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Small chop packaging business is actually one of the few businesses that has been around for quite a while. Small chops are widely known and well consumed by many in parties, events and even at home. It has become something that almost any individual can venture into as long as they’re able to make the chops pretty well. It is something that has inspired many entrepreneurs to start a business with even young undergraduates also taking advantage of the high demand and lucrative nature to try and make huge profits and also some money for themselves. It is a profitable business and one that many future entrepreneurs can look into.

Packaging of small chops, just like the name implies, suggests the use of packaging materials to package small chops and get them sent to customers who are willing to buy them. The business was something that looked really hard to start based on the complex nature of making chops like samosa and spring rolls but in recent times, the process became clearer and individuals are able to do it after watching a tutorial right from their homes. They previously had to be learnt by taking physical classes but the case is now different. In as much as you can still take physical classes, it is now extremely easy by just checking online.

One of the major advantages of this kind of business is that the whole process can be completed from the comfort of your home and you don’t neccesarily need to get a shop or store to start. All you need is just to have all the required materials and equipments in the house where you’ll be making the small chops. After packaging, they can now be sent out to customers based on orders. The business can also be started with a relatively low budget as you don’t really require too much things and also the machines for the process are not too complex and expensive plus your might decide to use a manual method rather than use a machine.

Starting the business is not really a hard thing to do and even though it is mostly practiced by caterers or professionals, individuals without prior knowledge can also go into the business by learning how to make the chops and its almost easy from there as what’s left is to practice, get results and get the business started. Like I’ve said earlier, it is a relatively easy business to start and it also requires just a fair amount of resources which will cover the cost of resources needed for the business and also anything that will be covered in the budget created for the business. Capital is always the most important thing in the start of any business and here too, it is quite the same. Once the capital is ready you’ll definitely be able to start the business.

In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing the steps involved in starting a small chops packaging business and some of the factors or neccesary requirements that will prove useful over the course of running the business and also help you reach your goals and make the estimated profit.


The benefits of research to any business can not be overestimated. There are many things to be learnt about a particular business when one starts it. Mostly, they are things individuals are not aware of or things not common during the practice of the selling the product. A proper research helps you review your business and the different options you might have to select from. The study is not only important for the starting stage of the business but it also gives insights on how to manage and sustain the business for several years to come.

Most times, research helps individuals come up with a better written business plan. The business plan, of course, needs no introduction. It contains all the information about the business and everything you have planned to help bring the business to light including ways you chose to to spend capital, plans to operate and also projections for the future of the business. A well written business plan is not just there for writing sake and it also comes with its benefits especially for individuals who have to look for ways to secure funds to kick start the business.

For this particular kind of business, the internet will be totally helpful in learning about the small chops making and the processes involved. Video platform, YouTube, is available to get videos on step by step procedures on how to mix the ingredients, the recommended ones to get, how to know when the small chops is ready and direct viewing on how all the processes eventually arrives at the final finished chops ready for sale. There are a lot of videos to be found there and you can watch as many as you want for clarity and to be sure.

There are experts in the business, of course, so also look to advise from these individuals as they are most likely the best bet for reliable information on the business. Take note of even the smallest things during the research period and pay close attention to how to stay and survive in the business. The research is as important as anything in the business.


There won’t be a small chops business if you can’t make the small chops. It’s probably the most important stage in the starting point of the business. If you’re a learner or you have no idea about how the chops are made, then it is time to learn. Just as mentioned in previous paragraphs, you can visit the internet to learn how to go about it. YouTube is the most useful social media platform for this and it allows you watch free video tutorial on how to make the chops. It’s so explanatory that everything including the ingredients used will be mentioned during the course of the video.

Just like it was in the past, you can also decide to add to your online tutorial knowledge and meet up with experts and individuals who are quite good in the small chops making process and learn it from them. It gives you the room for even more practical experience and you instantly get corrected when you make a mistake or even when something goes wrong during the making process of the chops.


Capital is very important and it importantly notes that the business is ready to start. You can create a budget for everything needed for the business and estimate your capital from there. The cost of starting the business is not expensive as not too much things are actually required for the business. Location, like I’ve said, is not important and everything can be done from your home. Even some times, the business is started as a part time thing so you won’t have to get a place where things will be carried out. If you need to, you can get a low cost place that wouldn’t really affect your capital by far.


At this point, the business is ready for a start and the ingredients and materials needed are to be gotten now. Some of the important things needed for the start of the business include frying pans, bowls, trays, grater, mixer, seive, measuring cups, and also all your regular cooking equipments at home. Some of these things are already at home so you might not need to get new ones again. Depending on the chops you’ll be making, there are different ingredients and during the course of research, you should find out the ones you need for the chops selected. Some of the popular chops with high demand include samosa, spring roll, puff puff, yam/potato balls, mini doughnuts and sausages, asun and gizzards.


As always, social media is very useful for this kind of business and you can create an online presence for the business and look to get customers from there. Also, you can inform people about the business and also make connections at events or parties you cater for. Referrals are quite useful also. If you deliver quality chops for your customers, you’ll definitely get people who will like them and want to get you to make for them too. You can also have banners or flyers at designated points to help you advertise your business.

The small chops business is a business with its products in high demand. This huge demand translates to the wide market for the product. It is lucrative and can get entrepreneurs high amount of profits when set up well.

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