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September 30, 2021by ServoNG0


Since the invention or introduction of phones, it has been one of the most used things on the planet. It is used to the extent where some individuals wake up to using the phones. Smartphones came through and even made the technology even more sophisticated as people could do even more things than the regular cellphones could do. And as every year comes, more impressive additions are made to phones to make them perform better and give individuals a chance to do a lot more functions. In the world today, it is almost hard to find an individual who has no phone. The only instances where that is possible is if the person cannot afford one or the one in use previously got spoilt, which eventually takes us to the business to be discussed in this article.

Phone repair business is actually one of the promising businesses in Nigeria today. A lot of people use phones and eventually things might result that might makes it function poorly or even stop functioning totally. The business is not really practiced by many in Nigeria but it is one that can surely bring in profits. While phones might be the real reason for starting the business, most phone repairers usually get extra income from repearing other gadgets like computers and laptops. From their knowledge of how to handle and fix phones, individuals are also equipped with some skills to be able to fix some gadgets other than phones.

Starting this business requires some years of experience. Learning how to fix a phone is not quite easy and you might need to take your time to actually learn the neccesary things involved in starting the business. Unlike some other businesses where individuals can go to the internet and just get articles or videos to explain how to go about it, this one is quite different. Problems associated with phones comes in different kinds. You might be able to get information on some quick fixes but it might not be detailed enough. Other times, the issue might not even be on the internet. You’ll most likely need the services of an expert to teach you.

Capital, as usual, is always important and without it, the business cannot commence. For this kind of business the cost of starting the business is not highly expensive. Just a few basic repair materials are to be purchased and that’s almost all. Location is also an important factor for this kind of business. You cannot be a phone repairer and sit down at home and expect the customers to just come strolling in just like that. You will need to get a place where you’ll be able to set up and also receive customers. But it doesn’t just stop there, some other things need to be put in place for the business to commence.

In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing the steps involved in starting a phone repair business and some important things to be considered to ensure that the business is successful and you’re able to achieve your goals.


 This is always important regardless of the business type. For this kind of business, you’ll need to get information on how things are done and how the market for phone repair really is. This research should also cover things like the entry requirements, different aspects of the business and also the profitability of the business. This will help individuals get enough information on the business and prepare them for what to expect from a business of this kind. The research also helps individuals realize if the business is something they can do or otherwise.

In addition, individuals are also able to plan and prepare strategies that can help the business progress. The different marketing approaches available in the business are identified and new measures can then be developed from the careful study.


In truth, the best way to gain experience for this kind of business is by learning from someone who has been in the business for a very long time and is well aware of how to fix or repair any kind of phone. This part is actually the main aspect of the business because it is with whatever you learn that you’ll be able to gain knowledge and also be able to start your business. Visit places where phone repairers always locate their shops and get an expert that can teach you everything you need to know about the business. In simple words, apply to be an apprentice.

As an addition to whatever you learn on a daily basis, you can check up the internet and try to find solutions to some problems associated with the business. This will help broaden your knowledge and help you understand some of the things not taught by the expert. As a plus, you can also make findings about different phone brands and how they operate. Pay close attention to whatever you learn both from the teacher and the internet. It determines if you’re going to be able to start the business, since your expertise in the field determines if you’re a good fit for the business.


At this stage, you’re pretty sure the business is getting started and the next thing to do is to look for a place where you’ll operate from. You will need to get a shop for this. When selecting the choice of location, it is important to consider some important things. One is the cost. Most start up businesses are started by people with low capital and as such they need to cut some costs to be able to fulfill the needs of the business. Here, you need to get a low budget place with a small rental cost as your shop. Also, the shop has to be accessible. It has to be a place where people can easily get to.

When selecting a place, you need to look for a place with high turnout of people. You can’t position the business in a place where only a few people pass through or a place that people rarely pass. It has to be close to the public. Another factor to consider is competitors. Under this, questions like “How many other phone repairers are in the area?” and “How far is the next repairer?” are asked. Presence of too many competitors in a place might reduce your chances of getting customers and making sales.


Like I’ve mentioned, you’ll need a couple of equipment to be able to properly carry out the fixing of the phones. Some of those things include suction cup pliers, tweezers, heat gun, guitar picks, magnifying glass, magnetic mat, screwdriver, and multi-meter. All these equipments have their different uses which you must have learnt during your period of apprenticeship or your time researching on the internet.


There are different approaches that can be taken to help advertise your business. One of such ways is the social media which is one of the most effective marketing tool of all time. You can create an online presence for your business and do your marketing from there. With this, you’ll be able to reach a lot of people. Another method is through banners or fliers. Referrals are also useful in this kind of business. When you do a brilliant work for a customer, they get to refer people to you whenever there is a phone issue. Lastly is to offer your repair services at affordable or cheap prices and/or with discounts on some occasions.

With all that being said, it is clear to note that the business is one with huge prospects and one with a high chance of success considering the large number of people using phones and gadgets in the country. It is of course not an easy process but it is one that will definitely make all the hard work pay off provided the business is set up properly.

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