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Tips on Purchasing a Car

December 11, 2021by ServoNG0

Tips on Purchasing a Car

It’s almost Christmas day, and Bimbo is lost in thoughts as she has not even gone halfway through her Christmas shopping list. She sighed as she wondered what it would feel like to own a car.

Looking at her skin, Bimbo is irritated at the different sunburn patches. She wonders if she would be done with her Christmas shopping in time with the stress she encounters jumping different buses.

Maybe, it’s time for her to get a car finally. After all, it would help her move around with ease and comfort. The thought had been on her mind for some time, but she had been hesitating. And, with the stress she has undergone these past weeks, she is fed up and ready to make an immediate purchase.

So, she reaches out to a few friends, stating that she needs to buy a car urgently. Many of them are shocked, especially as they feel that Bimbo is not ready to purchase a car yet, but she is insistent. Therefore, one of her friends decides to share some tips to use during car hunting.

He gave out some interesting tips, and we will be sharing them in this article. After all, the Kusnap e-commerce store has an automobile section that has different cars you can imagine. And, you may be like Bimbo, who is about to be our next customer.

Yes, you can buy any car you desire from the Kusnap platform. But, we also understand that people are different, and not everyone has the same financial purchasing ability.

So, we will highlight some tips that will come in handy when you want to buy a car. If you follow these tips, you are sure to make the best choice. The goal is to ensure that you buy a car that makes you happy and excited. It will be the worst experience if you encounter challenges with your new car every week after purchase.

In no particular order, here are useful tips for purchasing a car:

Work with your budget.

The first question Bimbo’s friends asked her when she voiced out about her car was her planned budget. Unfortunately, Bimbo was speechless as she had not kept any specific amount aside for a car purchase. Thus, they berated her, saying she needed to work with a budget when buying a car.

So, Bimbo checked through her finances and decided on the amount she could spare to get a car. After all, the plan is not to depend on others after buying the car. And, it is important to note that you will need money to maintain the car and indulge in other living expenses. So, you cannot afford to use all your funds to get a car.

Also, having a budget will help you streamline your options and focus on cars within that price range. For example, when Bimbo finally cut out her car budget, she returned to her friends.

Sometimes, she is tempted to change her desired choices, but her budget reminds her to stick to certain options. Therefore, one should always have a budget to work with when buying a car. It also makes the buying process easier.

Do research

Sometimes, your desired car choice may not be the best for you at the moment. But, of course, the car looks appealing, and it may even be your dream car. But, you have to consider some factors before buy the car. Hence, we advocate that you research about the car type.

Some of the factors you can research include:

  • Fuel Efficiency: Does your car choice consume much fuel? When you buy fuel in the car, how long will it last? These were some of the questions on Bimbo’s mind as she sampled various car options. Now, she wanted a car that had considerable fuel use, especially as the fuel price is not friendly at the moment.
  • Safety features: Although Bimbo is not married, she always has kids around her, and she needs a car with safety features. Hence, any car she is buying needed to come with safety features.
  • Car Size: Typically, what comes to mind when talking about car size is the number of people it can take. But for Bimbo, she was concerned about not buying a low car, especially since the roads in her area are not good.

It would be a grave mistake not to research any of these factors.

Do not buy on impulse.

Do you have a reason for buying a car or is it because all your friends have one? For Bimbo, she is always running errands for almost everyone in the house, minus her personal needs. So, she needed to get a car.

However, we see that some people only buy cars before they want to be felt among as all their friends are car owners. But, unfortunately, they do not have the financial purchasing power to get the car.

One would think it wise to wait until they can afford it before buying a car. However, we see that some people go ahead to take loans to get a car even when it is unnecessary.

Of course, we would be delighted if you shop on the Kusnap platform. But, it is general advice that you do not shop on impulse, and it applies to when you are buying a car. Also, the daunting thoughts that come when you are in debt aren’t something you would want to experience.

A way to restrict impulse buying is to highlight your immediate needs and compare them with the urge to buy a car. Again, it would help you plan according to priorities.

Check the repairs history.

So, we do not know if you want to buy a new or used car. But, we know that your finances would be in the best place to determine your choice.

However, if you are going for a used car, you should check the repair history. Understandably, there is always a certain excitement that comes with buying a car, and it makes people overlook the need to check the repairs history. And unfortunately, they begin to encounter problems with the car a few weeks after purchase.

People need to understand that getting a car goes beyond the looks. Checking the car’s repair history helps you avoid problems as you do not want to use your money to add issues to your life.

Now, the car dealer should be able to provide the car’s repair history. So, it is safe for you to say that it is a red flag when a car dealer cannot provide the car’s repair history. And, it would be best not to engage in business with such a person.

When you go through the car repair history, you can see what has been changed and modified over the years and predict if the car has major challenges.

Test drive the car

So, Bimbo shared that there was a time when she went to a dealer shop, and she insisted on test driving the car as it was one of the tips she got from her friend. While driving it, she noticed that she wasn’t comfortable with the steering wheel. The dealer kept insisting that nothing was wrong, but Bimbo went with her gut feeling. Fortunately, she later found out that the car steering wheel had issues, and she was thankful that she had not gone ahead to make payment.

Hence, we always advocate that people test drive a car before buying it. The idea here is to ensure that all the controls are in place and comfortable with different parts of the car.

For example, imagine buying a car where your legs cannot reach the brake. Of course, it would be uncomfortable and even unimaginable. But, you can spot such an issue if you test drive the car.

The importance of test driving a car cannot be overemphasized, and we hope that you remember this tip the next time you go to buy a car. It is always best to avoid dicey situations as it is best to be safe than to be sorry.

Go along with a mechanic.

Ideally, it would best if you always took your mechanic when you buy a car. After all, people usually have their various expertise areas. Hence, it would be best to have a mechanic as they are experts when it concerns automobiles.

Taking a mechanic along serves as having an extra eye, and the mechanic ensures that you make the right choice. It is important to understand that many things are beyond the eyes. Often, you will see a car and think that it is the best option. But, a mechanic can tell if there is an issue with the car by even the sound.

By carrying your mechanic along, you are saving yourself of future stress and saving money. Typically, everyone loves to get value for their money. Therefore, you will be hurt if you buy a car not worth the money.

Also, it would not make sense to buy a car and spend more than the initial amount to repair it. Finally, if any dealer refuses to let you bring your mechanic, that should also be a red flag as it shows that they are trying to hide something.

Bimbo ensures to take both her friends and mechanic when checking out cars as she wants to get it right.

Consider car value

It is one thing to buy a car, and it is another thing to get a car that would appreciate with time. Typically, preferences can change over the year. For example, you can see a better car preference next year, and you want to change your car. Now, what happens to your old car?

Selling off the car would be the next thing that comes to mind, and you would want to sell it at a value that almost matches what you used to sell it. Therefore, it is important to buy a high reselling value car.

Sadly, not all cars have high resell value. Some cars will be valued at ridiculous amounts when you want to resell them, and you would start considering forgetting about the car.

For example, imagine buying a car for around 10 million naira, and you want to sell it off a year. In such a case, you will want to resell it for nothing less than 7 million naira. So, it would be a downer if your car value at around 2 million naira. Such can happen because the reselling value of the car is low.

Thus, it would be best to always consider the value of a car before buying it.  

Utilize e-commerce stores

If you are the type who does not like stress, it would be best to utilize e-commerce platforms to buy your car. On these platforms, you can find different vendors and connect with them, asking all your desired questions and ensuring that you make the best decision.

With these platforms, you can browse through them at your convenience until you get what you desire. Understandably, we know that there are usually doubts about buying from online stores, so people shy away from this option. But, you will not have such worries when shopping with Kusnap.

Kusnap takes time to verify their vendors, eliminating the chances of things going south during transactions. Be it a new or used car, you can get option you desire on the Kusnap platform.

Bimbo got tired of going to different physical locations, especially as she did not see appealing cars at these places. But once her friends introduced her to the Kusnap platform, she was what she was looking for, and reached out to the vendor. So in some days, she will be getting her car as she has vetted that it ticks all her requirement boxes.

If you are a vendor, Kusnap will help you connect with customers, helping you sell your product quickly.

Do insurance after purchase.

What plans do you have after purchasing your car? Of course, it would only make sense that to have a plan that secures your car and helps you have peace of mind.

So, you have spent a huge amount of money to get a car. Of course, you will feel down if you get into an accident and spend money on repairs. But, you can avoid spending money on car repairs if you have car insurance.

You cannot predict some events, and accidents are unpredictable events. So, there should always be a backup plan that can give you ease. Also, some insurance plans go further than covering only the car repairs. Such plans can assist you with hospital bills as well.

It is why we advocate that everyone should get car insurance once they buy a car. No, we are not praying that you get into an accident. But, we are helping you have a backup plan in case of such a situation.

There are various insurance companies, and we cannot start highlighting them. We believe that you are in the best place to choose the insurance providers to use. However, you should be affiliated with an insurance company once you get a car as it helps to ease stress.  


Here are some frequently asked questions associated with purchasing a car:

What should you not say to a car salesman?

It would be best to never say some statements to a cars salesman as it can make you seem desperate. Also, you do not want a situation where the car salesman tries to take advantage of you and swindle your money.

When interacting with a car salesman, you have to play it cool. And, some statements to avoid saying are:

  • I must get a car today
  • I really love this car
  • I don’t know much about cars.

Yes, you might not know much about cars, but the salesman does not have to know. It is also why you need to take along a mechanic when checking cars out.

How do you outsmart a car salesman?

The best way to outsmart a car salesman is by playing things cool and not falling to pressure. Once the salesman senses that you are in a rush, he will have the upper hand. Thus, you need to be smooth if you want to get the best car and value.

What is the most effective way to buy a car?

We have highlighted some tips that people need to follow when buying a car. These tips ensure that you buy the car most effectively.


Christmas shopping can be easier when you own a car, and we hope that you make plans for it. So, follow the tips we have highlighted above to have a smooth buying process.

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