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Agriculture was one of the earliest entrepreneurship venture in the world. The business for agricultural products is very productive and lucrative. The sector is also one of the most powerful part of any country’s economy. The benefits of agriculture cannot really be over emphasized. Just like in the early days,  farmers usually pick a particular specialty and work on it together with the aim of getting profits. There are a number of businesses that can be generated from the agricultural sector and the thing about agricultural products is that they have a well pronounced market and products are essentials for human living.

The agricultural business I’ll be discussing today is Poultry farming. Poultry farming has a wide range of products that can be gotten or produced to be sold in the market and layers are one of the most popular products gotten from the business. Poultry farming is the process of rearing domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, and geese, for the purpose of getting meat or eggs for food or for sale. The farms where these poultry birds are raised is what is called a poultry farm.

Just like mentioned, there are a number of business prospects from poultry farming, one of which is layer poultry farming. Layer poultry farming is a business for production of commercial eggs. It involves getting layers or poultry birds and raising them to produce eggs which can then be made for sale which in turn brings profits for entrepreneurs. The primary aim of layer poultry is commercial eggs production.

There are cases where the layer birds can also be sold and raised for meat, that aspect is what is called broiler breeding. The poultry birds are gotten and raised for the sole purpose of obtaining meat from it or for commercial sale. There are also other ventures for entrepreneurs to explore in the poultry industry and some of them are dealing in production of poultry feeds, dealing with hatcheries or being a poultry consultant, though this particular one might require years of experience and even studying it as a course in school.

Whichever form of business you might want to get involved in, poultry products are common and well recognized in market but the most lucrative ones that can be considered by entrepreneurs is the layer poultry and broiler breeding business. They are highly productive and profitable forms of business. Starting the business however, is not exactly difficult. Entrepreneurs just have to be prepared to put in hard work and provide all the necessary things that the business will require. In the next sub heads, I’ll be discussing the steps that can be taken to achieve a successful poultry farming business.


This, as always, is a very important aspect of starting a business. It prepares the mind of the entrepreneur as to what to expect and what it really takes to be successful at the business. It’s no different for poultry business. Before venturing into it, take a detailed research about the product, the market and all neccesary rudiments that should be considered in starting and sustaining a good poultry farm. One advantage from this research is that it gives you an idea of the benefits and also shows you the problems or issues attached to the business. It makes you know what you’re getting yourself into and if you’re cut out for that level of hardwork and commitment. It also lets you know how much time you must dedicate and how well you will need to work in order to achieve results.

The internet is available for this kind of research. In other cases, you can visit a library or buy books relating to the business you’re about to start. Another means of learning is word of mouth which is the most reliable form of information you will probably get as you approach the start of the business. Experts and experienced farmers have been in the field more and they are most likely the best bet to get concrete information and also idea of risks involved. They are less likely going to sugarcoat the business or make it look easy. They know what it takes and they know how failures or losses can affect the business so they get to be real.


I’ve mentioned the fact that there are a lot of different areas people can get involved in with poultry farming. Take for example, broiler breeding and layer poultry. You must have done your findings to know which one suits you best and which one will cover your available capital. As you already know by now, broiler breeding is for meat and people get to buy the broilers off your farm while layer poultry gets you eggs which can be made available for sale,  no need to sell the layers except of course, you choose to do so.

And if it’s not these two and you want something else, you must have done a concrete or detailed research about it and be confident in your abilities to make it work. Don’t choose something because someone else is successful at it or because the profits are very enticing. These points might be deceiving, so it is advisable to pick a speciality according to your strengths and skills. There are off field business activities too if you want. A consultant doesn’t necessarily have to be on the farm. They might just need an office to take in customers but this is of course a more complex process that needs extra attention, experience and education.


At this point, you are sure and prepared to venture into the business. Research must have been conducted and specialty also taken.  So next is looking out for a location. As an entrepreneur who wants minimal risks involved in his/her business, it is advisable to start small and build up from there. For this, you will definitely need a small piece of land or a small space that can accomodate the poultry birds. When securing a place, it is important to consider a couple of things. The place must be close to the market for easier transportation of the products from the farm to the public market.

Also, the place should be located away from houses. The smell from poultry farm might be uncomfortable and bad for individuals so to prevent regular complaints or sanctions, try to locate your farm away for residential areas or wherever people are living. Also, there is issue regarding noise generated from poultry farms so it’s only just good to get them away from a crowded place. Lastly, it is always nice to have a low cost location for the business.


This step kick starts the business. It involves getting the poultry birds and other equipment that will be required when starting the business. There are different types of cages and it’s advisable to pick the one that best suits your location and also that provides the birds with the best possible conditions. Just like with cages, feeds are also of different kinds but the most preferable type is concentrated feeds which helps the poultry birds grow better and keeps them healthy. Regardless, you might use something different depending on your budget and what you believe suits you best.

Clean source of water should be made available, electricity should also be present on site, feeders, drinkers, nests, trays and vaccines are just some of the other important things that must be made available on the farm.


Lastly is marketing. At this stage the broilers have grown well enough and are ready to be sold for meat and for layer poultry, the layers must have produced eggs for sale. It is now up to you to advertise your products. Visit markets and places where the products can be sold. It is not difficult to get these places where the products can be sold as the products are well known and consumed by many.

It’s just about that, then you can keep the ball rolling and expect your profits. Poultry farming is not just popular because people know it, it gets its popularity because of the affordability compared to the other substitutes and the fact that it is one of the most consumed farm products in the market today.

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