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Kusnap is an online marketplace that is quickly establishing itself as one of the top e-commerce platforms in Nigeria. It’s unique features and offers to entrepreneurs makes it one of the most attractive platforms for entrepreneurs. With a zeal to change the landscape of e-commerce in Nigeria, Kusnap offers great incentives and product features that ensure both entrepreneurs and customers on the platform receive the best possible service they can ever get in Nigeria.

As opposed to the structure of many other e-commerce sites in Nigeria which centers its operations around making profits, Kusnap is structured around customers with great value placed on customer satisfaction. Kusnap provides means to give back to entrepreneurs and customers, as well as Nigerians at large. The approach of Kusnap towards conducting business transactions in a seamless and secure manner is definitely turning the heads of entrepreneurs, and in little to no time, would be a huge force to reckon with in the E-commerce industry in Nigeria.

This article will explore all features, characteristics, offers, incentives, and many other interesting things about Kusnap which is making Kusnap the best online marketplace in Nigeria.

Human Capital Development

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic is still raging all over the world, many countries have felt the crippling effects of the pandemic. While the pandemic has majorly affected the health of people and the health sector generally, the economy of Nigeria has experienced the most damaging effects of COVID-19. This is due to the closure of numerous businesses, centers, government organizations, private institutions and so on; in a bid to curb the effects and spread of COVID-19. While the spread of COVID-19 has been curbed to some extents, many businesses have been damaged, resulting in many closed business, while some are slowly recovering.

In a bid to help to boost many businesses in these trying times, especially for entrepreneurs, Kusnap set up a Human capital development program which is created to solely provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skills set and platform in order to bring most businesses of Nigerians back to life. Considering the fact that most Nigerians are industrious and have the resilience to survive in almost any condition, Kusnap made the decision to invest in Nigerian entrepreneurs through training. The characteristic industriousness inspired Kusnap to set up a Virtual Entrepreneurial Institute for Nigeria Entrepreneurs leading Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises. This platform will help to engage people in different aspects of business in line with modern technology, which is the mainstay of most businesses today.

Cutting Edge Technology

As a company established not too long ago, it is expected that Kusnap has the latest technology in offering many of its products and services to both entrepreneurs, and Nigerians. And that is exactly what Kusnap did. As a new company, Kusnap employs the latest, advanced technology to provide the numerous products and services available on the platform. This helps customer have the smoothest experience in surfing, and conducting transactions. The employment of new and advanced technology also ensures all the transactions executed on the platform are well secure through updated security system. As a company which values customer satisfaction, the employment of advanced technology ensures users have the best experience in buying and selling.

The Kusnap platform is optimized for desktop and for mobile devices like Android and Apple, which are predominantly used technologies in Nigeria today. Wherever you access the platform from, expect world class experience while doing business on Kusnap.

Business Transactions Identical to Real-life Transactions

Kusnap in many ways provide user with an experience which is identical to users buying and selling in real life. The difference is what makes Kusnap a better option on platform to do your businesses and transactions. This resemblance to Real-life marketplace means you can do pretty much everything you do when you buy or sell in real life market. However, buying and selling on Kusnap proves to offer added advantages or incentives to regular buying and selling.

First of all, users on Kusnap have the opportunity to access and examine the products for sale on the platform, just like in regular markets. These are displayed in pictures, and short video clips. When users eventually pick up interest in buying any of the products on the platform, they have the options to chat with the seller (who are usually entrepreneurs), and make an offer. These features allow buyers to discover price (if not stated), negotiate, and establish an agreement. The best thing about the Kusnap platform is the ability to easily order products you wouldn’t usually get in markets around you, especially region specific products like Clothing materials which are only available in Northern Nigeria.

Wide Product/Service Categories

The number of product categories available on Kusnap are so wide that it cover almost every sector in the Nigerian economy. The categories covered on the Kusnap platform are so much that most are not available on other E-commerce platforms in Nigeria. The categories on products on Kusnap includes:

– Kusnap Vehicles: Buyers and sellers meet on Kusnap to find that preferred choice of car, buses, microbuses, heavy equipment, boats; either new or used. These could be bought or sold from anywhere around Nigeria, from Lagos, Abuja and other states across Nigeria. Different brands of cars are available on the platform, including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, and many other prominent car brands.

– Kusnap Phones: Buyers and sellers have access to mobile phones like smartphones (Android, Apple, Microsoft, etc), Java Phones (Nokia, Motorola, Tecno, etc.), smart watches, trackers, tablets, mobile phone accessories and every other category of mobile devices.

– Kusnap Fashion: Here, you will find the latest trends in everything from Shirts, Pants, Dresses for both genders. You can also find trendy ankara styles, latest lace styles, shoes, bags, watches, jewelry, wedding wares & more; which make you look stylish and on top of your game.

– Kusnap Health & Beauty: This one is for people with body goals. In this category, you will find the best in fragrance, makeup, skin care, tools, vitamins and many more.

– Kusnap Real Estate: This category is for buyers or sellers who are looking into owning or renting house(s) from Lagos to other states across Nigeria.

– Kusnap Electronics: This includes Home theaters, laptops, sound systems, projectors, photo and video cameras, headphones, TV and DVD equipment, audio and music equipment, computer hardware, computer monitor, networking products, software, security and surveillance, video games, video games consoles, printers & Scanners and so on.

– Kusnap Jobs: Get or Provide job offers in Lagos, Abuja, and other states across Nigeria. These includes Arts & Entertainment Jobs, Childcare & Babysitting Jobs, Clerical & Administrative Jobs, Computing & IT Jobs, Construction & Skilled trade Jobs, Consulting & Strategy Jobs, Customer Service Jobs, Driver Jobs, Engineering & Architecture Jobs, Farming & Veterinary Jobs and so on.

– Kusnap Babies: This category offer Baby & Child Care, Children’s Clothing, Children’s Furniture, Children’s Gear & Safety, Children’s Shoes, Maternity & Pregnancy, Prams & Strollers and Toys.

– Kusnap Animals and Pets: Buyers and sellers have access to Birds, Cats & Kittens, Dogs & Puppies, Fish, Pet’s Accessories, and Reptiles on this platform.

– Kusnap Services: Users of Kusnap marketplace have access to services found nowhere else on other online stores. Here you get offered Automotive Services, Building & Trade Services, Chauffeur & Airport transfer Services, Child Care & Education Services, Cleaning Services, Computer & IT Services, DJ & Entertainment Services, Party, Catering & Event Services, and many other services you will find interesting.

– Kusnap Home, Furniture and Appliances: This category contains Furniture, Garden, Home Accessories, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen & Dining.

– Kusnap Agriculture & Food: You can get varieties of Agricultural products on Kusnap. They include Feeds, Supplements & Seeds, Livestock & Poultry, Meals & Drinks, Farm Machinery & Equipment.

– Kusnap Commercial Equipment Tools: All your commercial equipment tools are can be supplied by Kusnap. They include: Industrial Ovens, Manufacturing Equipment, Manufacturing Materials, Medical Equipment, Printing Equipment, Restaurant & Catering Equipment, Safety Equipment, Salon Equipment, Stage Lighting & Effects, Stationery and Store Equipment.

– Kusnap Repair & Construction: Source your construction materials and repairs on Kusnap. These may range from Building Materials, Doors, Electrical Equipment, Electrical Tools, Hand Tools, Measuring & Layout Tools, Plumbing & Water Supply, Solar Energy, Windows, Other Repair & Construction Items.

– Kusnap Sports, Art, and Outdoor: Engage in relaxing, tasking, and fun activities on your leisure through the Kusnap Kusnap Sports, Art and Outdoor section which contains Arts & Crafts, Books & Games, Camping Gear, CDs & DVD, Musical Instruments & Gear, and Sports Equipment.

– Kusnap Properties: Do you need properties to buy or invest in? Kusnap has got you covered through its dedicated section for properties. Here, you will find Houses & Apartments for Sale, Land & Plots For Rent, Land & Plots For Sale, Commercial Property For Rent, Commercial Property For Sale, Event Centres, Venues and Workstations, Shortest, Houses & Apartments for Rent.

– Kusnap Health & Beauty: Take good care of your body, skin, and overall health by sourcing products from the Kusnap health and beauty which entails Fragrance, Hair Beauty, Makeup, Sexual Wellness, Skin Care, Tobacco Accessories, Tools & Accessories, Vitamins & Supplements.

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