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Fruits are highly important to our health. It is believed that taking a fruit a day actually helps to keep the doctor away. Fruits are highly nutritious and contain high levels of essential nutreits that keep the body and organs healthy. In recent times, entrepreneur have looked to come up with ideas as to how to derive a business from fruits without of course planting and selling them. That process is a difficult one and it takes quite a number of years to get your fruits to grow into mature products. So instead of the long method, the idea of fruit juices came around.

Fruit juices have been around for quite a while now and we even have some very popular brands in the market today. For the business, different types of fruits are used to make juices and sold in market. This happens after you must have added your own flavor or specific recipe which would make it taste different and also stand out in the market. It’s not exactly a hard choice of business but it’s not the real agenda or focus we’ll be paying attention to. And that takes us to Juice Bar Business.

Just like the name, it is the sale of fruit drinks in a bar. A location must be acquired and from there fruit juices can be made and then served to customers. Though the fruit juice business is one that is very common, the one about juice bar is not well known. Apart from being a really lucrative idea, it is one with fewer competitors as it is not a popular business in the country so you can expect to be introducing something new to the business scene. In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing some of the neccesary steps required in starting up your own juice bar.


This line will probably never get old. The concept of researching a new business before starting it is one that is highly recommended for entrepreneurs. In a case where individuals don’t have enough information about the said business idea, they are most likely to find out enough when they do a well detailed and thorough investigation into the product, industry, competitors, risks and the business generally. Take for example the business we’re discussing, the juice bar business. The business is not a widely practiced business so there is probably only few people who know about it and even for some, it might be the first time of hearing something like this.

Use the internet properly. It might not be well pronounced in Nigeria but there are other countries where the business is practiced so you’re definitely bound to find something online about it. Carefully study what you see and put in mind that what is practiced in other countries might not work well here and the strategies put in place there might prove unproductive here. Learn how juice bar owners operate their business and from there, decide how you want to do yours. On the rare occasion where you find someone with an idea of the business, don’t hesitate to ask questions and take note of important details.

The researcher will help you to understand if the business is something you can do and something you’re willing to dedicate your time into. It will also help you know how much is expected to be enough to serve as capital and all the necessary facilities that must be in place to achieve a successful juice bar business.


From your findings, you’re already aware of certain things you will definitely need to operate your own bar so put them into writing as a business plan. The business plan will carry most of the things you learnt about the business and how you expect to carry out your own operations to reach the desired goal. When writing a business plan, stay concise with your points and prevent writing too much unnecessary things that might bore future investors if any. Ultimately, the goal is to use your own ideas and skills to run the business so be realistic about things you put together.

Let your ideas be something that can be implemented and not something that doesn’t even make sense or an idea that can be considered or referred to as fantasy or make belief. Some ideas might look like that especially when entrepreneurs have high expectations for the business or when they just want to get the profits without realizing how things should actually be done.


Next up is location and for the juice bar business, there are two types of locations that can be used for the business. One is the regular permanent site or building where individuals can come in and sit down to enjoy a drink. For that, you’ll need a small space depending on the capacity you plan to cater for. However the place should not be too small and it should be comfortable for individuals. There might be need to decorate the space or to add some creativity to the bar to make it look lovely and conducive for people.

The other kind of location is the mobile one. Have you heard of a food truck? And mobile food spots? These places are quite similar to what a mobile bar should look like. You might decide to use the same idea of a food truck and sell your drinks from there. They are not very popular in the country but it will surely be something that individuals will be looking to as something innovative. It is less expensive than securing a permanent spot. Also, moving in the right direction with high human traffic is certainly a high point for the business.


There are a number of things the capital will cover and one of it is of course the cost for location. Securing a shop will definitely come at a price and even if it’s the mobile location, you’ll definitely still need money to buy the vehicle or buy a stand where you will sell the drinks from. After that, you’ll need to buy a number of equipments that you will find useful in the course of your business. Things like the juice extractor, freezers, juicers, blenders, large containers and serving cups will need to be bought and made available as they make the work easier and faster for the entrepreneur.

Also, you might need to register with some government agencies to avoid issues.


This is where the business starts properly. The fruits are purchased from a supplier, preferably a farm, and they are taken through the different process of extraction to get the water content and turn them into juice drinks. Also preservatives are among the things to be bought. It is advisable to get a close supplier for the products to prevent delay or damage upon long hours of journey. Fruits should also be healthy and fresh. Fresh fruits produce the best drinks.

The juice bar business is a lucrative one when properly operated. It is not common in the country and therefore has only few or no competitors depending on your choice of location. About that, get a shop located close to a place with high human traffic and if it’s a juice truck too, you have the advantage of moving around to search for customers, so go round and stop at places with large crowds. Stay different and develop a nice recipe.

Fruits are healthy and you’re bound to get customers as long as your drinks and smoothies and any other thing you make from the fruits is nice and well prepared. As a plus, you can add something else as a side refreshments for sale too but it’s not important. Remember it’s meant to be a fruit juice bar. If you’re looking for a fresh and profitable business idea, then this might be it.

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