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Top 5 tips to maximise sales of your products and services on Kusnap

July 10, 2022by ServoNG0

Top 5 tips to maximise sales of your products and services on Kusnap

Kusnap is a platform for selling products of types in Nigeria and across Africa. It is immensely popular and has thousands of sellers and users. Kusnap’s success can be attributed to its product offering and user engagement with its intuitive design. You can sell most types of products on this platform, from household items to office supplies.

Tips For Maximising Sales on Kusnap

As an entrepreneur and vendor on Kusnap, you always want to maximise your sales as much as possible. To achieve fast and maximum sales as much as possible on Kusnap deploy these tips:

  • Be Noticeable by Creating Unique Offers
  • Meet marketplace requirements
  • Properly Categorise Your Products on Kusnap
  • Ensure Your Product (s) is featured on the front page of Kusnap
  • Make sure your product pictures are of high quality

Be Noticeable by Creating Unique Offers

In order to be noticeable on Kusnap, you need to create a unique offer. The title of your product must be different from the one that other sellers have chosen for their products. For example, if there is already an item with a similar name as yours and it has been shared previously on Kusnap, it will not appear as often in searches on the platform as items that have not been shared previously. This can also be seen by comparing with other similar products or services offered by other sellers at the same time as yours.

In addition to having an original title, you should also ensure that your product description is unique compared with those of other sellers’ offerings for similar products on Kusnap before publishing them online so that they stand out when customers are searching for something specific within their industry category.

Meet Marketplace Requirements

If you want to maximise your product sales on Kusnap, you have to meet the marketplace requirements and meet the standards for your product or be listed on the Kusnap platform. Here are the key requirements that you need to meet in order to create a successful marketplace listing:

  • Ensure that your products are of good quality. The more positive reviews your products have, the more likely potential buyers will be to purchase them
  • Make sure your prices are competitive. Pricing can be difficult because there is no ‘one size fits all approach; however, we recommend setting a price based on what similar sellers charge for similar items, this way you’re less likely to lose out on sales due to pricing too high or too low
  • Ensure that your products are unique. Often the best way for sellers on online marketplaces like Kusnap is through unique offerings such as customisation options or niche audiences.
  • If someone else has this same idea then it might not be as valuable or interesting which could impact how much they’re willing to pay so make sure yours stands out from others before launching

Properly Categorise Your Products on Kusnap

To maximise your sales on Kusnap, it’s important to categorise your products correctly in the first place. You have to ensure that your product is placed in the right category. If you sell shoes and you happen to have a pair of boots for sale, make sure that you’re placing them under “Footwear” rather than “Clothing”. The same goes for any other sub-categories too, so if you have an LED torchlight which may fall under both “Electronics/Home Appliances” and “Lifestyle & Hobbies”, it’s best to choose one or the other depending on whether or not it has any other uses besides lighting up dark places.

Ensure that your product sits neatly within its sub-category by checking that there isn’t anything else similar to it there already (if there is then maybe consider relocating). You should also try and make sure that no other products are competing with yours within their own sub-categories before posting yours – again this could lead to someone being confused about what they’re looking at when browsing through them all.

Push yourself further into specific niche markets by ensuring that everything is properly labelled as well as making sure each link leads somewhere useful like a page describing exactly what makes this particular product unique from others out there currently being sold elsewhere on Kusnap.

Ensure Your Product (s) is featured on the front page of Kusnap

Your product(s) getting featured on the front page of Kusnap means that more visitors to the website can easily see your product offering. This means you have more potential of selling more and maximising your sales. To ensure your product(s) is being featured on the front page of Kusnap, consider the following:


  • Use the right keywords: Keywords are an important factor in determining how high up your product will be placed on the search results page.
  • Use clear titles and descriptions
  • Sell products that are highly sort after on the kusnap platform

Note that getting your product(s) listed or featured on the front page of the kusnap website is a big deal and greatly helps you to sell faster and maximally your products on Kusnap.

Make Sure Your Product Pictures are of High Quality

The images you use are the first thing people see when they look at your product, so it’s important to make sure that they are of high quality. Make sure the photos are clear, bright and colourful. Look at the images closely, can you see every detail in them? If not, then re-take them or get a friend to help out with taking some new pictures.

Don’t just use stock images, instead try using action shots or ones where it shows how your product is used. Don’t forget to include information about dimensions, weight and materials used in making your product.


We hope our top 5 tips have given you some ideas on how to maximise sales of your products on We’re proud of what we do and we’re always looking for ways to improve our platform for sellers, buyers and investors. If there’s anything else you would like to know about Kusnap do not hesitate to contact Kusnap at [email protected].



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