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How to Join a Group on Kusnap

January 17, 2023by Michael Ezeadichie0

How to Join a Group on Kusnap

Kusnap is a place for buying and selling it is also a place for social interactions between sellers and buyers of the various categories of products and services on offer on the kusnap website. To enhance this social interactions on kusnap between users, sellers and buyers alike, users are able to join groups based on their preferences in terms of the products and services of such users.

What are Kusnap Groups

Kusnap groups make it easier for users to share and experience products and services with friends, family, team mates and every other group of mutuals you may have or want to be on the same group as you.  Kusnap groups also provide members the opportunity to have team members see what they are buying or stacking up on their.

How to Join A Group on

Joining a group on Kusnap is an easy task to perform requiring a number of steps. The steps to joining an existing group on include:

  • Head to the com website, while on the website scroll down to the bottom to the page
  • Click on the view all button on the bottom where you have featured groups
  • After viewing through all the groups available you can then decide which group to join.
  • If you do not find a desired group to join in mind you can create your own group
  • After choosing a group to join and having joined you can now begin to interact with members of the group you have just joined
  • After joining the group you will notice that the group has four main tabs including: About tab, discussion tab, members tab and the photos tab.

After joining the group of your choice we have to know that you can so upload items for sales through the group on the pictures section of the group, the group has a statistics to monitor the number of members in the group, the number of posts made in the group par day and in the last 30 days, the number of new members per day and in the last 30 days.


Joining groups on Kusnap helps you to connect with other users of the platform and share experiences of their transactions on Kusnap and the products or services the group is formed for. If you’re new on Kusnap joining groups will help you to know your way around the website and how things work much easier.


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