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The Adire business is actually one of the oldest businesses in the country today and is something that has been practiced for years now. The business has served as a means of making money and also introducing new styles in the clothing industry. Adire is a clothing material that has been dyed or has gone through the process of tie and dye. Dye is applied on clothing materials either new or plain and are made to have a unique design after using several techniques, patterns and styles to get it. It is a lucrative form of business and is still very much in high demand as it is still worn by many people today.

The name “Adire” is a word used to describe a cloth that has undergone a dying process that makes it have a unique design. In the olden days, it was seen as a means of beauty and also a way to look nice. Also, in royal homes, it is something that was well known to be worn. The designs and the clothes were not only for royalty though as almost anyone can wear it to look nice. In recent times, many people have also adopted using the clothes too. They are fashionable and can be worn to events or big occasions. The business is not really practiced by many today though people are looking at the business today based on the demand for the product.

The tie and dye process is not an exactly difficult process. It is even something that is taught in schools today and students practice it well. The business aspect is different as you have to be professional about the design and also make sure what you’re doing is nothing but quality for your customers. For the business, you can decide to get clothes and dye them into Adire or choose to get clothes from your customers and dye them for a price. The business is a lucrative one and has many young people looking at the prospects of the business in a bid to make some money.

Just like I’ve mentioned above, the process is taught and it’s something you can learn if you don’t already know how to do it. Asides the training you will definitely need to start the business, there is no special skills or education needed for a business like this. It can simply be done by anyone as long as they’re ready to learn how to go about the dying process and how to make your own designs. You’ll also need to work hard and stay committed for the benefit of the business. All that put into consideration and you can start the business and start making your profit.

Starting the business is not something really difficult to do. After acquiring the required knowledge to properly manage the business, you’ll be ready to start. Capital comes in at this point and you’ll need it to be able to proceed on your plans and get everything needed for the business. Location is not a neccesary requirement as the process can be completed in your house provided you have a space for it. If you don’t, you can consider getting a place though it will serve as an extra cost to the budget prepared or the capital to be gotten.

In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing the steps involved in starting an adire or tie and dye business in Nigeria and the factors that will definitely prove useful during the course of the business and also to help you ensure that you make good amount of profit and also make the business successful.


The benefits of research to any business can not be overestimated. There are many things to be learnt about a particular business when one starts it. Mostly, they are things individuals are not aware of or things not common during the practice of the selling the product. A proper research helps you review your business and the different options you might have to select from. The study is not only important for the starting stage of the business but it also gives insights on how to manage and sustain the business for several years to come.

Most times, research helps individuals come up with a better written business plan. The business plan, of course, needs no introduction. It contains all the information about the business and everything you have planned to help bring the business to light including ways you chose to to spend capital, plans to operate and also projections for the future of the business. A well written business plan is not just there for writing sake and it also comes with its benefits especially for individuals who have to look for ways to secure funds to kick start the business.

For this particular kind of business, the internet will be totally helpful in learning about the Adire making and the processes involved. Video platform, YouTube, is available to get videos on step by step procedures on how to mix the chemicals, the recommended ones to get, how to know when the cloth is ready and direct viewing on how all the processes eventually arrives at the final finished product ready for sale. There are a lot of videos to be found there and you can watch as many as you want for clarity and to be sure.

There are experts in the business, of course, so also look to advise from these individuals as they are most likely the best bet for reliable information on the business. Take note of even the smallest things during the research period and pay close attention to how to stay and survive in the business. The research is as important as anything in the business.


Like I’ve mentioned, you can go online and search for tutorials on how to go about it. YouTube makes this kind of learning so easy that you can watch and follow the process involved in making the Adire. You can make use of that method or look to get trained by experts already in the business. There are a couple of them and you can meet up with them to get trained on the tie and dye process and how to make a good design. There are also physical classes and places for vocational training where the making process is taught. You can enroll there and after a few weeks, look to start the business.


The capital needs no more introduction. It hold the keys to the start of the business. Depending on the starting capacity, the required capital could either be of low cost or high cost. It covers the cost of everything needed for the proper running of the business which includes location. The good thing about this business is that if it’s small scale, you don’t necessarily need a location. You can complete everything from the comfort of your home. It is when you want to start large scale that you’ll require a big space, probably a shop, where you’ll operate. At that stage, you might also need workers to help meet targets set for the business. The capital also covers the cost of registering the business.


If you don’t know already, the Adire process is done using chemicals. There are a number of chemicals that are used for the business. Also there are some specific instruments or equipments you’ll be needing for the business. The ones you’ll get will most likely depend on the scale of business you choose to select.


Social media is a very useful place to advertise your business especially since your business might not have any physical presence or shop where people can come to. You can open social media pages for your business and not only advertise from there but also sell the products there. Word of mouth and referrals are also very useful. Tell people in your vicinity and around about the business. Your customers can also help with referrals once you give them quality products.

The tie and dye or Adire business is a fast growing business with a high demand and a good opportunity to make huge profits for individuals who venture into the business.

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