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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we can only imagine the mental task couples have to undergo thinking of the right gift to get their parents. We often see couples fussing over options as they try to make the right pick. But, is there ever a perfect gift?

People often say that the thought counts most when it concerns gifting. So, you do not need to spend huge amounts of money before you can get the perfect gift for your partner. However, we would not say that everyone agrees with this point of view as it is subjective.

But at Kusnap, we can help you with options that serve as top things to get your partner this Valentine. We have taken time to curate various options, and many of them may seem like the standard and common options. And, we are here to tell you that getting any of these options would be the right gift idea for your partner.

One should not be hear that you did not give your partner a gift this valentine’s period as it could even lead to the end of the relationship. So, if you have been struggling with choosing the best valentine’s gift for your partner, check out our list below.

Gift Ideas:

  1. Shoes

It would be typical to imagine gifting your partner a pair of shoes on Valentine’s Day. However, the thought is not old-fashioned. Therefore, we have shoes on our list of top things to get your partner this valentine. We also love that this idea cuts across both genders.

You will need to know your partner’s shoe preference and size to execute this gift idea successfully. However, we are sure that you will have no issue knowing these since you are dating the person as it should be common knowledge for couples.

Interestingly, you can also gift shoes to your friends during valentine’s as the season and day aren’t only for couples.  

  • Wristwatch

Some people say that the best way to make a statement is through your wristwatch. So, wouldn’t you want your partner to make a statement through their wristwatch?

When you gift your partner a wristwatch, it comes as a valuable gift that they will want to wear everywhere. Often, your partner will not want to step out without that watch, and they can also brag to their friends about the wristwatch they got from their partner.

It is best to watch out for quality when you choose to gift your partner a wristwatch as it lets you buy the best option.

  • Cologne set

Do you love your partner having a particular kind of scent? If yes, why not get that cologne set as a valentine’s gift for your partner? It is the season of love, and scent attracts many people to their partners.

Yes, it might seem cliché gifting your partner a cologne set, but remember that the thought is what matters most. So, you can check for some of your favorite colognes and gift a set to your partner. This way, you both would even have the same scent, and we know that it would give both parties a warm feeling.

  • Box of chocolates

Some people say that money makes the world go round. And, we can say that chocolates make everyone happy. Yes, some people may not love eating chocolates. However, it is only a small percentage in comparison.

Therefore, it is only perfect to gift your partner a box of chocolates during valentine. After all, since chocolates make people happy, we would only assume that you also want your partner to be happy. So, a box of chocolate is always sure to make your partner smile even though it is not a long-lasting gift. But it gets the work done at the moment.

  • Bracelet

The idea of gifting during valentine is to show your partner how much they mean to you and how much you value the bond you both share. Therefore, you can communicate such love in ways that do not have to be extravagant, and one of such can be by getting your partner a bracelet.

Suppose you wonder how it differs from basic; allow us to give you some concepts and ideas. For example, you can opt for a customized bracelet to give it that personalized touch instead of just getting a regular bracelet. So, you can customize your partner’s name or nickname on it.

  • Sweatpants

The range of sweatpants on both genders cannot be explained, which is why it classifies as one of the top things to get your partner this valentine. However, allow us to be slightly biased as we would recommend this option to ladies looking to get a gift for their men this period.

Have you ever seen a man wearing sweatpants? You will agree that such men look yummy, and we know that you want your man to look like a snack always. Therefore, it is only right to get him sweatpants so that you can always admire him on them.

  • Customized Tees

There is also the idea of getting customized tees when you want to get your partner a gift during valentine’s. Yes, it might seem like a simple or regular idea. But what matters is the thought and effort you put into getting the gift.

You can always customize anything on the tee, ranging from a quote to a picture. It could be your partner’s favorite quote or a picture of you both depicting love. It is always ideal to ensure that what you customize should be relatable to your partner as that is the only way they will value the tee.

  • Wine

Often, people spend time thinking about the perfect gift and end up not getting anything until the last mute. Then, unfortunately, it becomes impossible for them to get something for their partner. So, if you ever find yourself in such a last-minute situation, one of the best gift options you can give your partner is a bottle of wine.

Does your partner have a favorite wine? If yes, that should be what you should get. If not, you can choose from the wide range of available wine options.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can organize a dinner for two option at home and ensure that you have lots of wine.

  • Scented candles

There is a certain stigma surrounding the concept of scented candles, and we are here to clear such a notion. We often hear people say that scented candles are feminine. So, they believe that such a gift option is only suitable for women. However, scented candles are ideal for both men and women, and you should not hesitate to gift them to your partner.

The idea of scented candles alone is romantic and suggestive. In addition, these candles can help to set the mood right between you and your partner. If you are looking for where to get your scented candles, Kusnap has a variety of them.

  1. Necklace

Pieces of Jewelry have always been one of the top options for valentine’s gifts. Thus, it is only suitable to add a necklace to the list of options when it concerns top things to get your partner this valentine. The idea of a necklace is endearing and suitable for both genders.

Typically, you can get a locket that allows you to put a picture of you both in it for a constant reminder. Or, you can get a two-in-one necklace, which indirectly means that you are gifting yourself.

A necklace is also a perfect friendship gift, even during valentine’s period.

  1.  Notepad

Something as simple as a notepad is also an excellent idea of a valentine’s gift for anybody. You can either gift your partner a cute notepad or go the extra mile to make it customized. Getting a notepad classifies as a gift idea that will not make you break the bank for it. However, a notepad is always a good idea as your partner gets a place to pen their thoughts and more.

Your partner will always treasure such a gift as they can look back at it in the future, and the notepad will serve as a reminder of the love you both share.

  1.  Nap Pillow

Nap pillows are also cute and thoughtful to gift your partner during valentine, especially when they need them. For example, your partner has been stressed lately and complained about needing to rest at work. So, you can get your partner a nap pillow to ensure that they are comfortable when they decide to nap at the office.

We want you to understand that situations can also give rise to the gifts you will get your partner. Thus, you need to always have an eye for details when you are in a relationship, as it can give you an idea of what to get.

  1. Portraits

Imagine gifting your partner a beautiful portrait of themselves or one that has both of you in the picture. Of course, we can tell you that your partner will wear a huge smile and appreciate the gift. Therefore, you can also gift your partner a portrait during valentine.

Now, your partner will always have an enlarged pictorial memory and have something to smile about at random times. Asides from personal pictures, the portraits could also be about anything, including nature. However, it should be something that your partner loves so that they can appreciate it better. And, we are sure that you will be happy when your partner is happy.

  1. Artificial Plants

Artificial plants have a way of beautifying places and spaces, and they are one of the top things to get your partner this valentine. Yes, you can gift your partner artificial plants to beautify their spaces, and they will thank you for it.

Some people love to touch up their spaces with random things, but they never get around to doing it. So, if your partner is such a person and loves nature, you can be sure that such gifts would appeal to them.

You can get these artificial plants on Kusnap without any stress.

  1. Beanie

We can imagine you wearing a confused look, and you wonder why we have a beanie on our list of top things you can gift your partner this season. However, we are trying to include things that do not seem typical and would not cost much.

A beanie might seem like a little gift, but it always serves as a perfect idea, and we are sure that your partner will love the gift. In addition, it is also one of those gift ideas you can customize if you desire. For example, you can get the beanie crested with their favorite club.

  1. Coffee maker

Some people are coffee lovers, and it could be that your partner is one of them. Therefore, gifting your partner a coffee maker for valentine isn’t the wrong idea. This coffee maker will come in handy at different times as different situations necessitate a coffee maker.

For example, your partner can always use this coffee maker at home, in the office, during meetings, and more. If you do not like to get regular gifts, this option would be a perfect idea as it is something that your partner will not expect, and we know that you will love the shock element.

  1. Gym equipment

We know that some people might raise an eyebrow at this option as it comes off as one of the expensive options on our list. However, allow us to tell you that love has no cost. So, you should not be scared or skeptical about spending much on your fitness if you love the person.

The idea of getting gym equipment for your partner supports the concept of fitness. For example, it could be that your partner has been longing to start the fitness journey but has been delaying for some reason. Thus, this gift would motivate for the person to get started.

  1. Sport watch

In line with the fitness journey, allow us to add this option as it is one of the top things to get your partner this season. A sports watch is suitable for any gender, and it helps people keep track of their fitness activities on the go. Therefore, we are sure that your partner will appreciate getting such a gift contributing to their health journey and lifestyle.

Now, you are not only giving your partner a gift because it is valentine’s, but you are also helping them to live healthily and stay fit. And, we can say that you are doing well in being a supportive partner.

  1. Water bottle

You can also give your partner something as simple as a water bottle for valentine. Yes, it might not seem like the most elaborate gift, but you will see that your partner will treasure the gift. That water bottle will become their new favorite thing, and they will always take it wherever they are going.

One does not have to spend much money before they can gift their partner something that makes them smile, and this gift option is proof of such a claim. The water bottle will also help your partner to keep track of their water intake

  •  Laptop Case

The idea of gifting should not be because other people are giving their partners gifts for valentine, but because you genuinely care and want to give your partner something significant. So, you can be thought and get them a laptop case for their laptop.

Yes, they might already have a laptop case, but getting an extra one is never wrong. It shows that you care and you are also protective of their laptop. This option also serves as one of the non-regular ideas for partners.

Kusnap also has a range of options when it comes to laptop cases.

Benefits of Gifting Your Partner During Valentine

People often wonder if it is necessary to give valentine’s gift to their partners as it has led to the end of some relationships. The benefits of gifting your partner during valentine is to show that you care. That is why we say it isn’t about the amount you spend, but the thought behind it. Thus, you can spend little but still give a thoughtful gift to your partner.

Of course, valentine is not the only period to gift your partner. But it has become generally acceptable and gifting your partner on that day makes them feel visible in the relationship.


Valentine is around the corner and Kusnap is committed to making people smile. We have given a list of some of the best gift ideas to give your partner this season, and you can find all of them on our platform.

So, choose any of the options you desire and can afford and put a smile on your partner’s face.

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