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Have you ever had to plan a surprise event? If yes, you would agree that it takes a lot of time and intentionality to ensure its success. It could be a bridal shower, a birthday, or even sent forth party. What matters is that the recipient and celebrant don’t know about the event until it happens.

People often say that planning a surprise event is hard, and we sometimes agree. One minute it seems like everything is going well, and the next minute, you are losing your mind, trying to ascertain if the plans are feasible. We’ve all been through this phrase at different points in life.

Also, some say they have thoughts of planning a surprise event for their loved ones, but they need to learn how to go about it. Although it isn’t easy to plan a surprise party for anyone, let us tell you that it’s one of the most heartfelt gifts you can give anybody. Planning a surprise event for anyone tends to melt their hearts, and they wouldn’t forget about it anytime soon.

Seeing that people are often stressed about planning a surprise event, we’ve compiled some steps you can take to plan a surprise event. Following these steps, we hope your planning process will be less chaotic.


Importance of planning a surprise event


Before going further to talk about the steps involved in planning a surprise event, let’s know the importance of planning a surprise event. Some importance of planning a surprise event include:


  • It creates memories: When you plan a surprise event for anyone, you’re helping them create memories they wouldn’t forget for a long time. The celebrant would be pleasantly shocked at the action and would be in awe throughout the event. You would occasionally see this celebrant smiling as the move has made them happy.

Even after that event, the scenes of the party would keep planning in their head, creating a memory chain. You would also see that they often want to take lots of pictures and videos. Again, it is to ensure that they will not forget the event, and even when the memory gets a bit blurry, these pictures and videos will serve as a reminder.

To you, planning the surprise event may not have been a big deal. However, it is a big deal for the celebrant as you’ve helped to create pleasant memories, and you’ll have a special place in their heart for a long time.

  • It’s a way to express love: If you’ve been looking for how to tell someone they are dear to you, one of the best ways to express the love is by planning a surprise event for them. People often say they need to figure out what to gift someone on a particular day or occasion. When you’re stuck in such limbo, you can decide to plan a surprise event and express your love for the person. It shows that person that you care about them and considers them special.

We are not saying that you must plan an elaborate event or spend all your money on the surprise party. However, whatever you plan would matter a long way as people appreciate the thought and effort you put into the planning.

If you’ve ever been in doubt, let this be your confirmation that planning a surprise event is an excellent way to express love.


How to plan a surprise event

Now that you know the importance of planning a surprise event, we are sure you wouldn’t second guess anymore.

Anytime you want to plan a surprise event, follow the steps below:


  • Have a theme and plan: In your mind, you have decided that you want to plan a surprise event for someone, and there is nothing wrong with the idea. However, what’s the theme of the event? It is one thing to think about throwing a surprise party, and it is another thing to execute it.

If you do not have a theme for the party, your planning process becomes more complicated, and you wouldn’t be able to execute the event successfully. Therefore, one of the first things you need to do before planning a surprise event is to have a theme for the party. In addition, it allows you to know the next steps to take.

For example, you are throwing a surprise birthday party for a kid. You can choose a theme for the birthday based on the child’s favorite cartoon character.

After picking the event’s theme, you should list the various execution plans. It lets you know what you can do and when you’d be bringing other people on board. Setting your goals also lets you know how much you should budget to execute the event successfully. Therefore, you must pick a theme and outline your plans before going ahead with any other thing.

  • Pick out a location: Where would this surprise event take place? Would it be an indoor or outdoor event? These are questions you need to answer as you plan the surprise party. Yes, you want to have a surprise event. But, it cannot happen if there is no location for it. So, you must pick out your site.

It is always best to consider the celebrant when picking a location. Your choice of location should also be accessible to the celebrant as they are the reason for the party. It would be wrong to choose a place close to you, but it would be difficult for the celebrant to navigate; such a situation wouldn’t be ideal.

Sometimes, you may have the perfect location in mind, but you choose not to check it out until the last minute. Then, when you go to that location to make bookings, you get disappointing news that you cannot use the place as it has already been booked. To avoid such stories that touch the heart, you must ensure that you settle on the location for the event early enough so that it does not put a dent in your plans and leave you in a foul mood.

  • Curate the guest list: Another essential thing that you must do while planning a surprise event is to curate your guest list. Ideally, the celebrant should be the one to make this guest list as they are in the best place to determine who they want to be at their party. However, since it is a surprise event, the chances of the celebrant curating the guest list are eliminated. Thus, it would be best if you used your discretion to determine who and who should make the guest list.

In such a case, you need to be tactical and find out people who are close to the celebrant. Then, as you plan for this event, you need to include immediate family and friends of the celebrant to make the party more special and memorable.  

Curating the guest list for the event is as important as planning the event itself. You must ensure to get it right, as it is one of the determinants of having a thriving and vibrant party. After all, would it be only you and the celebrant in attendance at the party? So, you must ensure you curate the guest list and get it right. Only then can you begin to think of designing the invites.

  • Send out invites: Now that you have your guest list, it’s time to let them know that there will be a party to attend. Therefore, you need to send out invites. You may decide to hand out physical invites or do it digitally. Whatever you choose is based on your preference, and that is fine.

Some may argue that sending out invites is one of the stressful parts of planning a surprise event. However, it is also best to strive for perfection in whatever you do. They say that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

Instead of dwelling on the stress of sending out invites, you should think of how happy the celebrant would be when the party is successful.

As you send out the invites to people, you should also tell the guests that it is a surprise event and it is vital that the celebrant doesn’t get wind of it; else, the purpose of the event is defeated. But, unfortunately, some guests tend to be lousy and let out the secret, which in turn ruins the fun. So, you need to sternly let them understand why the party has to remain a surprise for the celebrant.

  • Create the menu: If there is one thing we have noticed in all events, it is that food is essential in any event. So, if you are planning a surprise event for anyone with no menu, you are on the wrong path. Whether you are planning an event for kids or adults, food is always needed, as that is an essential spice of the event.

Since you are the chief planner of the event, you know the people in attendance. Therefore, you would also have an idea of the meals these people would like. No one is saying you must be the event’s cook, as you can allocate this role to a food vendor. However, you would need to draft a menu that the food vendor would use.

The menu shouldn’t be limited to food alone, as drinks are also necessary for the grand scheme of things during the event. There should be adequate food and drinks if you want people to be happy and lively during the party.  

Believe it or not, once you have the food aspect sorted, a great deal of the event has already been completed.

  • Sort out the vendors: We mentioned that you do not have to do everything alone, as you can allocate responsibilities to people. Therefore, you would need to engage vendors to help you successfully execute the event.

Depending on what you plan to do at the event, you need various vendors. For example, it could be food vendors, a cake vendor, or someone in charge of decorations. Typically, vendor management can also get overwhelming, which is why some people decide to get an event planner when planning a surprise event. The event planner controls the vendors, monitoring them and ensuring they carry out their assigned tasks.

If you are someone who loves to play solo, we understand if you prefer to handle the vendors alone. But, it is also suitable to consider the event’s success and be open to outsourcing things when necessary.

We also advise that you work hand-in-hand with friends to get the best vendors’ recommendations for the event. We know that you wouldn’t want to work with people who constantly give excuses or neglect their duties. So, you have to pick the best vendors to avoid such stress.  

  • Do not panic: Recall how we stated that it could get overwhelming when you’re planning an event. Yes, it does get overwhelming, and things may begin to fall apart when you panic. If you have not had to plan an event before, you may think that we are exaggerating when we say that things get overwhelming. However, when you interact with people who have been through this process, they will tell you that it isn’t easy. Successful events usually have a team behind the planning and preparations, not leaving everything to one person alone.

Instead of letting the stress overwhelm you, you should learn to take a break. Nothing good comes out of panic, as it would only affect the event’s results. Instead, when you notice that the preparation stress is beginning to get to you, take a step back and let another trustworthy person take the lead. Sometimes, you need a pause, and you will be back in form in no time.

We are not here to say that panicking while planning an event is unusual. After all, many unforeseen circumstances may occur. However, we say you shouldn’t let it get the best of you.

  • Enjoy the event: You have been planning this event for some time, and the day is here. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the fun like others, you are busy fretting about things. Of course, there are chances that something might go out of place. However, why not trust that those in charge would handle things?

Would you want to miss out on the fun of the event you have been planning? Don’t you trust the steps and plans you took in planning the event?

If you are sure of your planning process, why are you still panicking? It isn’t out of place that you would want to supervise things and ensure everything is going smoothly. But do not let it get the best of your day, as it would rob you of the fun you will enjoy at the party. If you do not relax and enjoy the event, you will only live in regrets as you will begin to overthink after the event and wonder if things could have gone differently. Yes, you would want things to be perfect. However, even the celebrant would like you to enjoy yourself.  


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