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Kusnap is an online marketplace which offer everything you need to successfully buy and sell your products. It is an online marketplace like never experienced before in Nigeria, as it offer features that makes buyers and sellers feel as though they are carrying out transactions in actual markets. Features which allow you to negotiate, price, chat, review; gives buyers and sellers the real market experience from the comfort of your home, or wherever you find yourself.

Through Kusnap, users can buy or sell just about anything; either new products or used ones. Some of these products may include Food items, Fashion items like Clothings, shoes, accessories, electronics, Phones, and so many other products.

Categories of Products on Kusnap are:

– Kusnap Cars: Buyers and sellers meet on Kusnap to find that preferred choice of car, either new or used. These cars could be bought or sold from anywhere around Nigeria, from Lagos, Abuja and other states across Nigeria. Different brands of cars are available on the platform, including Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan, and many other prominent car brands.

– Kusnap Phones: Buyers and sellers have access to mobile phones like smartphones (Android, Apple, Microsoft, etc), Java Phones (Nokia, Motorola, Tecno, etc.), and every other category of mobile devices.

– Kusnap Fashion: Here, you will find the latest trends in everything from Shirts, Pants, Dresses for both genders. You can also find trendy ankara styles, latest lace styles, shoes, bags & more; which make you look stylish and on top of your game.

– Kusnap Health & Beauty: This one is for people with body goals. In this category, you will find the best in fragrance, makeup, skin care, tools, vitamins and many more.

– Kusnap Real Estate: This category is for buyers or sellers who are looking into owning or renting house(s) from Lagos to other states across Nigeria.

– Kusnap Electronics: This includes Home theaters, laptops, sound systems, projectors, cameras and so on.

– Kusnap Jobs: Get or Provide job offers in Lagos, Abuja, and other states across Nigeria.

– Kusnap Babies: This category offer baby carriages, wears, food, and other products for toddlers.

There are lots of benefits and advantages attributed to using the Kusnap marketplace platform for your buying or selling transactions.

★ Optimized app for faster loading and browsing.

★ Real market experience through features like Negotiating, chatting with sellers, and so on.

★ Wide range of selection of online shopping offers.

★ Ease of access to products wherever you are.

★ Free app download with no incurred charges for registration or updates.

★ Availability of New and used products, all of which are specified by sellers.

★ Faster browsing and ease of access through the search icon, Sorting into categories, and filters.

★ Access to products at cheapest rates.

★ Users of the platform are confirmed to be real people, having put all users through an effective and secure verification process.

★ Communications between buyers and sellers are possible through Chats.

★ Well Secured payment system

★ User details remain protected through an effective security policy.

★ Zero ads for faster browsing experience.

★ Optimized for Android and Apple devices.

The advantages listed above ensures that buyers and sellers have a smooth transaction experience. This is because it is a platform centered around user experience and ease. While buying on Kusnap, users

✓ Have Access to special offers, deals and sales.

✓ Find any product of need.

✓ Access detailed information and photos of every product on the platform. Users may also request additional photos if required.

✓ Contact and communicate with sellers directly for further enquiries or clarifications.

✓  Better chance to acquire products at lower prices when compared to other online platforms.

✓Secure information and details of Users.

Everything is simply better, faster, and cheaper with Kusnap.

When selling on Kusnap, Users can:

✓ Sell both new and fairly used Products with a wider range of audience.

✓ Access buyers from Lagos, Abuja, and other states across Nigeria.

✓ Improve sales for your business

✓ Get verified status, positive reviews and rapid increase of potential buyers.

You just can’t get it wrong with Kusnap. Perform your transactions with Kusnap and experience the best in services and sales!

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