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As a developing country, one of the most important factors that contribute to the growth of the economy of Nigeria is skilled human resources. As important and crucial as this factor is, it is quite appalling to see the less than impressive level of skilled human resources we have in Nigeria today. As a result of this situation, Kusnap, which is a prominent online marketplace, has made human capital development as its priority as a growth strategy for the Nigerian market. This ensures the growth of the brand across Nigeria, while also improving the state of the Nigerian market in terms of skilled human resources.

Unlike many other online marketplace which you will find in Nigeria today, Kusnap is implementing ways to give back to the Nigerian community through its human capital development program. The e-commerce industry in Nigeria is experiencing exponential growth in recent times, with statistics from Statista offering a projection of US$4.942B by the end of 2020 with an expected annual revenue growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 15.9%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$8.917B by 2024. The human capital development program by Kusnap will help Nigerians tap into this exceptional opportunity by offering the necessary training to improve the figures of skilled human resources in Nigeria. This altogether results in the growth of the brand, as well as the quality of human resources in the Nigerian economy.

As it is an established fact that Nigerians are the most industrious and promising sources of productivity and economic growth for Nigeria, Kusnap identified the need to train skilled personnel for the future growth of the Nigerian economy, especially during these tough economic times. This discovery inspired Kusnap to set up a Virtual Entrepreneurial Institute for Nigeria Entrepreneurs leading Micro-, Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises. This platform will help to engage people in different aspects of business in line with modern technology, which is the mainstay of most businesses today.

Kusnap is a customer-centric company, and it has enhanced its product by creating more user-friendly features.  In December 2020, version 2.0 of the Kusnap Online Marketplace will be available to the public. This new version of the Kusnap eCommerce application will carry vital features such as High-Level Customer Security, Improved Categorization, Best User Experience, Trending Groups, and other remarkable features. For the most part, the GROUP function of the platform offers a sense of social networking that enables users to discuss their products and services and other essential subjects right there on the platform. This feature is also utilized by sellers to give more information about their products and services and connect deeper with customers. This is something never experienced in the Nigerian E-commerce space.

The Kusnap CEO, Idorenyin Iwe, in a recent interview stressed that sellers and buyers across Nigeria on the Kusnap platform need to be acquainted with modern technologies to enable them to succeed in the present business environment, hence the development of the free Virtual Entrepreneurial Institute. It is also important to note that when sellers and buyers on the Kusnap online marketplace are effectively equipped with the necessary skill set, it improves their overall ability and chances to succeed and achieve projected goals in their respective businesses. As a result, Kusnap will be collaborating with third-party platforms across Nigeria to ensure that all interested Kusnap community members are able to acquire the capacity to function effectively in the online marketplace.

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