a fund carries a sales load before you invest in it, and you may want to consider investing in no-load or no-transaction-fee funds to avoid these charges.

For beginning investors, mutual funds can be a good option because they offer diversification and professional management, and the fees may be more manageable than the commissions charged when buying individual stocks. Plus, you can usually start investing in a mutual fund with a smaller amount of money compared to what you would need to buy individual stocks.


What Are the Risks of Investing in Stocks?

Investing in stocks involves taking on risk in exchange for the potential to achieve a financial goal in the future. The level of risk can vary, with some types of investments carrying more inherent risk than others. It is important for investors to consider how they can manage risk in order to reach their financial objectives, whether they are short-term or long-term. It is always a possibility that the value of your investment may not increase over time, so it is important to carefully evaluate the risks involved in any investment decision.


How Do Commissions and Fees Work?

Commissions and fees are a common charge among brokers for each trade made by their customers. These fees can range in cost, with some reaching up to around $10 per trade. To minimize expenses, investors often limit the number of trades they make in order to avoid incurring additional commission fees. In addition to commissions, certain investments such as exchange-traded funds may also carry fees to cover the expenses of managing the fund.


The Bottom Line

As a beginner investor, it is possible to invest in stocks even with a small amount of money. However, it is important to do your research and consider factors such as your investment goals, risk tolerance, and the costs associated with investing in stocks and mutual funds. It is also advisable to compare different brokers and choose one that meets your needs and requirements. By taking the time to properly prepare, you can potentially reap the financial rewards that stocks have to offer over the long term.

December 29, 2022

What is the Most Profitable Coin to Trade in 2023


Cryptocurrencies have gained widespread popularity over the past decade, with many people turning to digital assets as an alternative investment option. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, the question on many people’s minds is: which coin is the most profitable to trade in 2023? 

In this article, we will explore the various factors that can impact the profitability of trading different cryptocurrencies, as well as provide some insights into which coins may be worth considering for trading in the coming year. Whether you are a seasoned trader or new to the world of cryptocurrencies, this article will provide valuable information for anyone looking to maximize their profits in the exciting and volatile world of digital assets.

What is the Most Profitable Coin to Trade in 2023

9 Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2023

After researching the digital asset market extensively, we found that the 9 projects below represent the most profitable cryptocurrency to invest in the coming year.

  1. FightOut 
  2. Dash 2 Trade 
  3. RobotEra 
  4. IMPT 
  5. Battle Infinity 
  6. Lucky Block 
  7. Ethereum 
  8. Decentraland 
  9. Dogecoin 

Let’s take a more detailed look at the following profitable coin for 2023:

  • FightOut 

FightOut is a cryptocurrency that aims to reward users for leading an active lifestyle by offering them reward tokens called REPS, which can be redeemed for various perks such as subscriptions, merchandise, and gym memberships. The company is launching its own gyms in major cities around the world, and users can also participate in classes via the FightOut app. The company is also working to sign professional fighters as brand ambassadors and provide masterclass-style training content. Investors who buy FightOut’s $FGHT tokens during the presale will receive bonus tokens based on their investment and vesting period. 

The presale price for $FGHT is $0.016, and FightOut has allocated 90% of its 10 billion token supply to the presale. Once the $FGHT tokens are listed on exchanges in Q1 2023, they have the potential to provide investors with significant profits due to the scarcity of the coins and the increasing demand for them. FightOut has already raised over $2 million in a short period of time, making it a potentially profitable investment for those who act quickly.

  • Dash 2 Trade

The Dash 2 Trade platform is offering a presale of its native cryptocurrency, D2T, with a limited supply of 700 million out of a total of 1 billion tokens. Currently in stage 3 of the presale, D2T is priced at $0.0513 per token, with a predicted increase of 39% to $0.0662 per token by the end of the presale. By purchasing D2T at its current price, investors can access a range of trading tools and features on the Dash 2 Trade dashboard, including technical and social indicators, as well as rankings of upcoming presale projects and alerts for new crypto listings. 

Dash 2 Trade also offers auto-trading features that can be accessed through a monthly subscription of 400 D2T for the starter package or 1,000 D2T for the Premium package. The Premium package currently costs $50, but this price is expected to increase to $62 by the end of the presale. So far, the presale has raised over $6 million.

  • RobotEra 

The RobotEra game project, launched in November, offers multiple revenue streams through its native token, TARO. This play-to-earn game allows players and holders to generate profits in various ways, and the TARO coin is currently on presale for a low price. The first stage of the presale is offering the coin for $0.02, with the price increasing to $0.025 in the second stage and $0.032 in the third and final stage. This means that early investors have the potential to earn up to 60% returns on their investment before TARO is listed on any exchanges, with LBank being a likely destination for its initial exchange offering.

In the RobotEra ecosystem, players can earn TARO by rebuilding the damaged Taro planet, mining minerals, cultivating sacred trees, and adding assets to their metaverse plots of land. The game also rewards players for creating and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and players can submit original works for museum display. In addition, RobotEra allows players to earn a passive income by staking their coins, which is important for restoring Taro according to the RobotEra whitepaper.

Only 15% of the total TARO supply (270 million out of 1.8 billion tokens) is allocated to the presale, so investors should consider purchasing TARO now. 

  • IMPT

IMPT is a profitable crypto project which had a successful start by raising over $12 million in less than a month since launching its presale. Currently in its second stage, tokens are being sold for $0.023, after originally being sold for $0.018. During the third and final stage of the presale, the price of IMPT tokens will increase to $0.028, a 22% increase from the current price and a 55% increase from the first stage.

In addition to profits, IMPT also offers investors the opportunity to receive tokens as rewards for shopping at retailers that are focused on reducing their carbon footprint and making positive environmental contributions. IMPT has established partnerships with numerous organizations that are working to combat climate change. Through the use of IMPT’s social feature, investors and businesses can also track and monitor their own carbon emissions.

  • Battle Infinity 

Battle Infinity is a cryptocurrency that is expected to be highly profitable for traders in 2023. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the value of the Battle Infinity token has not decreased significantly during the bear market. In fact, the token has recently been launched and has experienced strong early growth.

The IBAT presale sold out in just 24 days, raising approximately $5 million. After being listed on PancakeSwap and LBank, the coin’s market cap reached $40 million.

IBAT can be traded on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, as well as on the Battle Infinity DEX. There is also a Battle Infinity marketplace where players can trade in-game NFTs that they have earned or purchased. Long-term investors may consider staking their IBAT tokens within the Battle Infinity ecosystem to generate a good return on investment.

As awareness of the project grows and more exchanges list IBAT, the token is expected to experience further growth and bring strong returns for investors.

  • Lucky Block 

Lucky Block is a cryptocurrency that has gained attention for its successful presale campaign in early 2022, which resulted in gains of over 6,000% within a month of launching. However, the market has since corrected and Lucky Block has dipped with the rest of the crypto market. Lucky Block positions itself as an NFT competition platform, offering players the chance to win significant prizes such as a Lamborghini, $1 million worth of Bitcoin, a $1 million property, a luxurious vacation, and VIP tickets to the FIFA World Cup. 

Lucky Block has recently released its LBLOCK V2 coins, an ERC-20 token that allows for easier listing on centralized exchanges and reduces the transaction fee of the V1 token. The CEO, Scott Ryder, has also announced that a 1% monthly burn of the coin will be implemented starting September 30, reducing the overall supply of LBLOCK. LBLOCK can currently be purchased on popular exchanges such as MEXC and LBANK, with more listings in the works.

  • Ethereum 

Ethereum is a well-known cryptocurrency that has a multi-billion dollar market capitalization. Despite this, it could still be a profitable option for investing. When Ethereum held its initial coin offering in 2014, it sold its ETH tokens for slightly over $0.30. In late 2021, Ethereum reached an all-time high of nearly $5,000, resulting in gains of more than 1.6 million percent. While it is unlikely that Ethereum will experience similar gains again, the potential for growth is still high. In the short to medium term, Ethereum seems to have established a base at the $1,500 level. If Ethereum regains its previous all-time high, this would offer an upside of about 230%. There are several positive aspects to the future of this project. 

Currently, there are thousands of ERC-20 tokens that have been built on the Ethereum platform, indicating that Ethereum is often the preferred blockchain for new tokens. Some examples of successful ERC-20 tokens include Shiba Inu, Decentraland, and Uniswap. In addition, Ethereum will eventually transition to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which is expected to significantly reduce transaction fees and make Ethereum more appealing for new projects. The proof-of-stake upgrade will also increase Ethereum’s scalability, with a target of 100,000 transactions per second.

  • Decentraland 

Decentraland is a virtual world built on blockchain technology that allows users to explore immersive experiences, socialize with others, and engage in activities such as virtual concerts and casinos. The platform allows users to purchase virtual land within the Decentraland metaverse, represented by unique NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain, which can be stored in a crypto wallet or traded on an online marketplace. Some market commentators believe that Decentraland has the potential to be a highly profitable cryptocurrency to invest in, particularly for those interested in metaverse coins. Decentraland’s native token, MANA, is currently trading at a price that is 85% lower than its all-time high, making it a potentially attractive investment opportunity.

  • Dogecoin

To become a profitable investment, a cryptocurrency often needs to generate significant buzz. With over 20,000 tokens currently in circulation according to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency market is very crowded. One cryptocurrency that may be worth paying attention to is Dogecoin, which has a large online following. Dogecoin was launched in 2013 and was trading at just $0.0002 per token at the time. 

In early 2021, the value of Dogecoin soared after it was endorsed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk through a series of tweets. The token peaked at $0.74 later that year, resulting in a massive increase in value of nearly 370,000% compared to its 2013 price. Tesla recently sold 75% of its Bitcoin holdings to raise capital, but did not sell any of its Dogecoin. At the moment, Dogecoin is trading at a discount of over 90% compared to its high of $0.74, making it an attractive option for those looking to join the Dogecoin hype.


How Do I Select the Most Profitable Cryptocurrency?

Selecting the most profitable cryptocurrency can be a difficult task, especially since many cryptocurrencies have experienced significant price fluctuations since the beginning of the bear market. However, there are a few strategies you can use to help identify potentially profitable cryptocurrencies. 

Here are some of the factors you need to consider in other to choose the most profitable cryptocurrency:

  • Project Concept and Roadmap

One key factor to consider when looking for the most profitable cryptocurrency is the underlying concept and roadmap of the project. A good example of this is Bitcoin, which was the first decentralized payment system using blockchain technology when it was created in 2009. Since then, it has gained widespread adoption and even reached a market capitalization of over $1 trillion. Another example is Dash 2 Trade, which aims to build a platform to help cryptocurrency traders and investors maximize their returns. It is also crucial to research the project’s roadmap to see if it is on track to achieve its goals as outlined in the original whitepaper.

  • Focus on Projects With a Huge Discounted Price

Another great strategy for finding potentially profitable cryptocurrencies is to look for strong projects that have experienced a significant drop in value due to bear market conditions. For instance, Ethereum was trading at nearly $5,000 before the bear market hit, and although prices have partially recovered, Ethereum reached lows of around $1,000 in the first half of 2022. If the token were to return to its previous highs, those who purchased Ethereum at this lower price could potentially see a medium-term return of around 400%.

  • Review the Number of Token Holders

One way to identify potentially profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in is to evaluate the number of individual wallets that hold the token. A large number of holders may indicate a strong and active community around the project, which can increase its exposure and potential for success. 

On the other hand, a cryptocurrency with a high market capitalization but only a small number of holders may be controlled by a select group of people, such as the development team or a few large investors (known as “whales”). It may be advisable to avoid investing in these types of projects. An example of a cryptocurrency with a large number of holders is Shiba Inu, which has over 1 million individual token holders and a significant online following.


When is the Best time to Buy a Cryptocurrency? 

When looking to maximize profits from cryptocurrency investments, it is important to consider not only the most promising cryptocurrency to buy, but also the best timing for the purchase. Here are some factors to consider when deciding when to buy cryptocurrency for the highest profit:

  • Presales

One of the most effective ways to buy cryptocurrency for maximum gains is to participate in a presale. Presales allow newly launched cryptocurrency projects to raise capital from investors in exchange for discounted prices on their native tokens. For example, Ethereum’s fundraising campaign in 2014 offered ETH at just $0.30 for early investors. Currently, some promising presale opportunities include Battle Infinity and Tamadoge.

  • Bear markets

Another good time to buy cryptocurrency for potential high gains is during an extended bear market. Even the most solid projects with strong fundamentals can see the value of their tokens decline significantly during bear markets, which often affects all cryptocurrency tokens. This can provide an opportunity to build a portfolio of high-quality crypto tokens at an attractive entry price.

  • Market corrections

Market corrections differ from bear markets in that they are typically shorter-lived. A market correction occurs when a cryptocurrency has experienced a prolonged upward trend and investors are looking to sell their gains. However, after a correction, the cryptocurrency may continue its bullish trajectory. For example, after a correction in September 2021, Bitcoin went on to reach new all-time highs of over $68,000, providing potential gains of over 65% for those who entered the market during the correction.


Bottom Line 

Predicting the most profitable coin to trade in 2023 can seem like a difficult task due to the volatile and constantly changing nature of the cryptocurrency market. However, if you take the right factors into consideration, your chances of trading a profitable coin will greatly increased. Also keep in mind that trading Cryptocurrencies comes with a certain level of risk. Therefore, set your maximum risk level as you trade. 

December 29, 2022

How to invest in Cryptocurrencies | Complete Guide 

Welcome to our complete guide on how to invest in cryptocurrencies. In recent years, the world of cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity, with Bitcoin and other digital assets becoming household names. As more and more people look to get involved in the world of cryptocurrency, it’s important to have a solid understanding of how to invest in these digital assets. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of investing in cryptocurrency, including the different types of cryptocurrencies available, the risks and potential rewards of investing, and practical tips for getting started. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced investor, this guide will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about investing in cryptocurrency.


What is a Cryptocurrency? 

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for it’s security and is always decentralized. This means that, it cannot be controlled by a central authority such as a government or financial institution. Cryptocurrencies are based on a distributed ledger technology called a blockchain, which is a decentralized and transparent record of transactions that is maintained by a network of computers on the internet.

How to invest in Cryptocurrencies Complete Guide

There are many different cryptocurrencies available, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Each cryptocurrency has its own set of rules and features, and they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as making purchases, transferring money, and storing value. Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in recent years due to their decentralized nature and the potential for fast and cheap transactions. However, they are also subject to significant price volatility and regulatory uncertainty.


5 Tips For Investing in Cryptocurrency

If you are considering investing in cryptocurrency, there are a few important things to keep in mind.

  • Understand what you are investing in

Make sure you thoroughly understand the investment case for each cryptocurrency you are considering. Keep in mind that many cryptocurrencies are not backed by hard assets or cash flow, like stocks can be. This means that their value may depend on the market becoming more optimistic about the asset, rather than the asset generating profits.

  • Remember that past performance does not guarantee future results 

Just because a cryptocurrency has increased in value in the past does not mean it will continue to do so in the future. Focus on what will drive future returns, rather than looking at past performance.

  • Be aware of volatility

The prices of cryptocurrencies can be very volatile, and they can drop quickly based on rumors or other factors. This volatility can be challenging for new investors, who may not have the skills or resources to execute trades rapidly or understand market trends.

  • Manage your risk

If you are trading cryptocurrency on a short-term basis, it is important to have a risk management plan in place. This can include setting strict rules for when to sell, only using a portion of your trading money at a time, and diversifying your portfolio.

  • Do your research

Make sure to thoroughly research the cryptocurrencies you are considering investing in, and be wary of scams or unproven projects. Look for reputable sources of information, and consider seeking the guidance of a financial advisor or professional.


How to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

There are a few steps you can take to invest in cryptocurrency:

  1. Choose a cryptocurrency exchange: There are many different exchanges where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Some popular crypto exchange options include Coinbase, Binance, Paxful, and Kraken. Choose an exchange that is reputable and has a good track record of security.
  2. Create an account: Once you have chosen an exchange, you will need to create an account and go through the process of verifying your identity. This may involve providing your personal information and proof of identity.
  3. Transfer funds: Most exchanges will allow you to transfer funds from your bank account or credit card so that you can buy cryptocurrencies.
  4. Choose a cryptocurrency: Decide which cryptocurrency you want to invest in. Some popular cryptocurrencies options include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
  5. Place an order: Once you have chosen a cryptocurrency and transferred funds to your account, you can place an order to buy the cryptocurrency at a specified price.
  6. Store your cryptocurrency: After you have purchased cryptocurrency, it is important to store it securely. Some exchanges offer a built-in wallet for storing your cryptocurrencies, but you may also choose to store your cryptocurrencies on a separate hardware wallet for added security.

It is important to note that investing in cryptocurrency carries risks, and you should thoroughly research and carefully consider your options before making any investments.


Other ways to invest in Crypto 

There are several alternative ways to invest in cryptocurrency beyond buying the coins directly. These include:

  1. Crypto futures: These allow you to speculate on the future price of cryptocurrencies, using leverage to potentially generate large returns or losses. However, the market for crypto futures is highly volatile and can be risky.
  2. Crypto funds: Crypto funds, such as the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, allow you to invest in a basket of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, through a fund-like product.
  3. Crypto exchange or broker stocks: You can also invest in companies that are poised to profit from the rise of cryptocurrency, such as Coinbase or Robinhood. These companies generate a significant portion of their revenues from crypto trading.
  4. Blockchain ETFs: Blockchain ETFs allow you to invest in companies that may benefit from the adoption of blockchain technology. These ETFs provide exposure to publicly traded companies in the space, but it’s important to note that these companies often do more than just crypto-related business, meaning your exposure to cryptocurrency may be diluted.

It’s important to carefully consider the risk and potential returns of each investment option before deciding which one is right for you.


How Much Do I Need to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency? 

To start investing in cryptocurrency, you may need as little as a few dollars. Many cryptocurrency exchanges and trading apps have minimum trade amounts ranging from $5 to $10. However, it’s important to consider that some trading platforms may charge high fees for small investments, so it’s important to look for a broker or exchange that offers low fees. 

Some brokers may claim to be “free,” but they may still charge fees called spread mark-ups in the price of your cryptocurrency. It’s important to carefully research and compare different options to find the one that best meets your needs and minimizes your fees.



Investing in cryptocurrencies can be a potentially lucrative opportunity, but it also comes with its fair share of risks. It is important to thoroughly research and understand the cryptocurrency market before making any investments. It is also important to keep track of market trends and developments, as the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and subject to rapid changes. As with any investment, it is crucial to only invest what you can afford to lose and to consult with a financial advisor or professional before making any investment decisions.

December 29, 2022

How to Start Investing in Nigeria | Best Investing Tips for 2023

Are you looking to start investing in Nigeria but don’t know where to begin? Investing can be a great way to grow your wealth and secure your financial future, but it can also be intimidating if you’re not sure where to start. That’s why it is extremely crucial to get the right information and tips before starting any investment. 

In this article, we will provide you with the best investing tips for 2023 to help you get started on your investing journey in Nigeria. We will cover a range of topics, including the different types of investments available, how to choose the right investments for your needs, and how to manage your portfolio for maximum success. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned investor, this article will provide you with the information and resources you need to make informed investing decisions in Nigeria.

How to Start Investing in Nigeria Best Investing Tips for 2023

How to Start Investing in Nigeria

Starting to invest can seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some steps you can take to get started:

  1. Determine your investment goals: What do you want to achieve with your investments? Do you want to save for retirement, a down payment on a home, or some other financial goal? Knowing your goals will help you determine the right investments for you.
  2. Evaluate your risk tolerance: Investing involves some level of risk, and it’s important to choose investments that are appropriate for your comfort level. Consider your personal circumstances, such as your age, financial situation, and investment horizon, to determine your risk tolerance.
  3. Develop a diversified portfolio: Diversification is a key principle of investing, which means spreading your money across a variety of investments to reduce risk. A diversified portfolio can include a mix of assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  4. Determine your investment budget: Decide how much you can afford to invest on a regular basis. This could be a set amount each month or a percentage of your income.
  5. Choose an investment account: There are several types of investment accounts to choose from, including individual retirement accounts (IRAs), employer-sponsored 401(k) plans, and taxable brokerage accounts. Consider factors such as fees, account minimums, and tax implications when selecting an account.
  6. Research and select investments: Once you have an investment account set up, it’s time to choose the specific investments you want to make. This can involve research and analysis of different investment options, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs. It’s generally a good idea to consult with a financial advisor or professional before making any investment decisions.
  7. Monitor and review your investments: It’s important to regularly review your investment portfolio to ensure that it aligns with your goals and risk tolerance. Be prepared to make adjustments as needed to ensure that your portfolio remains well-balanced and aligned with your long-term financial objectives.


Where to invest in Nigeria

Here are some of the best investment options available in Nigeria: 

  • Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are investment vehicles that allow individuals to pool their money together to be managed by professional fund managers and invested in a variety of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and money market instruments.

  • Corporate Bonds

A corporate bond is a type of debt security issued by a corporation in order to raise capital. When an investor buys a corporate bond, they are lending money to the issuing corporation in exchange for interest payments and the return of principal at a later date. Corporate bonds generally have a fixed term, during which the issuer makes regular interest payments to the bondholder, and a fixed maturity date, at which the issuer repays the principal amount of the bond.

  • Plastic Recycling 

Plastic recycling involves collecting, sorting, and processing plastic waste into new products. Nigeria generates a large amount of plastic waste and has a significant impact on global plastic pollution. One solution could be to collect plastic waste and sell it to companies that use it as raw material or to process the plastic into new products.

  • Individual Stocks

Individual stocks represent ownership in a public company. When you invest in an individual stock, you are buying a percentage of ownership in that company. It carries some risk but also has the potential for high rewards. It is important to invest for the long term and to understand the company you are investing in.

  • Real Estate 

Real estate refers to property or assets that include land and structures built on it. There are various ways to invest in real estate, such as through property rental, house flipping, real estate investment groups, or online platforms. It is often possible to make a down payment on a property and pay off the balance over time, with interest.

  • Treasury Bills 

Treasury bills, also known as T-Bills, are short-term securities issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria when the government needs to borrow money. They have a maximum maturity of 364 days and are considered low-risk investments.

  • Fixed Deposits (FD)

Fixed deposits are investments where the depositor’s money is locked for a certain amount of time, usually at least 30 days. The length of the deposit determines the interest rate, and interest can be paid either on a cumulative basis, where it is compounded quarterly and paid upon maturity, or on a non-cumulative basis, where it is paid monthly or quarterly until maturity.

  • Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry in Nigeria presents opportunities for investors to make a profit, but it is a complex sector that requires expert knowledge, financial resources, and significant paperwork. There are various ways to invest in the oil and gas industry, such as through energy ETFs and mutual funds or by purchasing stocks in an oil and gas company.

  • FGN Saving Bonds 

FGN Savings Bonds are backed by the Federal Government of Nigeria and are considered a safe investment with no default risk. They are also exempt from state and local taxes. They can be purchased through stock brokers on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

  • Mining 

The mining industry in Nigeria includes a range of minerals, such as coal, iron ore, limestone, bitumen, gold, and others. It is a capital-intensive industry that requires significant resources to invest, but it also has the potential for high returns.

  • Agriculture 

Agricultural investments can include anything from farming to food processing. Nigeria has a large and diverse agricultural sector, with opportunities for investment in areas such as livestock, crops, and agribusiness. It is important to have a solid understanding of the specific area of agriculture in which you are investing and to be prepared for potential challenges such as weather and market fluctuations.


Things to consider before investing in Nigeria

Investing in Nigeria can be a challenging task due to the country’s economic instability and fluctuations in inflation and exchange rates. Therefore, it is important to consider the following factors before making any investment decisions:

  1. Risk tolerance: Understand your own risk tolerance level in order to choose an investing approach that is suitable for you.
  2. Financial goals: If you are saving for the future or retirement, consider long-term investments that align with your financial goals.
  3. Economy: Make sure to thoroughly research and invest in necessary companies and commodities rather than simply following what others may consider lucrative.
  4. Steady source of income: It is important to have a stable source of income in Nigeria before considering investment options, especially for investments that carry higher levels of risk.
  5. Diversification: Diversifying your investments is a good way to reduce risk, so consider spreading your investments across different sectors and asset classes.



Investing in Nigeria can be a lucrative and rewarding opportunity for those who are willing to do their due diligence and carefully consider their options. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner, it is important to have a clear understanding of your financial goals and the risks and rewards associated with different types of investments. With careful planning and a long-term approach, you can build a solid foundation for your financial success in Nigeria.

December 21, 2022



Are you looking for ways to make your workspace more interesting?

Working can be tedious, whether you’re working from home or a physical office location. Another thing they share in common is the fact that you would have an allocated working space whether you are working on-site or virtually. 

With your tedious work, it wouldn’t make sense not to have an exciting workspace. And, irrespective of your job role, we can say there is no ‘easy’ job. Therefore, we urge people to do things within their power to spice up their office space. 

It’s normal for us to have people giggling when we tell them that they can spice up their office space. But, then, they ask us how it is possible. 

This article focuses on things you can get or do that would bring life to your working space. Life is too short to have a dull workspace, and we are here to help you spice it up. When you do this, you’ll see that you look forward to being in your office space more, making you more productive. 

Not to worry, the things we would highlight are easy things you can do or get, as we are not out to wreck your pockets or bank accounts.  


How To Spice Up Your Workspace 


Most times, the issue isn’t that it’s hard to spice up your office space, but people never find the zeal to make this happen. So, there is that narrative that it can be expensive to set up your workspace to make it more interesting. However, allow us to tell you that it is false, as we will highlight some things needed to make this happen. 


Some things you can do to spice up your workspace include: 


  • Go green: You often hear people talking about having a green environment and the need to go green. Even the government encourages the need for a green environment. Now, do you think they are saying this for only talking sake? Of course not! There is the understanding that you get a particular form of energy from going green as it makes the environment more vibrant. 

As it concerns your office space, you can spice it up by getting miniature plants and using them as decorations on your work table and other openings within your work area. These plants have a way of spreading positive energy that keeps you going as you work. They also help to ensure that your workspace isn’t bland. 

You can also get flowers to make it more interesting. Do you have a favorite flower? You can get them within your confines instead of only fantasizing about them. These flowers will uplift your spirit when you behold them, and work becomes more fun for you. After all, they are your favorite flowers, and there is a reason why you love them. The goal is to be happy while doing your job, and having a personalized workspace can make it possible. 

  • Paint your space: Everyone would agree that life is too short to deal with boring walls. Imagine your office space painted white or a dull yellow. These are the typical colors you would see in a work area. Why not spice things up by painting your room with your favorite colors?

Everyone has a favorite color, right? So therefore, you would identify these colors, get the corresponding paint, and use them for your work area. It may seem like a minor or insignificant action, but it goes a long way in spicing up your office space and making you livelier. 

Some people may even go the extra mile and want to do a color splash on the wall. There is nothing wrong with letting out the inner child in you. Once you do this, you will see the instant transformation in your work area as everywhere becomes more vibrant, which also plays out in your work. 

However, if you decide to stick with dull colors, you will see that you will lose any enthusiasm to do any work. Instead of working, you would always want to doze off in that space. So colors play a huge role in boosting work enthusiasm. 

  • Have a snacks corner: What do you think about snacking while working? Some people say it’s one of their favorite ways to work. Thus, having a snack corner in your office isn’t out of place. Whether you work from home or the office, you can always create a small area that would serve as your snack corner. Here, you get to arrange all your favorite snacks and munch on them whenever you feel peckish while working. 

It’s normal to initially feel doubtful about having a snacks corner in your working space. Some people would even argue and ask if it’s ethical to be snacking while working or if it wouldn’t make them unproductive. 

We’ve also encountered people who say that snacking while working helps them avoid dozing off. After all, you need food to refuel your energy while working, and your snacks corner does the work for you. If you have to work from a physical location, you will see that your snack corner will always attract your colleagues to your corner as they would also want to feast on your snacks. We haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t love having snacks. Thus, it is best to have a snack corner as it can also improve productivity. 


  • Get a cozy couch: Typically, you would have a work table in your office. But where do you get to relax when it’s your break time? We often see people working from the start of business to the close of work without taking a break. We can see you dipping your head while reading this; as you know, it isn’t a healthy practice. So, why are you doing it? 

It’s one thing to want to remain in your office space during work hours, but it’s another to stay there without taking a break. Even companies ensure their employees have between 30 minutes and one-hour breaks daily. So, why should you not take a break? When it’s time to have your break, it is wrong to have it by remaining on your work table. Instead, it would be best to have a relaxing couch where you can stay for this break. You can stay on the couch and scroll through your phone, watch TV, eat, etc. It doesn’t matter what you do on the sofa as you can even sleep. What matters is that you are relaxed and more comfortable than you would have been if you had remained at your work table.  

  • Invest in artwork: One of the best and most popular ways to spice up your office space is by investing in paintings. It should be a no-brainer as it is one of the ways that individuals and organizations have incorporated for a long time. You will see varieties of artworks when you step into any company if you are observant. 

However, the idea isn’t to buy generic artwork because you want to spice up your work area. Getting paintings should be intentional, as it is best to get relatable artworks that can help personalize your space. 

Understandably, some people are not fans of artworks. If you are under this category, it is okay if you do not want to get any artwork for your office area. But if you are a fan of artworks, you should invest in getting some of the paintings you enjoy seeing every day. Yes, it is best to remember that this artwork would constantly be in your space. Therefore, you shouldn’t get something you’d get bored of in no time. 

The whole idea is for your working space to be more vibrant and inspire you as you do your work. 

  • Get creative with affirmation notes: Some people often have them around their office space. Yes, we agree that it is one of the ways to spice up your office area. These people say that looking at these affirmation notes helps them forge ahead with the work and keeps them focused. 

However, we’ve seen that most people go about getting affirmation notes the wrong way. One would typically go and download some inspirational phrases from the internet, print them out, and have them around their workspace. If you do this, you are killing the aim of spicing up the space, as you would get bored in no time. The idea here is that you are getting something generic that you’ve always known. So, you wouldn’t be interested in always looking at these notes. 

Therefore, we advise people to always be creative with their affirmation notes. The first step could be to print these notes on fine paper appealing to the eyes. Then, you could get colorful cards and print them on them. 

The messaging on these cards should also be unique, something you would always want to read for inspiration. Once you’ve hacked this, you will be happy to always look at your affirmation notes while you work. 


  • Have a speaker: Nothing is more fun than having a speaker while working. This way, you can have some of your favorite tunes blaring from the speakers and keep yourself going. 

It is one thing to have a speaker, but another to have a unique work playlist. Some people think having a playlist isn’t necessary, but we disagree with this claim. You should have a work playlist if you’re looking for how to get yourself into the work spirit daily. 

Your work playlist is sure to keep you going anytime you feel down or lazy about work, and your speaker helps to make it possible. If you’re in doubt, compare your work productivity on days you work with music and when you work without music. Then, you will see that our view about working with music is correct. 

In addition, we also urge that you do not get speakers and leave them as decorative materials. Instead, your speaker should be used when you get them, or else the aim of having it is defeated. 

The goal is to spice up your office space, which should translate into being more productive, and having a speaker makes that possible. 

  • Get fancy picture frames: Do you like to have pictures of yourself or your family and friends while working? If yes, you would need to have picture frames that help keep these pictures in place. 

It could be small frames that can stay on your table or be hung on the wall. It depends on your preference and the size of the pictures. However, irrespective of your choice, you must ensure that these frames are fancy. 

It wouldn’t make sense to have amazing pictures placed on ugly frames. It wouldn’t be less appealing to look at the pictures, and you would begin to wonder why you have them in your space. The picture frame used for a picture goes a long way in enhancing that picture. 

Therefore, you need to get fancy picture frames that will leave a smile on your face whenever you look at them. One of the key things to having a productive workday is being happy and having a smile on as you work. Looking at amazing photos that are on fancy picture frames does this magic. So, get one of those fancy frames today!


  • Have a whiteboard: It wouldn’t be surprising that you are wondering about the essence of having a whiteboard in a work environment. We often had the same thoughts until we interacted with those who had whiteboards in their office space. These people told us that they are times when they encounter brain blocks while working. And the whiteboard helped them to scribble random things that came to mind and would later be helpful when the brain block goes away. They added that when they get bored while working, they can also use the whiteboard as a distraction to draw or do anything on it. 

After getting this clarity, we began to see the whiteboard from another perspective, and we agree that having a whiteboard can spice up your office space. Aside from how it helps to boost work productivity, it also serves as a great aesthetic and adds to the work environment. There could be times when you have to take a picture and look for an excellent outlay. Believe it or not, your whiteboard would come in handy at that moment to serve as your desired outlay. 

One cannot emphasize the essence of having a whiteboard in your workspace. 


  • Have games: Gaming is one of the ways to spice up any environment, and your workspace is not an exception. So, you should not be surprised to see a PS5 in someone’s office space. After all, one has to get busy during break time, and they need to do something that wouldn’t be work-related. 

They say that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You always need to do things that help you relax, and you can relax by playing games. It could be board games or a Rubix cube on your table. Not only do these games help you relax, but they also help improve mental wellness. People would appreciate your workspace better when they see that you have games that can keep you occupied during your free time. Understandably, getting games for your office space may have skipped your mind. However, this should be your cue to stock up your office space with enjoyable games like you would stock up your snack corner. 

Now, you would look forward to being in your office space the most and enjoy every moment you spend in that space. 


It’s never a bad idea to think about pimping up your office space and making it look vibrant. After all, you spend hours in that space, and it helps to boost your productivity. 

You can purchase some of the things we mentioned on Kusnap, one of the leading e-commerce stores in Nigeria. 

Spice up your office space today for more productive work hours!

December 21, 2022



From the outside, it may look easy to run a business. But when you decide to create your startup business, you realize that running a business is one of the hardest things to do. It isn’t just about having a company; you must also sustain the business. 

Are you a business owner? We often interact with business owners and see that they are looking for some validation. They open up to share their fears and worries about the business. Because of how overwhelming handling business operations can get, they wonder if they are doing it right or should shut down the business. 

First, we assure them they even made a bold move to start the business. Then, we help these business owners analyze the said business and give them some pointers that help them know if they’re doing it right. 

Aside from the business owners, we interact with, many others might not know if they are doing something right or wrong. So if you’re a business owner looking for validation, we’ve compiled a list of signs that shows you are handling the business well. 

If you can get a positive check on these signs, you should give yourself a break and take a breather, which means that you are on the right path. In no particular order, below are 15 signs that you’re doing well as a business owner. 


How To Know You’re Doing Well As A Business Owner 

Here are some things that might happen to let you know that you’re doing great as a business owner:

  • You have gotten back your capital, and you’re making profits: One needs to get funding before starting a business, and this funding is known as capital. Some people may have this money handy, while others may need to borrow the money. Whatever the case, you would need to replace the capital eventually. 

Once your business starts running, it needs to bring in money to replace the capital. So, if you’ve started making profits from your company and already returned the capital, you’re doing good as a business owner. 

Sadly, some people complain of slow business operations and struggle to return the capital even years after the business has started running. If you struggle to get your initial funding back years after the company has begun, it means you are running at a loss and need to change your business strategy. 

  • People recommend your products and services to others: One of the best feelings a business person enjoys is when they have people referring their products and services to others. In marketing, we’ve understood that word-of-mouth advertising goes a long way as it fosters trust. Typically, a person wouldn’t refer your product or service to another person if they do not trust it. When a person engages in referrals, they put their name on the line. So when it happens, it means they trust your brand to a great extent and believe you will not disappoint. 

Therefore, seeing that people are recommending your products and services to others, especially in your absence, shows that you have put tremendous work into building your brand. In addition, it proves that people have tried your business and you have efficiently delivered. So, yes, that is a big plus and shows that you and the company are excelling.  

  • You are constantly working on new solutions: What do you do in your spare time? A good business owner utilizes their spare time to think up methods and strategies that would help boost and elevate their brand. 

Finding yourself thinking up new solutions in your spare time shows that you are on an excellent path. Furthermore, it proves that you have your customers in mind and want to serve them better. 

It could be that you have researched and noticed a pain point of your target audience. Now, you are on the path of ensuring that you come up with a solution for their problem that aligns with what you already do as a brand. 

A typical business owner should be a critical thinker, which is what would help you excel as a business. The new solutions that you come up with could be what would help boost your brand above competitors.  

  • Other businesses look up to you: Do you often get other business owners coming to you to ask questions? Understandably, you might initially feel sketchy about it, especially if they are competing brands. But when you look at it from another angle, it could be that they admire the work and effort you have put into building your brand and take you as a mentor. 

Undoubtedly, most business owners are proud and wouldn’t want to admit that they are at fault. So, it is a big deal when a business owner comes to meet you for advice. Although you would not disclose all your business secrets, you can help give them pointers to things to do that can be beneficial to your business. 

When you see that other businesses look up to your brand, you need to know that they’ve taken you as a thought leader in that industry and are huge fans of what you do.  

  • You believe in flexibility: Believe it or not, business owners are some of the most stubborn people you would meet in life. If you’re a business owner reading this, we know that your guns are out, and you’re about to argue. 

But think of this…

Are you always open to taking advice from others? 

Business owners would often instead do what is on their minds than accept what people tell them to do. It is only when their desired option fails that they consider what others are saying. However, this is a wrong approach to things as there is always sense in every nonsense. Even if you do not rate what the other person is saying, it is best to analyze it and pick the positive angle that you can get from it. 

If you notice that you’re becoming more flexible with your thought process and ready to accept advice from others, it shows growth as a business owner.  

  • You are obsessed with your customers: You are nowhere as a business if you do not have customers. Now, imagine you have pumped money into running a business, and you do not have customers patronizing your products and services for over three months. Of course, you would feel sad about it and even consider shutting down the business. 

Some business owners are lucky to have regular customers, but sadly they are not obsessed with their customers. It makes us wonder why they are careless, as these customers are the foundation of their business. 

As a business owner, one of your top priorities should be your customers. Therefore, you must do everything you can to retain these customers. It is one thing to get customers and another to have them constantly patronizing your products and services.  

  • You have a reliable network: We are sure that you always hear people talking about having a great network and how your network is your net worth. Having a reliable network is like having a unique support system. These people would be there to hold your hand when you are going astray. 

Understandably, there would be downtimes for your business. In these moments, you would consider closing down the company as it is taking a toll on you. However, your network can help you and your business bounce back. Your network would be there to provide you with the help you might not have had at that moment. One of your pillars as a business owner is your network, and once you have a reliable network, you are doing great.

  • Your employees speak highly of the business: Did you know that your employees can make or mar your business? As much as you need to pay attention to your customers, it would be best if you also cared for your employees. If you didn’t know, your employees are your internal customers and play a significant role in the organization’s running. 

What do your employees say when they interact with others about your business? If your employees speak highly of your business outside, it means you have won, and you’re doing well as a business owner. 

Sadly, some business employees only have good things to say about that business when the employer is around. But if your employees can praise your business in your absence, you are on a great path. 

  • You have a curious mindset: People would often say that curiosity killed the cat. But is it always wrong to have a curious attitude? 

We have seen that people with curious mindsets always go on to do and achieve great things. It is your curious mindset that can take you from basic to exceptional. When you encounter an issue, you need that curiosity to help you dig deeper and get to the root of the problem. Else, you may be coming up with a solution that isn’t useful. 

So, you can see that having a curious mindset isn’t always bad. But instead, what matters is how you apply your curiosity. Thus, it would be best if you use your curiosity in a way that is helpful to both you and your business. 

  • Your business appears on the first page of search engines: One of the greatest and biggest wins for any company would be when their business appears on the first page of search engines. So, when people search for things that relate to your business industry on search engines like Google or Bing, your business website should be one of the first to appear. 

It can only be possible if your website is search engine optimized. So we always tell business owners not to joke about owning a business and ensuring that it is SEO-optimized. 

Typically, when people search for things on search engines, they would not want to go past the first page of the search results. Thus, it would be best if you strived to ensure that your website appears on this first page. If you can make this happen, you will get more visibility which would later translate to sales, and it shows you are doing good, and you can pat yourself on the back. 


  • You can bounce back from hurdles: Life itself doesn’t come without limitations. You are sure to fall along the way while running your business. However, what matters is your ability to bounce back from these hurdles. 

Some people say you should make lemonades when life throws lemons at you. So, what do you do when you encounter challenges and difficulties? Are you one to run away from challenges? Are you the type to shut down the business once hurdles set in? 

If you are such a person, you still have a long way to go as a business owner. However, if you have that unique ability to keep it moving even when challenges arise, you are doing well as a business owner. Everyone, especially business owners, needs a resilient spirit for more success.  

  • You do not desire the easy way out: We often hear people say they are looking for a life of ease. Today’s generation would say that they want a ‘soft life.’ It isn’t far-fetched to have such desires. However, a business owner needs to understand that you have to face rigors when handling a business. 

Running a business isn’t the rosiest feat. When you are consistent, it eventually gets easier. However, it would be best to put in the initial work for things to make things easier later. 

As a business owner, you must never run away from stress. It would be best if you had a mentality that keeps it going, irrespective of how difficult it gets. If you are looking for the easy way out, you are not ready to keep your business running. But when you can face difficulties, you are overqualified as a business owner.  

  • Your business is your passion: Why did you start your business? Are you running a business because you believe it is the easiest way to make money? Or, are you doing it because your friends are also business owners and you want to feel included? 

If you have any of these attitudes, then you are going astray from the right mindset you need to keep your business running. Anyone who runs a company should be passionate about it, as that is the only way you can keep coming up with solutions for your target audience and keep your customers happy. 

Your business should be your passion, as that also gives you the energy to keep going. You should treat your business the way you would care for a baby.   

  • You do not fear taking risks: If you have read the book ‘Take The Risk’ by Ben Carson, you would not only get to know about his life story, but you would see that most of his successes are attributed to the fact that he took risks. It is a source of inspiration to many people, and we know it would also be handy for business owners. 

There is no reason why you should be scared of taking risks as a business owner. Yes, you may have your initial doubts. However, the worst that could happen is failing at the task and learning from it. But if you shy away from taking the risk, you will keep questioning yourself on what the outcome could have been. Thus, a business owner must not shy away from taking risks. 

  • You’re result-oriented: The idea shouldn’t be to have a business but to ensure that the company has an impact. As a business owner, you should be focused on ensuring that the strategies and plans you have for the business should be result-oriented. 

Sadly, we see that some business owners copy strategies from other businesses and only want to tick the box that they’ve done something. They are not concerned about making an impact which should be the core of a business. 

It wouldn’t make sense to spend money, time, and other resources on some execution strategies that wouldn’t be result-oriented. Thus, all business owners should be result-oriented in all they do. Once you have this mindset, you will see that your brain will also think up strategies on things that can boost your company, and you will always see opportunities in anything that arises. 




Some of the frequent questions we get from business owners are:


How will you know if your business is doing well?


You will know that your business is doing well when you have people talking about your business and how it’s making an impact. It also counts as a plus when you do not have to borrow money to keep funding the company 


What are the characteristics of a successful business owner?


A successful business owner is confident, not afraid to take risks, and has a result-oriented mindset. 




To be an entrepreneur isn’t easy, and we are proud of all continuing business owners. So if you are ever looking for signs that show you’re doing well as a business owner, we’ve cited 15 instances for you!



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