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Top 10 e-commerce websites for online shopping in Nigeria

September 30, 2021by ServoNG0

Top 10 e-commerce websites for online shopping in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most developed market for online shopping on the African continent. Some of the best of the e-commerce platforms available in the Nigerian market have a presence in the market of other countries in the continent, thus becoming the standard bearer and trendsetter that influences the e-commerce industry of other countries.

According to Statista, Nigeria had a total of an astounding 99 million internet users out of its total population of 180 million in 2020. This has made a huge contribution to the dominance which the Nigerian e-commerce industry has had on the continent, with a gradual increase in the number of people depending on online shopping every day. Through improving technology, there has been an increased access to digital services, leading to increased engagement in commercial transactions to buy goods online.

Considering the rapid development which the e-commerce industry in Nigeria is experiencing, the rising competition in the market is of little surprise. This has seen many huge e-commerce platforms operate through sub-sections including the likes of Jumia and so on.

In order to have a clearer idea of the size and competition in the Nigerian e-commerce market, these are the top 10 e-commerce websites for online shopping in Nigeria.


Kusnap is a digital marketplace and business transaction medium where buyers and sellers across Nigeria meet to perform transactions which servers as the link between both parties in business. Kusnap basically allow entrepreneurs and business owners set up an online store and sell products they offer to their respective customers. Different scales of business from startups to large enterprise have a lot to benefit from utilizing Kusnap as their e-commerce platform, as it possess a wide range of integrations which will work in hand with your business to achieve the projected heights.

As an e-commerce platform, Kusnap support a wide variety of e-commerce businesses. This ensures you are able to sell your physical products or services and ship them to your customers through Kusnap. The range of products you will find on Kusnap includes Vehicles, Phones, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Real Estate, Electronics, Jobs, Babies clothing and accessories, Animals and Pets, Home, Furniture and Appliances, Agriculture & Food, Commercial Equipment Tools, Repair & Construction, Sports, Art, and Outdoor, Properties, Health & Beauty and more.

This platform has proven to be an all in one solution to e-commerce as it comes with everything merchants needs to run a successful e-commerce enterprise. Through recent cutting-edge technology, Kusnap has excelled in moving different scales of business from startups to large enterprise; to the digital space. Despite it’s recent introduction into the Nigerian e-commerce market, it has made bold and huge steps to establish their place in the Nigerian business space.


Jumia almost needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular and widely known e-commerce platforms in Nigeria. This is partly due to its status as one of the first e-commerce platforms to be introduced into the Nigerian market. Gradually over the years, Jumia made a huge name for themselves by providing top service to merchants and buyers on the platform. Jumia is also credited as the entity which paved way for the introduction of other e-commerce platforms in the Nigerian market.

Jumia Group is a company which operates a range of online marketplaces. The company was founded by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec in 2013. Its headquarters are currently in the Yaba area of Lagos, Nigeria. The company initially started out as the Rocket Internet Company. However, the rapid growth of the company allowed it to secure strategic investors, including CDC, Goldman Sachs, Orange, MTN and the Millicom group. Today, Jumia is proudly the largest e-commerce enterprise in Nigeria. The growth of the company has also seen its services extended to other countries across the continent.


Following closely behind Jumia is Konga. This e-commerce platform has done a remarkable job by keeping the competition in the Nigerian e-commerce market tight. This has allowed rapid growth and development of the e-commerce industry to take hold. Founded in 2012, Konga is one of the first e-commerce platforms to be introduced into the Nigerian market. Despite facing so many obstacles at first during launch, Konga has weathered the storms to become one of the top platforms for shopping online in Nigeria.

Konga offers a third-party online marketplace, as well as first-party direct retail spanning various categories including consumer electronics, fashion, home appliances, books, children’s items, computers & accessories, phones and tablets, health care and personal care products. The company also has logistics service (KXPRESS) under its group, and is tasked with making swift shipment and delivery of packages to customers.


Are you looking for the platform with huge fashion inclination? Look no further as Payporte is the hub for everything in terms of fashion. Payporte follows the latest fashion trends to provide users with the best in fashion items from clothes, shoes, watches, bangles, rings, and other fashion accessories which would suit your style. As a one dimensional e-commerce platform, you will most likely find anything fashion here.

PayPorte is an omnichannel retail company founded in 2014 by a team of young tech enthusiasts. In the summer of 2017, the platform had a mandate with a  vision to clothe Africa and beyond with the best of the best, all the more at subsidized rates. PayPorte operates from Nigeria (Lagos), with presence in the USA (Philadelphia), UK (Manchester) and China (Guangzhou). Their wide presence across the world ensures their products cover the widest niche, ensuring users always get what they want fashion wise.


VConnect (a product of Mplify Limited) is an online marketplace that helps users hire local professionals for service needs. There are over 100 services listed on Vconnect which ranges from repairs and maintenance, home and office improvement, events and entertainment, personal services, business services and logistics. Vconnect experienced rapid growth and currently offers services for Nigeria and Ghana.

Vconnect is quite with a unique history as the platform was born out of the founder’s need to locate specific Nigerian local businesses, to no avail. This led the founder, Deepankar, to begin to assemble a team that would help collect local SMEs information that can be accessed via a Google-esque local search engine which was later named Vconnect. Today, Vconnect has expanded to create Market by Vconnect, a service marketplace where business owners can find and connect with customers. With this, business owners can find and shop for customers with an option to pay for one customer or pay for a package plan.

Kara is the trading name of Royal coast Technologies Limited. It is the first technology inclined e-commerce platform in Nigeria. The platform provides users with everything in technology and allows users make purchase for their favorite gadgets which are of the best grade. Kara strive to deliver the benefits of technology to individual and his communities. Kara has been able to deliver on this through  their mutual partnership with local and international resources to deliver the optimal solution for users.

We believe that technology is the way to reach our development goals and empowering users through collaboration with business, government and educational institutions is vital in our approach. It is our aim to deliver, Reliable, cost effective and touching edge solutions to our customers.

Solutions which Kara offer includes:Network Infrastructure – Provide consulting services for design, Implementation, Operation and Optimization of network infrastructures – datacenters, SOHO, SMB, enterprise networks; Physical Safety and Security- development of software and hardware solutions for emergency, surveillance and rescue; and Sales – PC, Laptop, Mobile Phones, Server, Storage, Printers, Scanners, Multimedia and accessories, home appliances.

Printivo store

This is one of the most unique e-commerce platforms in Nigeria, considering the different solutions it offer users. Printivo is an e-commerce service provider for printing solutions. This online store provide some of the best and unique printing services which may be required for official, casual, and events purposes. The printing services here are provided to suit the user’s needs and satisfy the intended use. Prints here are done on business cards, banners, t-shirts, billboards, and other types of print medium.

The services provided by Printivo are usually required for events, business functions like seminars, meetings and conventions. Personal printing services are also done here, as long as it meets required and minimum number for prints. At Printivo, the best in printing services is what you expect and that is exactly what is delivered.

Jiji Nigeria

When speaking of some of the most popular e-commerce sites in Nigeria, Jiji is one of the few that pop up. Without a doubt, this is a unique site that offer products and services to users in quite a different way. In more than one way has Jiji been able to bring sellers and consumers together in a safe, comfortable space.

Users of Jiji get access to buy both used and new goods through the different stores which are registered on the platform. Merchants who own these stores make uploads of products they offer, provide features of such products, pricing, ability to negotiate and many other features that make online shopping interesting and feel like a new, exciting experience.. Over the years, Jiji has gradually earned the recognition it deserves considering the quality of service and delivery users enjoy on the platform.


Obiwezy is another tech-inclined online store as it only offer products that involve gadgets, phones, accessories, laptops, and gaming. As a result, the online store covers a wide range of technological assets which are top notch. It is easy to affirm the high quality of products acquired here considering the warranty offered by the site should the gadget you purchase from them develop faults.

Obiwezy provide products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s digital home, office and person, with a broad collection of android and smart phones, etc. The key features, specifications and certifications are readily available on each product page. With a goal to m be the leading market player on buy-back solutions and smartphones recommerce through integrity, dedicated services and employee enablement in Africa, Obiwezy is certainly on the right track.


Ajebomarket is considered a huge fashion hub in Nigeria specifically for men. Finding quality fashion items for men has never been made so easy online, with Ajebomarket you don’t need to worry about getting value for your money. Coupled with their money back guarantee, you can trust they would deliver what you order in good quality and time.

Boasting a huge collection of fashion for men, Ajebomarket ensures you can look polished at any occasion and gathering. Dressing a trendy man can be tricky and getting the right balance between fashion and subtlety is key and that’s why Ajebomarket sources a wide selection for every style inclination and personality.

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