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How To Register And Get Started On The Kusnap Platform

September 30, 2021by ServoNG0

A step by step guide

Posting Free Products

To begin, click on Login and fill in your details as found below. You have the option of registering (if you’re a new user) or logging in (if you’re an existing user). The channels are Google and Facebook.

After you’re logged on, your next popup image shows the following options.

You choose a category, subcategory and then proceed to add images (it allows up to 10 images). Then you give a title and price for your product. After which you choose whether to be “Contacted For Price” or the price you gave is “Negotiable”. Add your Phone number, location, and contact state.

Hit send!


Posting your products

Kusnap encourages users to snap their products, post on the platform, connect with users, and make money when a transaction is complete.

A customer-centric brand, Kusnap is committed to improving the overall well-being of Nigerian entrepreneurs within the Kusnap Ecosystem by providing them the opportunity they need to be profitable and get reliable information about different products and services.

Coming Soon from Kusnap

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