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September 30, 2021by ServoNG0


In Nigeria today, the business industry offers a lot of opportunities for individuals to dive in to make some money. The Agricultural sector, particularly, is one with a long list of options which will definitely yield huge profits. This makes sense due to the high demand and consumption of products gotten from the farm or the agricultural sector in general. Just like agricultural sector, the food industry also has several openings for business that can be tapped into. Services like catering business and restaurants are fast becoming some of the most lucrative businesses you can find in the country. Another lucrative business from the growing list is the pastries or bakery business.

It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t eat the products derived from a pastry business. They are always affordable and well consumed by many. They can easily pass as a snack or even most times as a refreshment when you’re not eating a proper meal. Breads, Doughnuts and Pies are some of the many pastry products that are well consumed. They all have their different composition but they are mostly made with flour. The pastry business is a good and highly profitable business that can make entrepreneurs some good profits. This, of course, is no surprise as it is well consumed and also loved by many.

The business is mostly practiced by experts or people who have prior experience with baking things like this. This is not to say that only experts can venture into the business. It can be started by almost anyone as long as you’re passionate about the business and you’re willing to dedicate your time and stay fully committed to the processes involved in starting the business. You don’t neccesarily need a degree or any experience to start it though that will only serve as an added advantage where individuals possess the qualifications. These days, almost anything can be learnt on the internet and even people with no knowledge of how to mix flour with other ingredients can learn online and eventually become good at the business.

Starting a business like this can either be in small scale or large scale. The small scale is just simply making the pastries and selling them directly to customers while the large scale business is more like doing it on a bigger scale and in this case, you are not directly getting the product to the final consumers as you’ll go through intermediaries and other processes to make the business really successful. As always, capital is key and without it, the business is less likely to start. For a small scale pastries business, only a small amount of capital is needed to buy the few materials required for the production of the pastries. The large scale business requires a little more money as you’ll need to get equipments that will not only aid the production process but also help in making it easier.

In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing the procedures involved in starting up a new pastries business in Nigeria and also things that can be considered necessary in the production process that will boost the chances of success.


No matter what you’ve heard someone saying about a business and how well success is assured or how lucrative it would turn out, always try to do your own research. The research will not cost any except your time and that time will prove to be well spent when the business starts and the successes starts coming in. It is important to do a thorough investigation about the business since you’re going to be investing your money into it and you’ve never been involved in the business. Some hours of research won’t hurt.

The research is always meant to give you an idea of what to expect and the challenges ahead to be faced. It teaches future entrepreneur how the business works and what success means. It shows the risks involved and the ways to tackle them. It also gives ideas on how to sustain the business and work towards more success. Imagine missing out on any of the mentioned questions, it’s more like being less equipped about something especially a thing you plan to spend money on.

The internet is very useful in research of this kind. For individuals without experience or knowledge of how to make the pastries, different tutorials and articles are available for the learning process. You can’t decide to start a business like this without any idea of what to do. Your customers expect quality pastries and the only way you can give it to them is if you know how to go about making the different kinds of pastries. YouTube is also available for our learning as it provides video content to give individuals a better view of how things are done.

There are experts in the business, of course, so also look to advise from these individuals as they are most likely the best bet for reliable information on the business. Take note of even the smallest things during the research period and pay close attention to how to stay and survive in the business. The research is as important as anything in the business.


After the research, the next thing in line is to put the information gotten from the research into paper and also prepare your strategies. A good business plan details everything about a business from top till bottom. Things like how the business will be operated, if it’s small scale or large scale, how to get capital, cost of things needed for the success of the business, plan for the future and also things to expect from the business immediately and after a few years are documented in a business plan.


The capital needs no more introduction. It hold the keys to the start of the business. Depending on the starting capacity, the required capital could either be of low cost or high cost. It covers the cost of everything needed for the proper running of the business which includes location. The good thing about this business is that if it’s small scale, you don’t necessarily need a location. You can complete everything from the comfort of your home. It is when you want to start large scale that you’ll require a big space, probably a shop, where you’ll operate. At that stage, you might also need workers to help meet targets set for the business. The capital also covers the cost of registering the business.


Here, the ingredients and also, equipments needed for the proper running of the business are made available. To get the pastry products, certain things must have been mixed together to come about the final product and it is all these materials that are gotten at this stage. This includes things like flour, butter, sugar, baking powder and so on. Some of the equipments needed include oven, slicing machine, mixer, and generator. The equipments and the ingredients needed differ based on the products to be made.


It is at this stage that entrepreneurs can look to get profits after doing all the things required. Marketing is equally as important as anything. The product has to be packaged and branded well to look nice and enticing to customers. Good marketing leads to even better sales and high chance of success. Social media is fast becoming a hub for all businesses. Tap into the different opportunities in it and use it to market your pastries. Word of mouth is also quite effective for this kind of business.

The pastries business is not really a hard business to start along as you know what you’re doing and you’re quite good at it. It’s not only for experts or a particular group of people. It is business that can be practiced by literally anyone who can dedicate time to learning how to go about the production process for the different available pastries. The demand and the fact it is well consumed makes it a good business and one that is highly profitable. But all that will only work out if the business is properly set up and operated.

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