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Fashion Designing is actually one of the fastest growing businesses in the country today with the industry gaining more and more prominence by the day. The business is one of the few businesses that can be started on a small scale to eventually yield big amounts of profits depending on the aspect of the business you’re into. People wear clothes everyday and the market for clothes is one of the most patronized markets as people are always interested in getting to wear the best available designers and follow certain trends just to look good. This makes the business a promising venture that can go on to be highly lucrative.

Fashion Designing is simply the sewing and designing of clothes to make it fashionable enough for people to wear. It doesn’t just involve sewing clothes as it cuts across things like starting a clothing line and developing trendy designers. As a fashion designer, you must be well aware of the different styles and methods in the business as customers always want different things and it would only be right that you’re able to satisfy them by giving them what they want and making it look very attractive.

The business, however, is not a new business and infact is a business that has been in practice for a long time now. Many of the popular brands we see today are owned by fashion designers who started small and took the initiative to expand and also bring in innovation for the fashion sector. As years went on, more people began to realize how profitable the business can be and started bringing their own ideas to light to create a nice clothing design. The business continues to grow everyday and even fashion designers who deal in traditional attires are known to include spectacular designs when they are to deliver a job.

One of the important benefits of starting a fashion designing business is the fact that you’re your own boss. The business is solely yours and you decide whatever is to be done in the business. Another thing is the demand for quality clothes. The market is well pronounced and it’s almost impossible to start the business without getting customers after a good marketing strategy is used. Even without using a very exclusive marketing strategy, you can still get customers just by telling a couple of people. It’s a highly patronized business and starting it will definitely not be a miss.

The capital is yet another thing as starting the business in small scale doesn’t really require huge amount of money. You’ll only need to get a couple of materials and equipment and the business is ready to start. It’s also important to note that the small scale set up allows you to start the business from the comfort of your home. You can take jobs and deliver from the four walls of your house and you might not even need to get a shop at all until you’re going large scale and you start receiving high turnout of customers. At that point, you might then need to get a place if the process can no longer be comfortable at home.

Starting the business doesn’t really require much though one thing that is neccesary before starting the business is that you must go through a professional training in the field to be able to execute the production activities for the clothes. This is highly important because you will not be able to start the business if you’re not a fashion designer.

In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing the steps involved in starting a fashion designing business in Nigeria and also some important things to note that will definitely help in moving the business forward and also ensuring profit is made.


This, as always, is a very important aspect of starting a business. It prepares the mind of the entrepreneur as to what to expect and what it really takes to be successful at the business. It’s no different for starting a fashion designing business. Before venturing into it, take a detailed research about the business, the market and all neccesary things that must be considered before starting and also eventually when sustaining the business. One advantage from this research is that it gives you an idea of the benefits and also shows you the problems or issues attached to the business. It makes you know what you’re getting yourself into and if you’re cut out for that level of hardwork and commitment. It also lets you know how much time you must dedicate and how well you will need to work in order to achieve results.

The research, in this case, also allows you to realize if you have the skills to run the business and in cases where you’re a beginner, show you ways to develop and acquire the different skills that makes up a fashion designer. You cannot just go on and start a business like this without having an idea of what to do. It is always advisable to learn the process of how things are done and also learn as many styles as you can to be versatile enough to attend to customers wants.

The internet can be used for research of this kind. In other cases, words from experts and experienced fashion designers can be relied on. These individuals have been in the field more and they are most likely the best bet to get concrete information and also idea of risks involved.  They know what it takes and they know how failures or losses can affect the business so they get to be real. You also visit some fashion designing shops in your location to see how things are done and also ask take a short survey to get an idea of what customers want when they go to a fashion designer to get or sew their clothes. After research is completed, then a business plan can be written.


The fashion designing business is not just any business you can start without prior knowledge of how to sew clothes. In fact, it’s impossible to start a business like this without knowing about it even when you’re going to employ people to do the work for you. The training will help you go through the fashion designing process and the different steps involved in bringing a clothing idea to light. You can only be good at the business if you know how to sew, operate and do other things involved in the business.

 Having a basic knowledge about it might be nice but there are times when you’ll need to do some complex designs for customers, without adequate and intense training you won’t be able to do that. Even if you know how to operate the machine, sewing doesn’t start there. You’ll need to sketch, draw, cut, sew and design. And all these must be done properly to get the best.

Visit shops of experts who have been in the industry for a long time and enroll as an apprentice or for a training. When selecting a professional, make sure the person is well experienced. Also, ensure you train at a place where large scale clothes are sewn to further enhance your practical knowledge.


Like I’ve mentioned, if you’re starting small scale, you can start from the comfort of your home if you have enough space. Otherwise you can get a small shop where you’ll set up your equipments and operate from. Some of the basic equipments needed for starting include sewing machine, needles and threads, scissors, and tape rule. You might also need a weaving machine, embroidery machine and generator. If you’re starting large scale, you’ll definitely need to get a shop and also every equipment you can get as possible.


In recent times, social media has proven to be the best friend to any startup business. All you need to do is create an online presence for your business and advertise from there. Take pictures of your works and designs and upload to the business page to showcase them to potential customers. Also, you can inform people about your business and tell them to refer people to you.

Most fashion designers go on to start up clothing lines and big business brands after starting small. This is very achievable and totally depends on the level of training and expertise of the fashion designer and not also forgetting the level of hardwork invested into the business. The business can fetch you huge profits when all things are properly put in place.

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