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December 21, 2022by Michael Ezeadichie0




Have you ever thought about getting a business coach for your business? 

It is an idea that many business owners think isn’t necessary. Whenever we share the thought with them, they brush it off and say that they do not need a business coach. 

Some people think that the idea of getting a business coach means that they are incapable of setting up or handling the affairs of their business. However, that is a wrong conception. The fact that you are getting a business coach doesn’t mean you are a terrible business owner. 

Getting a business coach ensures that you are doing the right thing and deploying the right strategies to boost your business. Understandably, you would have competitors in your niche and industry. And you are in a race with these people to ensure that you become the favorite brand of your target audience. Therefore, you cannot afford to slack and need all the help you can get. 

Some business owners might feel that they are an island. However, you should know that no one has a monopoly of knowledge, which is one of the reasons why you would need a business coach. A business coach could be someone who has been an industry expert for years and would give you better insights about your business than you could have imagined. 


Kezie is one of those who was vehemently against the idea of getting a business coach, but we encouraged her to give it a try. With time, she saw the results of the work of the business coach playing out in her business as it helped to skyrocket her brand.


Who is a business coach? 

Before going any further, let’s talk about a business coach and what qualifies an individual to be a business coach. 

The idea of getting a business coach is similar to getting a mentor. It is common to see people looking for a mentor when they are about to start a new aspect of life. The idea is that this mentor helps to guide and assist them, showing them the ropes until they become more assertive at what they do. 

Before a person can qualify to become a business coach, they must have years of experience in that industry. A business coach could be someone others respect in that industry and look up to as a thought leader. Getting a business coach doesn’t mean you should go and get your pal to work with you and call the person your business coach. 

There is bound to be a difference in your business when you involve a business coach. If your business coach doesn’t positively impact your business within a minimum of six months, it means the person isn’t doing something right, and there may be a need to look for another business coach. 

So, you would need to research to determine who would be in the best place to act as your business coach. But, again, it would help if you are systematic and pick only the best if you want positive results for your business. 


Reasons why you need a business coach 


A business owner would need a business coach for numerous reasons. Some of them include:


  • Motivation: Daily, business owners complain about how hard it is to run a brand and even say they are on the verge of closing down the business. We often encourage them to remember how much they have spent on the company and tell them to look on the brighter side. However, there is only so much we can do, and the number of business owners we can encourage is limited. 

As humans, we often need someone to boost our morale and even validate the things we are doing. It is where a business coach comes to play for business owners. A business coach would know the right things to say to business owners and help them in their time of need. When a business owner feels down, a business coach would be there to hold their hands and ensure they bounce back up. It is why we describe a business coach as a mentor, and a business owner would always look up to a business coach, and the business coach would always ensure to carry the business owner along. Therefore, you need a business coach to ensure that you keep pushing your business and never give up.  

  • Unbiased views and insights: We said earlier that your business coach shouldn’t be your friend or pal. We are not saying that you cannot eventually become friends with your business coach. However, you shouldn’t pick a business coach solely because they are your friend or family. 

The aim of getting a business coach should be to improve your business. Therefore, you are looking for someone who would tell you the truth irrespective of the circumstances. It would be best if you had someone who is never scared to call you out in areas where you are going wrong. 

When you work with a business coach, such a person is always ready to give you unbiased views and insights about things. You may sometimes think that they are harsh. However, they only tell you the truth and ensure that you fix up in certain areas. 

Since a business coach is meant to be someone with years of experience in the industry, they know a lot about that niche. Therefore, they have many insights to share with you about other businesses they must have encountered. By learning these insights, you would know areas where you must improve and what you should avoid doing.  

  • Goal setting: Seeing some business owners clueless about running a business isn’t out of place. We often see that when some people cannot secure a corporate job, they begin to source capital to help them start a business. 

Typically, a business owner should be passionate about running the brand and have goals for the business. Thus, it is shocking when we interact with some business owners and see that they do not have any goals for their business. No goals? How do you plan to boost your business and its revenue? How do you intend to do better than your competitors? 

Instead of criticizing these business owners, we explain to them the importance of having goals for their business and advise them to get a business coach who would help them to set these goals. 

Kezie was one of those business owners with no goals for her brand when we met her. She only started a business because she did not want to stay ideal, and her parents were willing to give her the money to start her business. However, when we pushed her to get a business coach, she began to see differences in her brand as she now had business goals that gave her brand a purpose. 

  • Strategy planning: Is it possible to run a brand without having a strategy? Even when trying to navigate or survive life, you need to have methods. The business world is a jungle where only the fittest survive. So, if you act sluggish, you can be sure that your competitors will overshadow you. 

Typically, every business owner strives for their brand to be the customers’ favorite; the goal is to have your brand on your target audience’s minds and ensure customer loyalty and retention. All these do not happen out of the blue, as specific strategies need to be deployed to ensure that all these happen. 

As a business owner, it is only sometimes that your creative juices may be flowing, and you may sometimes need help coming up with strategies that would boost your business. However, you would have it easier when you are working with a business coach. Due to their years of experience, they can also tell you when a strategy would not work. These people are well-knowledgeable, and their knowledge will always come in handy from time to time. You will be amazed by the techniques you would come up with when you work with a business coach. 

  • Accountability: Interestingly, some underestimate the importance of having an accountability partner. Even as individuals, there are moments when we need an accountability partner, and business coaches can act as accountability partners for business owners. 

Some people may ask why there is a need to get an accountability partner, and we will explain it to you. Typically, every human experiences a plunge of laziness from time to time. Sometimes you would not want to continue with your business goals, and you even begin to wonder why you started a business in the first place. However, having an accountability partner makes the difference for you. 

When there are set business goals, your business coach will check in from time to time to ensure that you are following plans. If your business coach senses that you are down or feeling lazy about accomplishing the goals, they will remind you why you started in the first place and give you the boost you need to continue. 

Running a business isn’t easy; your business coach also understands that. So, they act as an accountability partner for you as they have your business interest at heart. 

  • Growth: It’s normal to underestimate the importance of a business coach until you begin to see their impact on your business. You are struggling to get by one minute, and you are even considering shutting down your business. The next minute, you have brought your business coach on board, and this person is helping to double or even triple the revenue you are getting monthly. That is when you would understand the importance of getting a business coach. 

A business coach is vital for the growth of any business. You would typically see a business coach cracking their head and thinking of ways to improve your brand. It could be by increasing your reach on social media, getting more people to be curious about your brand, or even helping to increase your revenue and the reviews people have about the business. All these are growth metrics that are important to any brand, and a business coach can help you improve in all these areas. What matters is that you are willing to work with the business coach as your corporation is needed, and you would see that things would start to fall in place, and even your competitors would look up to your brand.  

  • Organizational structure: Running a business entails a lot, including knowing how to set up an effective organizational structure. We are not surprised when we see companies packing up within two months of existence. It mainly happens to those who have yet to do their research about a business before setting up the business. When they see that things are not in place, business operations become shaky and eventually shut down. 

But when working with a business coach, you would see that they do not give room for tardiness. A business coach is always intentional about the smooth running of their business. We love that they accept your business and take it as their own. So, they put things in place and help you organize the structure of your company. If you need specific departments, they give you the necessary advice and help you set it up. You could easily miss these things as a business owner as you have other things you are handling. 

A business coach usually has a goal, which is your company’s well-being. Therefore, they are proactive in ensuring a structure on the ground for the business. 

  • Balance: We often hear business owners complain of being overwhelmed, which is also not surprising. Typical business owners not only concern themselves with customers’ happiness but also strive to ensure employee happiness. After all, they must cater to their internal and external customers. 

Asides from that, they also have to bother about boosting the revenue of the business and many other things. So, it is not shocking to see business owners who would often be lost in thoughts and eventually become overwhelmed. These people complain that it seems they are losing balance in their business as they need to learn how to handle all business spheres. 

When we encounter these business owners, we often advise them to take a break and allow someone else to take over. Yes, you are the business owner, and no one is contesting that with you. However, you may need to step back from certain operations and allow an expert to handle them. It is where a business coach comes to play. When you allow a business coach to manage certain aspects of your business, you will be relieved of stress, and you will be able to balance things better as it involves business running and operations.  


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the value of a business coach?

One cannot quantify the value of a business coach as they help both the business and the business owner. For example, when business owners lose confidence in their business, a business coach is there to boost their morale and keep their spirits high. In the same vein, you would also see the usefulness of a business coach in your brand. 


What do you talk about with your business coach?

Discussing anything and everything that concerns your business with your business coach would be best. You will not need to get a business coach if you hide things from the coach. Your coach is there to help you and give you directions. Therefore, you need to be honest with your business coach. 


What is a good question to ask a business coach?

‘What do you think is the current strength of my brand?’ ‘Do you think my business is on a scale to stand industry competitors?’ ‘In what areas do you think I can improve my business?’ These are questions you should ask your business coach. 



It isn’t wrong to have a business coach as they help elevate your business. However, if you ever have doubts about getting a business coach, remember the reasons we have highlighted. 

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