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The technology growth over the recent decade has brought changes and improvements to the mode of operation of many industries and lifestyles across the world. One of the most important industries technology has affected is the business sector, where rapid changes are being made to how transactions are carried out, how we buy and sell, how we market products, how we get more customers, how we improve visibility for our products and services, and so on.

It is impossible not to acknowledge the impacts that technology has had on the business space. These impacts led to the birth of the future of business and trading, which we call e-commerce. As you might already know, e-commerce is all about taking your physical store to the digital landscape where people can see your products/services and place orders for them. Of course, one might wonder what people stand to gain by moving their stores from the physical market to the digital sphere. To resolve many of the questions you might have, we will explore the different advantages which come with the evolving digital technology through which businesses are hosted.

Before delving fully into the advantages that businessmen, traders, entrepreneurs, and business-related bodies stand to enjoy from taking a business to the digital space often regarded as e-commerce; it is important to acknowledge the most effective platform through which you can successfully turn your physical-market business into e-commerce. The most efficient platform that entrepreneurs and business owners in Nigeria and Africa use to successfully transform their business into e-commerce is Kusnap (

Kusnap is an online marketplace that offers everything you need to successfully buy and sell your products. It is a robust online marketplace never experienced before in Nigeria and across Africa. It offers features that make buyers and sellers feel as though they are carrying out transactions in actual markets. The Kusnap platform incorporates powerful features that allow users to negotiate prices, chat with buyers/sellers, provide product reviews, belong to groups for KOL marketing, and lots more. These functions give buyers and sellers the real market feelings without having to operate a physical store, but rather complete transactions from the comfort of buyers/sellers’ homes, or wherever else they are located.

Through Kusnap, users can buy or sell something of value, either new or used ones. Some of these products include Food items, Fashion items such as clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, Phones, and so many other products.

Kusnap helps to transform businesses from the physical marketplace into an online market. This, of course, comes with a lot of advantages that make it more attractive and feasible for businesses; allowing the easy transition of businesses to the digital world. Some of the advantages of transforming physical store businesses into e-commerce through Kusnap are details below which also coincide with the advantages of the evolving digital technology:

  1. Overcome Geographical Limitations

Entrepreneurs and business owners usually find their businesses limited to the specific operational geographic region. This can also translate to mean that the geographical region where your business could serve or offer services is limited. In today’s merchantability, “limited” is quite an unwanted concept, and the only way to eliminate this is to go digital. Through an e-commerce platform such as Kusnap, your business knows no bound. Your business will be visible to customers across Nigeria, Africa, and the rest of the world, all of it for free. This is such a wonderful opportunity for your business to be exposed and communicated to a much larger target audience worldwide, who will definitely take an interest in buying your products or services, easily leading to improved sales and business growth.

  • Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility

As you might already know, the success of any physical store or retail is dependent on branding and the relationships you build. However, moving your business to the digital space through e-commerce additionally improves your success rate through traffic from search engines. It is not very rare today to see potential buyers follow through a link through the search engine result page leading to an e-commerce platform like Kusnap.

This additional source of traffic for your products will go a long way in making the difference between sales through Kusnap, compared to earnings through physical stores. Interestingly, Kusnap builds search engine optimization for customers’ products at a zero cost.

  • Lower Costs

Another important aspect of Transforming your business into e-commerce through Kusnap is the obvious decline in costs. Cost of store renting and maintenance, personnel, and so many others are eliminated through Kusnap. Part of these reduced expenses for your business can be invested in providing customers with discounts and deals which in the end, drives more traffic to your products and services.

Other Means through which Kusnap helps to reduce costs include advertising and marketing through organic search engine traffic, pay-per-click, and social media traffic.

  • Accessibility

Taking your business online helps to get rid of having to push your shopping carts to the correct aisle or scouting for products or services. Kusnap provides users with the flexibility to easily navigate through products, or use the search box to get results directly. Kusnap also comes with features that help remember your customer’s product preferences as well as shopping lists that easily help in re-purchase.

  • Eliminate Travel Time and Cost

By taking your business online through Kusnap, your esteemed customers will not need to travel a long distance to get to their favorite store. Customers can easily assess your store online, and they will be just a few clicks away from getting the products they want.

  • Comparison Shopping

This is one of the biggest advantages that e-commerce offers businesses. You can compare products, product properties, pricing, and any other features of the products of interest. Since Kusnap offers the best in prices, quality, and quantity, customers will eventually end up buying what they want.

  • Deals, Bargains, Coupons, and Group Buying

While there might be offers similar to the deals, coupons, and other stuff offered to entice customers in physical stores, Kusnap ensures it is more comfortable and easy to access. While it may be quite a task for a customer with a discount coupon for fowl at a physical store and a coupon for mutton at another to activate them, it could all easily be done online with just a few clicks away.

  • Abundant Product Information

While shopping in a physical store, the product information provided through tags may be limited, as well as lacking in details. Additionally, it might prove impossible to equip your staff with the necessary training to respond to customers who may need additional details about products. Kusnap provides customers with everything customers need to know about particular products. These details usually prove to display what customers are really looking for in what they intend to buy. These details can be provided by the business owner, entrepreneurs, and other individuals on the platform at no cost.

  1. Targeted Communication

This is one of the best features of using Kusnap to transform your business into e-commerce. Through the details provided by customers during their browsing history, cookies are placed in customers’ devices to allow you access to information about your customers’ needs, search history, and buying behavior. This serves as an advantage as you can use the details to send messages.

A good example is when searching for a particular product on Kusnap, customers will get results of silage products automatically on the search page. Customers are also eligible to receive emails concerning related searched products.

  • Always Open

Kusnap is always available 24/7. This allows your customers to access your products every hour and every day in a calendar year, helping to boost sales and orders from customers. From the customers’ perspective, a platform that is always available is reliable and credible.

Going through all the advantages that e-commerce offers over traditional stores, you must be convinced that going digital through Kusnap is the best choice for your business. Not only does Kusnap help expose your products to a much wider market across Nigeria and the rest of Africa, but sales are also boosted significantly. Why not take your business to the next level and unlock endless possibilities?

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