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September 30, 2021by ServoNG0


Now, more than ever, small, medium and large businesses alike have taken social media platforms to communicate their brand objectives, connect with customers and ultimately, make more sales. However, a lot of business owners do not have the required knowledge and time to handle operations on their social media pages, hence the need for social media managers.

From writing and scheduling posts, monitoring ads and responding to comments, managing a business’ social media platforms requires dedication and attention to details.

It is important to note that a social media manager can either work as a freelancer or full time with a particular company or individual. Being a freelance social media manager allows you to work with multiple clients rather than being an employee of a particular company.

To be a successful social media manager, you must be able to meet up with a number of requirements and they include:

  1. Good writing skills: Of course, the role requires you to be able to convey ideas clearly and free of errors. You must be able to craft captions and copies for social media posts appropriately and in a way that matches the tone of the brand.
  2. Adequate knowledge of social media platforms: This is a no-brainer because you cannot manage social media pages without a full understanding of how each platform works. You should be able to answer questions like what type of content works well on what platform, how to grow organic followers and what type of content is good for promotion.
  3. Ability to stay on top of happenings: Almost on a daily basis, there are trends on social platforms and it is the duty of the social media manager to remain informed about the trends and determine if it is okay for the brand(s) to jump in. To execute this, you must conduct proper research into the genesis of the trend and its context. You do not want to jump on a trend that does not align the image of the company.
  4. Creativity: No doubt, a social media manager is a creative. You need to constantly think about new ways you can use to communicate a brand’s objectives. Each social media post must have a clearly defined call-to-action (CTA) while also trying to get the attention of your target audience. The social media world is characterized by content overload and you must be extremely creative to stand out, get people to engage your posts (by liking, sharing, commenting or retweeting) and in turn, get more people to notice the brand(s).
  5. Analytical skills: You may be wondering why you need to be able to analyse as a social media manager. Well, you surely need them. At regular intervals, perhaps monthly, companies may require you to compile quantitative reports detailing social media metrics and how the brand performed on social media during the period under review. This can also be required when a company runs paid adverts on social platforms.
  6. Community management skills: More often than not, a social media manager doubles as a community manager. As such, you need to be customer-centric in your approach at all times. Some customers perceive social platforms as extensions of a company’s customer service department, so they tend to tag the social media page of a brand whenever they have complaints.  Therefore, as the social media manager, you will most likely be the first person to attend to customers’ complaints before forwarding them to the appropriate quarters.
  7. Graphics design skills: This is more of an added advantage than a necessity. It does not also mean that you have to be an expert in the use of Photoshop. Being able to do something as basic as sourcing good looking pictures for social media posts or knowledge on how to use apps for simple graphics production will increase your chances of becoming a good social media manager.

By now, you must be wondering how to kick start a role in social media management. Well, you can get started with the following tips:

  • Familiarise yourself with social media platforms. There are a lot of social platforms out there, identify the major ones that companies use to build their brands and learn how to use them. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the social media platforms you should check out.
  • Take up volunteering roles to gain experience: As a newbie to social media management, volunteerism is one of the ways you can gain hands-on experience in the role. Volunteer for not-for-profit organisations by handling their social media pages. This offers you a great opportunity to develop your portfolio and improve your skill set.
  • Work as a freelancer: Asides volunteering, one other way to get experience is by taking up freelance jobs. If you prefer to work full-time with a company as the in-house social media manager, you should consider freelancing before seeking full-time job opportunities.
  • Build an online portfolio: At some point in your recruitment process, potential employers might want to see how well you have managed social platforms in the past. So, it is important to keep a portfolio containing the accounts you have managed and paid campaigns you have set up or monitored.
  • Sign up for online courses: Social media management goes beyond posting and gaining followers. While trying to become an unbeatable social media manager, you should consider taking online courses in specific social media marketing skills.
  • Develop expertise in a particular social platform: Of course, it is important to be well vast in the use of major social media platforms, it is also important to become an expert in a particular platform and understand the best practices on such platform.
  • Networking: The internet is a world of endless possibilities. It offers you the platform to connect and relate with people who are professionals in social media management. You can join a network of social media managers, learn from them and stay informed about the latest trends.
  • Follow the brands you like: You probably have a list of companies you would like to work for and you have to follow them closely. When you keep an eye on how a brand’s objectives are being communicated, you can easily determine what the personality and tone of the brand. Also, be on the lookout for openings and apply when you find a suitable role. As mentioned earlier, the internet is a world of endless possibilities.
  • Learn from the best: There are companies that have a reputation of great social media management. Find those companies and learn how they are using social media to develop their brands and sell their products or services.

With these tips, you can be sure that you are ready to take on the role of a social media manager either as a freelancer or in-house. Get the requirements and be prepared to make some cool cash.

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