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February 23, 2023by Michael Ezeadichie0



Why did you launch the Kusnap app?

It is one of the recurrent questions we have been getting lately. Some people say we already had an existing website and they don’t know why we still deployed an app.

Have you seen any popular business that doesn’t have both a website and app? Although we are still new in the game, we understood that we have to prove our authenticity by having both a website and an app.

In addition, we also had to keep up with trends and what others in the industry are doing. To be at par with our competitors, we knew that we also needed an app.

David is one of the people who asked us why we decided to launch our Kusnap app. Asides the reasons we have already highlighted, we told him that we launched the app for business owners like him also.

He gave us a confused look and asked why he should use the Kusnap app when he already uses the website. It could be that you are like David who needs reasons to download and start using our app when you already use our website.

Some reasons why you need the Kusnap app for your business are:


  1. Higher customer loyalty


As a business owner, one of your major focus should be to build customer loyalty. The same way you pursue new leads should be the same way you want to retain these new leads.

Typically, you’ll find business owners thinking of strategies on retaining the new leads they get. However, allow us to tell you that you can get customer loyalty by selling on the Kusnap app.

It is always best to keep in mind that humans do not like stress, and that includes your customers. It is always easier for them to open an app than to go to their browser to shop.

Once they know that you are on our app, there is a higher chance for them to keep patronizing you. However, if you stick to only the browser, these customers may only make sparse purchases and you find yourself on the path of always chasing new leads.

By being a business owner on the Kusnap app, you are sure that your customers would be familiar with your products and services. Even when they are amongst their friends, they can quickly open their app to show their network your offerings.

If you want higher customer loyalty, you should download and start using the Kusnap app.



  1. Improved experience


You get to give your customer the experience of a lifetime when you sell on the Kusnap app. Again, allow us to remind you that humans like ease in all that they do.

The reason why they have decided to shop online is because they do not like stress. So, you can make their experience even better with the Kusnap app.

By using the app, you get instant and immediate feedback compared. It wouldn’t have been the case if you stuck to using the website alone. If you only use the web, you know that you wouldn’t get instant notifications. Therefore, there would be delays in attending to the needs of your customers.

But the app gives you instant notifications, making you proactive. It is a win-win situation as the customers get to enjoy an improved and seamless experience, and you also get to boost your productivity and get better goodwill for your business.

You can be sure that your customers will have a better perception of your brand when they see that you are always available to handle issues and take feedback. Soon, people from all regions would be coming on the Kusnap app to buy your products and services.

  1. Time-saving


The fact that using the Kusnap app is time-saving was one of the factors that convinced David to download and start using our app. He realized that he doesn’t have to be stuck while running a business as he could also combine other things.

Before, David used to complain that he didn’t have time to attend to other needs of the business as he always had to be glued to the site in case he gets orders or messages from customers. But with our app, he is sure to get notified.

So, he can be at the bank clarifying some transactions, discussing with suppliers, or even hanging out with his friends and still attend to his business. Once David experienced how using the Kusnap app helped him save time, he didn’t need much convincing anymore. He even began to help us recruit fellow business owners.

We know and understand how overwhelming it can be to run a business. It is why we are always thinking up solutions that can give ease to business owners. The fact that you own and run a business shouldn’t mean that you cannot attend to other life’s needs.

So, download and start using the Kusnap app now to save your time better.


  1. Faster response time

Our app also enables you to respond faster to your customers. It is best to keep in mind that perception matters a lot when running a business. We always advise business owners to answer their messages immediately.

If you do not respond to some customers as soon as possible, they will begin to see you as an unserious business owner. That period of waiting gives them the time to start considering other options, and they may message your competitors as well.

It is also common knowledge that you’re not the only one offering that product or service as there would always be other players in the industry. So, the goal is to ensure that your customers do not have any reason or cause to message your competitors.

The Kusnap app enables you to respond faster to your competitors. Thus, even letting you close more orders and deals, and increase the money that comes into the business.

You would find yourself enjoying this process just as David is currency doing, and we wouldn’t be surprised when you start spreading the good news of the Kusnap app to other business owners. We know that a business flows when the process is enjoyable for the business owner, and we are out to accomplish that.

If you are a business owner who hasn’t registered on the Kusnap app, what are you waiting for? Join us now to enjoy these benefits.


With the launch of our Kusnap app (Androind & iOS), we have been meeting up with both Buyers and Sellers, spreading the benefits of our app.

As a little background, let us tell you about the Kusnap app. If you are a vendor with products to sell, you can display them on the Kusnap app. We help you increase the reach and visibility of these products, ensuring that it gets to your target audience. All you have to do is to ensure that you place the product under any of the categories on our app.

For buyers, you can search for any item you desire on the Kusnap app. It works the same way as you would browse through any e-commerce app. Once you desire to get anything, check through the app. We can assure you that you will find the item you desire.

Now let’s get down to how you can use our app as a vendor or buyer:


  1. Download the app

Yes, the Kusnap app is now live! Some people may ask if the app is available for all phone types. Yes, it is!

Whether you’re an android or IOS user, you can get the app from your app store or play store. So, the first step is to ensure that you download the app. If the app isn’t on your phone, you cannot use it in any way.


  1. Register on the app


Congratulations if you have downloaded the app! You’re now on the right path to enjoying seamless buying and selling.

After downloading the app, you need to register as a seller or buyer.

If you’re registering as a vendor, you need to input certain details to enable your verification. As a seller, you need to input your name and address. You will also need to put your website if you have one. It is to enable proof of authenticity of the business.

Then, you need to pick a category of products or services you’ll be displaying on the app. We have an array of categories to choose from. Also, you need to upload pictures of the products or services. It is best to ensure that you upload clear pictures as it is what will convince customers to pick you out of all competitors.

Your contact details are also needed in the registration process.

If you want to use the app as a buyer, you also need to register on the app. You will need to input your personal information such as email address and phone number. You also need to put in your house address as it will serve as your delivery details. All these are to ensure that the app serves you efficiently.


  1. Start selling/shopping


We can say that you are good to go after registering on the app. As a vendor that has displayed products and services, you are sure that people would see them and place orders.

As a seller, you need to start browsing through the various categories to decide on the items you are getting. Once you have picked a product or service, you need to chat up the seller. It is to get more details of what you are getting and also to check that the vendor can deliver to your location. There is also room for negotiation with the vendor.

Once you both have come to a middle ground, you can now place your order and await your purchase.

At Kusnap, we are committed to delivering satisfaction. What you see is what we will deliver!

Start using the Kusnap app now!

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