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In Nigeria today, there are several businesses available for entrepreneurs as long as they’re well equipped with adequate information and are also ready for everything the business entails from start to finish. The repair of Television sets as well as other electronic devices which are commonly used in the house is one of those businesses available. It has been around for a really long time though it is not as popular as it used to be with only a few people now practicing the business. It is a lucrative business, especially with the popularity of the devices that go through repair in the business, and it is one that can go on to bring in high amounts of profits for entrepreneurs who start the business.

The business, just like the name implies, involves everything from repair or care to maintenance for a particular device brought in by a customer. The business is operated in such a way that customers who have issues with their devices can just simply come over to the shop or contact experts online to be able to get their things fixed by professionals. There are a lot of electronic devices used in Nigeria and even some are bought as fairly used so it might come with some problems or issues sometimes which can only be fixed by a professional. The repair business is there to sort this and even there’s the option of selling a few other things on the side as a plus for the business.

The business can be operated in different ways. One is the regular one where individuals go to the repair shop to meet up with the professional to help them with solving issues coming up with their products. In this form, the owner of the business surely needs to get a location where clients can come in to fix their devices. As most businesses are now being operated online, there’s also an option of getting customer complaints online from a website or a social media page and then going over to their place to fix for them. In some cases too, these repair experts add something on the side to sell in a bid to get extra income. It could be products relating to what they repair or just other things entirely as long as it has a good demand and it will appeal to customers.

One of the reasons why the business is such a reasonable option is due to the demand. Television sets, refrigerators, electric blenders, electric iron and many others are a list of electronics that can be found in many homes in Nigeria and of these products, it’s hard to find a place without one or two of these products. This means for whatever you’ll be repairing, you’ll definitely be able to get customers as it is something that is used frequently by people in the country for several reasons. At some point, devices come up with problems and this is when repair experts come in. A good demand for a business like this one means you’ll not have issues getting customers and this often translates to high amount of income for entrepreneurs.

Starting the business is not a difficult thing to do. If you’ve noticed, I’ve mentioned or implied that for an individual to be able to repair these electronic devices, they have to be an expert or a professional. This simply means individuals who want to go into this line of business will need to get trained. They can get enrolled with an expert and also get some insights on the business or repair of these devices online. It also means it’s a business that anyone can start as long as they’re willing to learn everything about the repair of electronic devices. You don’t necessarily need an educational qualification or experience to be able to start the business though if you have it, then it can be a plus.

In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing the steps involved in starting up an electronic device repair business in Nigeria and also some of the things that might prove useful during the course of starting the business that will help in ensuring you’re doing the right things and also making good amount of income from the business.


No matter what you’ve heard someone saying about a business and how well success is assured or how lucrative it would turn out, always try to do your own research. The research will not cost anything except your time and that time will prove to be well spent when the business starts and the successes starts coming in. It is important to do a thorough investigation about the business since you’re going to be investing your money into it and you’ve never been involved in the business. Some hours of research won’t hurt.

The research is always meant to give you an idea of what to expect and the challenges ahead to be faced. It teaches future entrepreneur how the business works and what success means. It shows the risks involved and the ways to tackle them. It also gives ideas on how to sustain the business and work towards more success. Imagine missing out on any of the mentioned points, it’s more like being less equipped about something especially something you plan to spend money on.

There are experts in the business, of course, so also look to advise from these individuals as they are most likely the best bet for reliable information on the business. Take note of even the smallest things during the research period and pay close attention to how to stay and survive in the business. The research is as important as anything in the business.


A business plan needs no introduction. It is equally as important as some of the other processes or things involved in the business. After a comprehensive and thorough research has been conducted, entrepreneurs must now put all their ideas into paper after, of course, deciding to start the business. The business plan will cover things like the way you plan to operate, the cost of several things, how you plan to market your business, future projections and also contingency plans.

The business plan serves a number of purposes. In cases where individuals might need to get investors or even get a loan, it will prove useful as it will contain all that needs to be known concerning the business. It is also going to serve as a point of reference for the proposed business.


The need for capital in starting a business cannot be overemphasized. The capital needed for this business is usually small though it still depends on the capacity you intend to start with. If you’ll be getting a location, ensure you get one close to the places with high turnout of people and also with little or no competitors at all. If you won’t be getting a location, the cost of getting the materials needed for the business will be the main thing the capital will be used for.


At this stage the business is about the start. You’ll need to visit markets where the products used for repairs of these devices are sold. If you’ll be adding anything on the side to the business, then this is also the time to get them.


For the online aspect of the business, you’ll need to create social media accounts for your business. This is what will act as the location for the business. As an individual involved in the onsite business, you can also use social media to advertise and also expand customer reach. Displaying banners or posters in front of your shop, word of mouth and referrals also make good advertising methods to help you get customers and make profit.

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