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How to Sell on Kusnap

Kusnap is an online buying and selling platform for entrepreneurs and businesses that wish to maximise their sales. Businesses are allowed to sign up and make sales on the kusnap website for little or no fee. Buyers have the opportunity to buy from a very wide range of sellers from different price points of products and services. Selling on kusnap is very seamless and profitable if you follow the required rules and regulations as provided by kusnap. If you’re planning to start selling on kusnap the information here are for you.

How to Sell on Kusnap

Rules for Selling on

Before you begin to sell any products or services on Kusnap you have to bear these in mind:

  • The pictures of your products must be very clear to avoid your product upload from getting declined
  • You must describe all your products with simple terms that are easy to understand by buyers
  • You have to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of the kusnap platform
  • All your products must be permitted by law to be sold to the public
  • Always post your products or services one after the other that is one at a time
  • Always categorise your products or services properly to avoid misunderstanding
  • All products and services must have a tittle that describes the product or service
  • Know that buyers can return products they buy from you on kusnap with good reason if they relate not satisfied with the product, and you are obligated to attend to such buyers.
  • Buyers can also raise a complain if they are not satisfied with a service rendered to them you as a seller
  • You cannot sell hard drugs or other prohibited substances by the government in the jurisdiction of operation on Kusnap, as kusnap obeys the laws of their areas of operation.
  • When sellers upload any prohibited items such items will not be put up on advertisement, if by mistake any prohibited items gets published on Kusnap, the owner of the product or service bears the consequences of such product or service when law enforcement gets informed not such.

Note that sometimes your product is services may be declined from getting published as a seller some of the reasons why your product or service may get declined for publishing include:

  • If your product or service violates kusnap policy or is inconsistent with kusnap terms and conditions
  • If you post more than one product or service in a single item. This means that you have to post products or services in separate adverts
  • If your product picture is blurred and has bluntness
  • If your product or service details are missing, your product or service will not be published by kusnap
  • When your product or service price tag is not reasonable meaning that the price is way higher than the average market prices and value of the product or service.

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